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Nerd Lunch Episode 4: Guilty Displeasures

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Episode 4 of the Nerd Lunch podcast starring yours truly (and two other dudes) has “gone live” as those of us in “the biz” say.

Nerd Lunch Ep 4

This week we are joined by Nicole Wakelin from  She joins us for a discussion about “Guilty Displeasures”. The crux of the subject is that we pick 2 things that we feel we should like but don’t. Lots of surprisingly nerdy stuff is talked about and hated by the group.  Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones is discussed.  We also discover one of the group has no soul and hates Halloween.  Listen to find out who I’m talking about.

So download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.  We will eventually make it onto the Zune Marketplace.  I promise.

And don’t worry, our fans are not our “Guilty Displeasure”.

Awesometoberfest banner

No new article this week.  I’m still prepping for AWESOME-tober-fest which starts on Monday and lasts throughout October. Lots and lots of vampire content is going to suck the awesome out of the air and place it into your brain. I even redressed my blog header in preparation for Halloween.

So check back here on Monday for the beginning of AWESOME-tober-fest 2011.


Nerd Lunch Episode #3: Talking about fast food mascots

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

We have a new episode of the Nerd Lunch podcast.  In this episode we discuss fast food mascots. And to help us with this discussion we welcome our special guest, Nick from is a pretty awesome food website where Nick explores and creates all kinds of awesome foods. Some of his best stuff is the stuff he creates like the deep fried Lean Pockets or the Poutine Burger made with the awesome gravy/cheese curd fries that are like a national dish in Canada.  Nick helps us have a very lively discussion about some of our favorite fast food mascots and ad campaigns. Download and listen to us on iTunes or Feedburner. Or, listen in your browser here at Nerd Lunch.

Also, I want to mention that today is my son’s 1st birthday.  I can’t believe it’s finally here and I know it’s going to be all downhill and time is just going to fly from here on out.  I can’t wait to watch him grow up, but I don’t want it to happen at the same time.

Happy Birthday, buddy.

PJ 1st bday

Prelude to AWESOME-tober-fest 2011

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Awesometoberfest banner

So, AWESOME-tober-fest begins in like 2 weeks and I’m completely and totally unprepared. I’ve been seriously scrambling to set up articles for my daily celebration of Halloween next month.  This is going to be a complete debacle.  FYI, for the new readers, complete and utter chaos due to unpreparedness on my part is just business as usual here on the Cavalcade of Awesome.  That guy knows what I’m talking about, don’t you?

So, not only is it going to be AWESOME-tober-fest, I’ll also be participating in the Countdown to Halloween blogathon all month.

The Countdown is run by John Rozum and Shawn Robare.  I’ve been doing it since like 2008 or 2009. Hundreds of other blogs are a part of this enormous celebration of Halloween so check out the Countdown website for a ton of blogs contributing awesomely scary content.  And it all begins on October 1st.

Anyway, I was shopping at my local Halloween store and found a bunch of cool Halloween props and costumes already.  So, as a prequel to the coming Halloween festivities, I thought I’d throw up a few choice items that I’ve found in my hunt for Halloween goodness.

First of all, there’s a company out there called The Chop Shop.  They are making some of the most gruesome Halloween props I’ve ever seen.

eyeball bucket packaged meat parts

These two items are the eyeball bucket and a meat tray of human parts. And it’s wrapped up just like meat at your local supermarket. I have to say, I love the attention to detail in the packaging for the meat parts. It’s gross, but it’s clever.

skinned man mutilated head

Also by Chop Shop, here’s half of a skinned man that you can hang from the ceiling and a mutilated severed head. Take a look at that sumbitch. It is gruesome. I have to say I’m impressed with how gory and gross Chop Shop is going with this stuff.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 2: We gotta get back in time…

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

The boys from Nerd Lunch and I recorded a sequel to our ground breaking (and Internet breaking) podcast, Nerd Lunch! In episode 2 CT, Jeeg and I are joined by special guest Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s.  Shawn has been a good friend to this blog almost from the beginning.  You may have heard me mention him several times in various articles plus we even did a huge blog crossover last year in which we talked about unofficial movie trilogies.

Me and Doc Brown

Anyway, this week we are discussing one of my favorite topics, the Back to the Future franchise.  I could talk for days about the BTTF movies, but don’t worry, CT managed to edit this one down to an hour.  And it’s a lot of fun.  Come hear the four of us discuss our favorite movie, our favorite scenes, some problems we may or may not have had with the movies’ temporal physics and whether we want to see a Back to the Future Part 4: Marty’s Grandkids.

So head to iTunes, download and subscribe to us or check out Nerd Lunch to listen to 4 nerds talk nerdy about Back to the Future.

Avengers are assembling…

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Behold, The Avengers in can form.

Avenger cans

L to R: Black Widow (Diet Dr Pepper), Capt America (7up), Iron Man (Dr Pepper Cherry) and Thor (Dr Pepper).

I’m only missing Nick Fury who was found exclusively on a Dr Pepper Cherry can.  But, damn, he was super hard to find.  I never got him.  Also there was, unfortunately, no aluminum support for Norton’s Incredible Hulk.  However, there was a Mt Dew promotion featuring Ang Lee’s Hulk, but I tend to try and forget that movie ever existed.  And since Hawkeye just barely showed up in Thor, then he isn’t represented yet either.

I wonder if The Avengers movie will have all new soda cans with everyone on them.

CT over at Nerd Lunch wrote a good Countdown to Avengers article with a look at the buildup throughout all the recent Marvel movies.  Check it out.

As an added bonus, here’s the Red Skull can from Cherry 7up. How great looking is this can?

Red Skull 7up