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The Grocery Aisle of long forgotten breakfast cereals Part III

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Last year I wrote a two part article talking about long defunct breakfast cereals. They were both a very big hit. Dark Roasted Blend and The National Review Online picked them up and it exploded onto a bunch of other blogs after that. If you missed the first two parts of this article:

Read Part I here.
Read Part II here.

A big thanks to my friends Jackie and Steve for actually suggesting this topic to begin with.  Now, let’s take another stroll down Grocery Aisle 7c and examine a bunch more extinct breakfast cereals.

Freakies Fruity Freakies Cocoa Freakies
Freakies cereal was created in 1971 by Ralston-Purina and lasted until about 1977. However, despite most of the general public not really remembering it, the sloppy man-love for this cereal among cereal box enthusiasts is insane. These boxes are traded heavily amongst collectors with the Cocoa Freakies box going for around $800. I honestly don’t remember it, but there are a lot of people who do and would shell out truckloads of dough for certain boxes.  Here’s a commercial for Freakies.

Quisp and Quake Quangaroos
Quisp and Quake were introduced back in 1965 by the Quaker Oats company.  They were usually marketed together as rivals in much the same way as Baron Von Redberry and Sir Grapefellow.  The characters and animation for the cereals and commercials were done by Jay Ward who also created Rocky & Bullwinkle.  The commercial even uses some of the same voice talent as Rocky & Bullwinkle.  Check out a Quisp commercial here (you see Quake at the very end).  In 1970, Quaker ran a contest promotion to see which cereal was more popular.  Quisp won and Quake quietly left the shelves. However Quake would resurface later in the even more queerly named Quake’s Orange Quangaroos.  Quaker was totally committed to the whole ‘Q’ thing. See a Quangaroos commercial here. Retro boxes of both Quisp and Quake have been released to certain markets in the past few years.

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My Blogiversary: 4 Years of being AWESOME…

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I started what became this blog back on March 10, 2006, four years ago today.  It all started with a nondescript article about Windows Vista.  Actually, I posted like four articles that day.  I don’t know what the hell got into me there.  And two of them were about Microsoft Vista.

As you can see from the picture above, my blog originally started out on Google’s Blogger platform.  I was still finding my feet over there as my articles were all over the map and even less focused than they are now (if you can believe that).  I made the move over to WordPress on Jan 18, 2007 with an article about the return of Jack Bauer on Season 6 of 24; Jack Is Back.  The very first name of this blog over on Blogger was Pax’s Technotainment Blog as I was going to talk about movies, books and technology.  It eventually evolved into What I’m Thinking for a few years and then, in May 2008, I changed the blog’s title to the now infamous, Cavalcade of Awesome.  Along with the move to WordPress and the name change, I also registered my own URL,  I still need to nail down

It’s been a fun four years.  I still enjoy writing and posting articles.  I’m not doing four articles a day like that first day, but I think the quality has increased.  I’ve also met several bloggers along the way that I’ve come to know and enjoy.  People like Shawn Robare over at Branded in the 80s, Jen at The Movieholic & Bibliophile’s Blog, Trish at Trish’s Book Reading Nook and Naida at the bookworm.  These people are not only entertaining bloggers themselves, they have enough badassery (totally made that up) to keep coming back to my blog and subject themselves to my particular brand of awesome.  Got to love them for that.

Anyway, I hope everyone here has enjoyed the last four years as I plan on continuing this little ride for the time being.  Stay tuned for my continuing Cavalcade of Awesome.

I think I just TRON’d in my shorts

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Tron book

The new trailer for the TRON sequel (TRON: Legacy) was released before Alice in Wonderland this past weekend which almost had me go see Alice just to see the trailer.  Back in 1998 I actually bought a ticket to the Rugrats movie just to see the Star Wars Phantom Menace trailer (which was twice as good as the actual movie) and then promptly walked the hell out.  And I almost did it again.

But I’m glad I didn’t because today, the trailer is popping up all over the internet and it’s every bit as f***ing awesome as you want it to be.  Neon piping, discs, light cycles and JEFF BRIDGES.

You can see the trailer from its source on this website where it originally popped up. You can also download it from that site.

Someone downloaded it from the site and then posted it to YouTube. Thank you to whomever did that.

Now prepare yourself because this trailer is going to have wild, angry, monkey sex with your eyeballs and then not call them in the morning.

If this movie does nothing else but lead to an awesome modernization of the Discs of TRON video game, prepare for me to spontaneously erupt into a cacophony of creaming geek orgasms.

Discs of Tron

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Welcome to all of my new readers — Some reading suggestions

Posted in blogging on March 8, 2010 by Paxton

My Time Magazine cover

Well, my last article, 17 things I learned about life from watching movies and TV hit’s front page over the weekend and exploded like an atom bomb onto the Internet. They probably felt the aftershocks all the way on Mars. I’ve had one other article make the WordPress front page, it was my look at 5 Hilariously Inappropriate Star Wars Items, but it didn’t cause near as much traffic as this past weekend.  I didn’t even get as much traffic when TIME MAGAZINE linked to one of my McDonald’s articles (yes, that actually happened…click the link).

As a matter of fact, I think the article is still on WordPress’s front page. Thank you to all the new readers for your awesome, awesome comments. I have nearly 4 years of blog articles in my Archives of Awesome (see to the right) for you to dig into, so get a move on, read some more awesome stuff. I am currently working on this week’s articles.

Just to let everyone know how things usually work around here, I put up roughly two articles a week, more if the mood strikes me. I talk a lot about pop culture entertainment; movies, TV, soda and fast food (Just to name a few).  Check the side bar for “Things I write about” to see a subject tag that may interest you.

The majority of the stuff I’ve written has been on this blog, but I’ve also had articles published on Monkey Goggles and I’m a member of the not very exclusive comedy writer staff (but have yet to get anything passed the editors for publication).

Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys a little primer on the stuff I write here on the Cavalcade.  Here are some suggestions for your reading pleasure.

Windows 7 Whopper
I love fast food and fast food advertising.  Check out these popular fast food articles:
The Golden Archives: McDonald’s Sandwich Hall of Fame
What our favorite fast food joints looked like back in the day Part I
Double Meat Beast Whopper: 6 Completely Insane Fast Food Menu Items

I also love soda. I have several articles looking at the history of soda in popular culture:
Misunderstood: The Saga of New Coke Part I
Pepsi Patio: The Little Known Origin of Diet Pepsi
I unsuccessfully attempt to taste and review 4 alcoholic energy sodas without getting completely hammered

For some more of my straight humor articles check out my look at 8 absolutely horrible DVD covers that you can find on store shelves or my rage against people who don’t know how to order food from a Subway menu.

Shark v Ninja
Every year on Dec 5 this blog celebrates Ninja Day and those Ninja Day articles are pretty popular (click the Ninja Day link to see all of these articles).  Check out Ninja Day 2009: Things that make a bad ass ninja…well, BAD ASS or Ninja Day 2008: What it’s like to be a bad ass ninja.

Some other popular articles:

7 Time Machines that Would Suck if they existed in the Real World
The Grocery Aisle of Long Forgotten Breakfast Cereals Part I

So click around my archives, check out some of the good stuff I have written. I’ll have some new articles for you this week.

17 Things I’ve learned about life from watching movies and TV

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My wife and I watch a lot of movies and TV shows. We love the s**t out of them. We try to see a movie at least every weekend and we have multiple shows we watch during the week. It’s hectic keeping up with that.

However, having watched all of these movies and TV shows, we have come to take away many deep and thoughtful life lessons. Things you can’t learn by living life, but by watching hours and hours of Hollywood entertainment.

So here are 17 things we’ve learned while watching all of these TV and movies.

Davy Jones
You will always have need of a celebrity (for a charity performance or prom) at the exact time that celebrity is in town for a concert or filming a movie/TV appearance. If you need to get in to see them, it’s very easy to sneak past or distract their security people because they are always completely ineffective. The celebrity will never get pissed that their security people suck and everyone keeps sneaking in to their hotel room.

Monica's Apt
Large, studio apartments (with or without wacky roommate[s]) are affordable even for the most meager of budgets. As are furnishings from Potterybarn or Crate and Barrel. College kids and people right out of college have immaculate decorating sense.

Jolie Wanted
If you are being held at gunpoint, start running away just as the shooter starts shooting and tip over a table/couch/chair to hide behind. The bullets won’t be able to hit you. Odds are the shooter is a terrible shot anyway, and will hit EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE ROOM except for you. If you do get hit, don’t worry, bullet wounds apparently don’t hurt very much as no one cries out or whimpers with a bullet in them. You mainly shrug it off and wait for someone to bandage you up (heavy, stuttered breathing and sweating may be the only symptom that you have been shot). You may also have a sudden urge to tell your partner to “go on without you”, even with a non-fatal bullet to the shoulder.

When you walk into a room and see the person you are trying to capture or shoot, call out their name or yell ‘Hey!’ or ‘Stop!’ first to give them a sporting chance to run. The element of surprise is overrated…and unfair.

Mr Miyagi
If you are being bullied at school, seek out the friendly, ethnic janitor or find your apartment building’s gardener or handyman. All of these eccentric, foreign, older men were actually master martial artists back in their homeland and gave up the fame and glory of being badass tournament fighters to live the dream of being a janitor/handyman here in America.

You can defeat a master martial artist who has been studying for his entire life if you spend a few weeks/months learning to fight from the aforementioned janitor or handyman.

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