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Ninja Day 2013: Scene by Scene: That Transformers episode with the female robot ninja

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Ninja Day Banner

Today is Ninja Day, my friends. I celebrate it every year. It’s one of my passions. So, in the spirit of the scene by scene movie reviews I did for Revenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination, today I’m going to do a scene by scene review of the Transformers episode “Enter the Nightbird”. You know, the one with the female robot ninja.

Nightbird 000 Nightbird 001
This is Season 2, episode 6.  Here are the opening titles and title card.

Nightbird 002 Nightbird 003
In the beginning of the episode, we see the Autobots installing new sensor pads on their floors. Wheeljack tests them by saying, “Look how they react to metal”, he touches the surface and then the sensor pad lights up. So the Autobots are putting metal detecting sensor pads in their headquarters?  METAL DETECTING SENSOR PADS IN A HEADQUARTERS FILLED WITH ROBOTS.  That makes sense.

Nightbird 004
This is Dr Fujiyama, “the famous scientist” (all the explanation we are given).  He calls the Autobots because he needs their help guarding his newest invention, an advanced form of robot.  Optimus Prime is talking to Fujiyama on a standard two way video communicator you see in TV shows and cartoons all the time. However, they way it’s drawn, it looks like that’s a window and Fujiyama is in the next room.

Nightbird 006 Nightbird 007
What is Fujiyama’s secret robot? Fujiyama introduces it as “The world’s first female ninja robot”.  He actually says that.  Not sure why the sex needs to be addressed since it is, you know, a f**king robot.  And maybe in this universe a MALE ninja robot has already been created.

Nightbird 008
This is the moment in the cartoon in which Optimus Prime awesomely says, “What is a ninja?”  Prime, you’re adorable.  Jazz actually explains it to him.  Not one of the human characters.

Nightbird 009
During the Q&A, this guy stands up and asks, “Why build a robot ninja, doctor?” He is then promptly escorted from the premises and beaten amongst the head and shoulders with heavy clubs.

Nightbird 010
Here’s the full pan up of the ninja robot. Thought this was a cool shot. The robot is christened Nightbird. The Autobots are here to protect Nightbird from being stolen by the Decepticons. How the Decepticons know about this robot or why they would even care when their own robotics are light years ahead of anything even in this robot is never really explained. But it is a ninja, so, I can’t blame them for wanting it.

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Cult Film Club Episode 10: Miami Connection (1987)

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Cult Film Club

So not only did Nerd Lunch hit triple digits last week, now Cult Film Club is hitting double digits.  Welcome to Episode 10 in which we discuss the independent movie sensation of the year, Miami Connection.

Miami Connection

Released to very little fanfare in Orlando (and Germany?!) back in 1987, the film was found on eBay last year and bought by Drafthouse Films for $50.  Now it’s getting worldwide theater and home video releases with the actors reunited for special fan events like every damn week.  It’s nuts how popular this movie has become.  So, being that we are Cult Film Club, we felt it was our duty to forgo our original movie pick for this month and check out this masterpiece of dramatic biker ninja action.  Do you like feathered hair, white ninjas, aligator earrings and orphans reuniting with their dads?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 64 – Very Special Ninja Day episode

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Tomorrow is officially Ninja Day. So in celebration, the Nerd Lunch Podcast has invited Jaime from to join us for a discussion of one of the greatest 80s ninja movies of all time, Ninja III: The Domination.

Ninja 3 V8

We talk a little about the movie’s origins, our own experiences with it and the awesomeness that is Sho Kosugi in an eyepatch.  So if you love ninjas possessing young, sweaty aerobics instructors, ridiculously hairy boyfriends and crates of V8 juice, then you’ll love our discussion of Ninja III: The Domination.

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Or listen to it online right here.

Creating a team of 80s ninja killers

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New assignment from The League. This week we are pitted against an evil conglomerate that is protected by an army of bad ass Russian ninjas (Russian ninjas, wha-?!).  So I need to put together a team that does nothing but kill goddam ninjas.

It would be too easy to say, “I’ll take the JLA” or “The Avengers” and be done with it.  However, I’m going with non-super powered heroes.  As a matter of fact, I’m staying away from all supernatural characters.  I’m going to treat this as an 80s movie/TV project.  Which means I will also limit myself to characters from the 1980s, so no Jack Bauer (sad face) or Jason Bourne (well, the Matt Damon version).

So, let’s do this.  The five members of my own personal team of ninja killers from the 1980s:

The Master
1. John “The Master” McCallister (The Master)- The older, wiser ninja leader.  Plus Lee Van Cleef is just BAD ASS.

Sho Kosugi
2. Sho Kosugi (Ninja Trilogy) – I didn’t pick a character here, I picked the actor mainly because Sho transcends the characters he plays. It doesn’t matter if I pick Cho Osaki from Revenge of the Ninja or Shiro Tanaka from Rage of Honor. They are all the same bad ass ninja mo-fo and I need him to help defeat the ninja army.  Plus, he catches ninja arrows IN HIS TEETH.

Scott James
3. Scott James (The Octagon) – Scott James was built to kill f’n ninjas.  He single handedly takes on a terrorist organization comprised of deadly, deadly ninjas (led by the awesome Tadashi Yamashita) with just his wits, super fast roundhouse kicks and copious amounts of chest hair.  Qualifications ACCEPTED, Mr James.

Joe Armstrong
4. Joe Armstrong (American Ninja) – Another dude created to kill ninjas.  Joe here defeated one of the fiercest ninjas ever, the Black Star Ninja (played, again, by the awesome Tadashi Yamashita).  He’s the American Ninja and he’s on this team.

Jonathan Cabot
5. Jonathan Cabot (Gymkata) – Former gymnast turned master of the deadly martial art Gymkata, which is a mash up of gymnastic moves and the ninjitsu fighting style.  I only need to make sure that the team goes to places that have things like high bars and pommel horses just lying around so he can “do his thang”.

More ninja killers from around the League:
1. Shez Crafti’s Ninja Force 5
2. Green Plastic Squirt Gun also recruits Chuck Norris as well as Ash
3. Memories of Toymorrow recruits a bunch of awesome ninjas to fight ninjas
4. The Man Who Stares at Toys recruits Sarah Connor and Tackleberry
5. Cool and Collected recruits a malfunctioning robot and the hot chick from Buck Rogers

Ninja Day 2011: Ninja magazine and some of its awesome ads

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Ninja Day Banner

It has successfully creeped up on us again this year, ready to slit our throats. It’s Ninja Day 2011.

Today I’m going to look at the vintage magazine called Ninja that was on the racks in the mid 80s during America’s ninja craze.  I owned many of these magazines and they were awesome, yet poorly made at the same time.  However, there was lots of awesomely deadly things that were only a mail order catalog away.

Here is what a typical issue of Ninja magazine looked like.  This is Ninja #13 from 1986.

Ninja mag 13

Covers were typically artists’ conceptions of ninjas doing awesome ninja things. Inside featured articles on specific aspects of ninjas like meditation, a specific ninja weapon or a fighting style like “close quarters” fighting. There were also feature articles on types of ninjas. I remember an issue that featured women ninjas or another series of articles focusing on “elemental ninjas”. “Elemental ninjas” included the “Fire Ninja”, the “Water Ninja” and the “Wind Ninja”. I have all three of these issues.  However, I have to wonder if there was a fourth issue featuring the “Earth Ninja”. There had to be.  I’m going to have to track that one down.  Anyway, I’ll have an article discussing the Fire, Wind and Water ninjas in the future because I love this concept.

One of the best things about these magazines was the cover paintings.  They mostly featured ninjas straight up murdering people with swords and ninja stars.  And I bought all of these mags off the rack.  At a supermarket.  When I was like 11 years old.  I loved the 80s.

Anyway, let’s take a look at a few ads from Ninja magazine that I coveted.

AWMA ad 1 AWMA ad 2

These Asian World of Martial Arts ads were in nearly every issue of the magazine.  They were often times found on the back cover.  As you can see, they were colorful and awesome.  I wanted the stuff in these ads so bad.  As you can see, they sell mostly deadly ninja weapons.  Nunchuks, throwing stars, sai and even the deadly katana blade.  I mean, this stuff was BAD ASS.  And these weren’t fakes, these weapons could actually kill you.  I can’t believe you could buy them through the f**king mail.  I knew a kid at the time that got one of those ninja stars.  HE BROUGHT IT TO SCHOOL!  That’s just insane.  Yes, in the 80s, kids brought real ninja weapons to school.  We were that awesome.

Ninja uniforms 4 sale
So while the ninja weapons were on my hard core ninja want list, this ad features the one I REALLY wanted.  The holy grail. And I lusted after it in every issue. I wanted so bad to send away for this suit. You can’t really tell the quality from this ad, but I didn’t care. It was a ninja suit. For $39.95 ($24.95 for kids). And I could not convince my dad to get it for me.  No amount of begging, cajoling, promising to do extra chores.  Nothing worked.  So I had to become a “sweatsuit ninja” like most other kids around the world.  Never was I to have my own “official” ninja suit.  Oh, the memories this ad has kicked up from the darkness.

So, yes, Ninja magazine was awesome.  I’ll do a more in depth article about it later, I just thought I’d share with you a few fun ads from the magazine today, the day of the deadly ninja, 2011.

Have a good Ninja Day everyone.