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Nerd Lunch Episode 39: Test of Time: GI Joe: A Real American Hero

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Episode 39 of the Nerd Lunch podcast is live and ready to defend human freedom against…boredom, I guess? This week we are joined by Doug from the very funny podcast Schlock Treatment.  Our topic?  Determine if the GI Joe A Real American Hero cartoon stands the “Test of Time”.

GI Joe ad
(Via Jimmy Tyler)

We each take an aspect of the cartoon and review it. Doug takes the original mini-series, The MASS Device. I took the sequel mini-series, The Revenge of Cobra. Jeeg talks about the original cartoon movie and CT talks about the second season mini-series, Arise, Serpentor, Arise!

Listen to us discuss what we liked and didn’t like about each of these programs.  We also discuss some of our other favorite cartoon episodes including Cold Slither and Ninja Holiday.  See how many of us feel the cartoon does live up to the “Test of Time” and how many of us feel otherwise.

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In honor of Memorial Day, 16 vintage comic covers featuring wartime superheroes

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It’s Memorial Day.  Hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend.  In honor of this day that honors our armed forces, here are some awesomely vintage, patriotic comic book covers featuring our favorite heroes during wartime.  See our heroes doing their part to give Hitler a sock in the jaw!

I found many of these covers on Comic Browser.

Capt America 6Capt Marvel Advs 8Master Comics 43Superman 12Capt Marvel Advs 16Young Allies 3Superman 23Capt Marvel Jr 15Master Comics 30Capt America 27National Comics 26America's Best Comics 9Wonder Comics 1Fighting Yank 8Hit Comics 24Action Comics 59

I talk The Cabin in the Woods with the Atomic Geeks!

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

I was asked by Christian Nielsen and Digio from The Atomic Geeks podcast to sit in on a discussion about Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon’s horror film, The Cabin in the Woods. That’s right, I’m on an Atomic Geeks Podcast Supplemental episode!

Cabin in the Woods
(Via Geek Tyrant)

It’s really hard to have a conversation about this movie without spoiling the s**t out of it, so make sure you’ve seen the movie before listening to this podcast. You’ve been warned.

Listen to Digio, Christian and I spew gobs and gobs of hot, geeky love all over this movie. Yes, it’s amazing, but listen to the podcast to hear WHY it’s amazing.

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Review of Oz Book 4: Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908)

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Following the Yellow Brick Road

So, after finishing Book 3, Ozma of Oz, I have officially read the first trilogy of books and I have finished the initial set of Books of Wonder paperbacks I got off From here on out I actually have to obtain the books either from the library, Chamblin Bookmine or through my Nook. There are also tons of free ebooks of the Oz books I can download from places like or  However, those free ebooks are text only.  You don’t get the illustrations which, for me, is half the story (Yes, I’m an Oz nerd).  So, I went searching in the Nook Store and found an illustrated ebook copy of the fourth Oz book, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz for 99 cents.  And I pulled the trigger.  And I read it on my Nook.  Let’s take a look at that book.

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Published in 1908, it was by this time that Baum had resigned himself to writing the Oz books. Before now, he had hoped to write of other lands and tales but due to the popularity of Oz, he had to keep returning to that land.

This book reunites the humbug Wizard from the first book with Dorothy Gale, who returned in the last book. The book begins with Dorothy arriving in California from Australia, where she went at the end of book 3. She is back in America to visit Henry at a Ranch on the California coast. She strikes up a friendship with the ranch owner’s nephew and they travel together. While traveling, the group is swallowed up by an earthquake and they fall into a fairy land beneath the Earth. Like in the last book, the majority of this book does not actually take place in Oz (despite the name of the book). The majority of the adventures actually take place in a few unnamed fairy lands as our characters try to make their way to Oz after falling through the earthquake.

Dorothy and friends first encounter a “vegetable people” who try to put them to death, but the Wizard falls to the ground in a hot air balloon just in time. The Wizard challenges the reigning sorceror and actually takes a sword and slices him in half like a potato. The group flee from there and head into a valley where all the people are invisible. And the reason all the people are invisible is to protect them against all of the invisible bears that keep attacking and eating people (I swear I am not kidding about that). The group goes from the valley into the mountains where they meet a crazy old man who makes holes (Yes. HOLES. Again, not kidding). They travel from there to the land of the Gargoyles. The Gargoyles are small creatures made entirely out of wood. It’s actually a pretty cool idea when you read it in the book as Baum gets very intricate about how literally these creatures are made.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 38: TV Crossovers

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

This week we are joined by the awesome Thom from One of the truly great time wasting websites of all time. is the one-stop shop for TV crossovers. Thom has indexed ALL of them. Or it feels like all of them.  Anyway, Thom joins us this week to talk about his bread and butter, TV crossovers.

We talk about all of our favorite crossovers, we talk about crossovers we’d like to see, we talk about crossovers we wish we had never seen. It’s a very ripe topic that could be discussed again. And we hopefully will do this again.

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