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12 Completely insane Polish posters for American movies

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Holy crap. I think Poland needs a therapist, Stat!

ET (Via
E.T. – E.T. looks totally high in this poster. “My finger lights up! Heh, heh, heh! I could totally nosh on some Reese’s Pieces right now, dude.”

Weekend at Bernie's(via
Weekend at Bernie’s – This is a poster for the Human Centipede version of Weekend at Bernie’s.  WTF, Poland?!

Alien – I don’t know what movie the Polish watched, but DAMN.

Raiders of the Lost Ark(via
Raiders of the Lost Ark – Dude, that one part in Raiders where the tentacle crawled through the human skull with saber-tooth fangs totally terrified me when I was a kid. Remember that? No? Was that just me?

Enter the Dragon(via
Enter the Dragon – Are we sure this isn’t a sequel to The Crow?  Or a documentary about The Cure?

Neverending Story(via
The Neverending Story – It looks like a 5 year old with crippling ADHD drew this poster.  Is that supposed to be Falcor?  And Bastian?  The Hell?!

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Nerd Lunch vs The Nosh Show

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

This week we have a double header of shows coming right at your ear holes.  And we’ll be talking about stuff that you put in your mouth holes.

First up, on Nerd Lunch Episode 137, we were visited by all four hosts of the awesome Nosh Show Podcast. Yep, the fourth chair this week is occupied by foodie luminaries Marvo, Ryan, Eric and former Nerd Lunch guest, Dubba.  A veritable hall of fame of food bloggers.

The Nosh Show

This week the seven of us have a fast food fantasy draft where we pick a menu of five items (beef, chicken, side, drink, wildcard) from the menus of the top 20 fast/quick serve restaurants in the US.  It was a lot of fun and after you’ve heard the show head on over to Poll Daddy to vote on who selected the best menu.

Download this episode from iTunes, Stitcher or listen to it on Feedburner.  Or listen to it in the online player right here.

And yes, I mentioned this week was a double header, so if you want to hear more of the seven of us talking, check out Episode 32 of The Nosh Show and you can hear CT, Jeeg and I talk about stuff like Sbarro frozen pizzas, cronuts, Sriracha pizza and movie tie in food promotions with the Nosh Show hosts over on their show.  It’s a marathon of awesomeness.

Check out Nerd Lunch over on the Nosh show in iTunes or listen to the online player right here.

Cavalcade Comics #3 – The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro

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Cavalcade Comics

It’s been a little while, but here we are, back again for issue #3 of my Vintage Comic Throwdowns comic book cover series. This week I pit two giants of classic literature together in the same adventure. I don’t think these two have ever met, but if they haven’t, they really should have.

This week, in Cavalcade Comics #3, feast your hungry eyeballs on The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro.

Cavalcade Comics #3

I love this matchup. And for those that are curious, the main comic book cover that made up this masterpiece was Marvel Classics #12 from 1976 (left).  It took me a while to find a pic of Zorro that totally fit what I was trying to do.  I finally got Zorro from the cover of Zorro: The Classic Adventures by Alex Toth Volume 2.

MC12 zorro02

The logos, clearly, came from elsewhere. I didn’t think the Marvel logo above looked classic enough.  The 3 Musketeers logo I used actually came from DC Special #22 which, awesomely enough, featured a 3 Musketeers/Robin Hood cover.  Which is interesting because that was my original idea.  Have the 3 Musketeers meet Robin Hood.  So, when I saw DC had several DC Specials with them on the cover, I decided to use Zorro instead.  As a footnote, I don’t think those 3 Musketeer/Robin Hood DC Special stories are crossovers, I think they are issues with separate stories for each character.  Essentially they’re reprinting old Golden Age stories from Robin Hood Tales and early Brave & the Bold issues that featured Robin Hood and pairing them with some new and old Musketeer stories.

I think the Zorro logo I used comes from the Dynamite Comics Zorro series.

So that’s issue #3 of Cavalcade Comics.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been on sort of an unscheduled hiatus lately due to real life kicking my ass.  I got things brewing, trust me, I just got to finish those things and get them posted.  Stay tuned.

Nerd Lunch Episode 134: Batman 75 Retrospective

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

For episode 134 of Nerd Lunch we invite not one, but TWO guests to join us. Our good friend Jay from The Sexy Armpit and Michael May from Michael May’s Adventureblog join us for a very special topic: Batman. This year is Batman’s 75th anniversary and we are here to look at Batman across all media much like we did with Superman last summer for episode 90.


We talk about our first encounters with Batman, some of our first merchandise and then we delve into the comics followed by lots of movie talk. It’s an info packed episode that ran so long I had to cancel Nerd-to-Dos. But it’s a fun episode with lots of awesome information and a spiffy new Batman-y podcast intro that I think you’ll like.

Download this episode from iTunes, Stitcher or listen to it on Feedburner.

Or listen to it online right here.