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AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria Scream Great #1 – The Incredible Melting Man (1983)

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Fangoria was known for it’s pull-out posters. These posters featured screen grabs from popular horror movies. Fangoria labeled the posters Scream Greats. However, these pull-out posters weren’t added to the magazine until around the third year of the magazine’s existence.

Since I showed you the first ever Fangoria cover yesterday, let’s continue that “firsts” theme with the first ever Scream Great pull-out poster. Below is Scream Great #1 from Fangoria #26 way back in 1983. This first poster featured an image from 1977’s The Incredible Melting Man.

Scream Great 23

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AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria #1 – 25 years of Godzilla (1979)

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AWESOME-tober-fest 2014 begins!

Let’s begin this year’s AWESOME-tober-fest Fangoria celebration with a quick look at the cover to the very first issue of Fangoria from 1979.

Fangoria 01 cover

As you can see, there was a feature about the history of Godzilla movies up to that point (25 YEARS!).  I scanned in that article, so if you want to read it, here is page 1 on my Flickr stream.  Just click to the right to continue through the article’s 8 pages.

There were two pretty awesome Godzilla pin-ups that came with the article. The first is an awesome painting featuring Godzilla battling Megalon on the top of the Twin Towers which I thought has to be an homage to the 1976 King Kong remake with Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin which featured a poster with Kong astride the same Twin Towers.  However, if you read the article, the below poster was designed for the 1973 Godzilla vs Megalon movie.  And it features a scene that never appeared in said movie.  I love this poster.

Godzilla pin-up 01

This second pin-up is a better look at the Godzilla painting that was used on the cover.

Godzilla pin-up 02

See you guys tomorrow for more, gory goodness from my favorite issues of Fangoria magazine.

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Also, check out the blog Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness.

AWESOME-tober-fest begins on Monday!

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This is it. My month long Halloween celebration, AWESOME-tober-fest, begins on Monday. I’ve taken down the “normal” header and colors and put up the spooky Halloween decorations. On Monday I’ll begin talking about all things Fangoria magazine. Expect to see covers, Scream Greats posters, articles, pictures and ads.  All the things that made Fangoria the best in horror entertainment.

Plus, every Friday in October I’m going to review a cult horror B-movie of the type that you could typically find inside the pages of the magazine.  And, honestly, considering the 5 movies I’ve picked, calling them “B movies” is probably a bit generous.  But they are all chock full of ridiculous fun and a plethora of all your favorite cult movie stars.  And I’ve picked movies I’ve never watched before.  It’s going to be a blast.

See you back here on Monday.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 110: Lost in Time #TBT

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Hurtled 10 months into the future, our long lost 110th episode has finally been retrieved out of the time stream. CT and I welcome back to the show Tim Lybarger in this very special Throwback Thursday episode.

Lost in Time photos

This week the nerds are thrown back to three different points in their history where they must survive ten months with nothing but the clothes on their back. How do they survive? What friends do they make in the past? What do they change? All these questions are answered and more! Plus, Nerd To-Dos feature Doctor Who, Thor 2 and Christmas.

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Or listen to it online right here.

Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider Halloween showdown!

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Cavalcade Comics Vintage Comic Throwdown

Welcome to issue #4 of my Vintage Comic Throwdown series where I pit character vs character in a vintage comic book cover showdown.

This time, since we are only DAYS away from the start of AWESOME-tober-fest 2014, I thought I would do a somewhat Halloween-type throwdown featuring two “supernatural” characters. And I chose two incarnations of the Ghost Rider character. Check out my cover for Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider.

Cavalcade Comics 04a

Many people may not realize that Ghost Rider actually started out as a Golden Age gunfighter character that debuted in 1949’s Tim Holt Western Comics #11. The character was originally owned by Magazine Enterprises but was bought out by Marvel and revamped in the 70s into a motorcycle riding demon.  And now I have them battling each other on the city streets.

For those that like to know, this cover is primarily based on Marvel’s Ghost Rider #31 from 1978 (left) and I took the original Ghost Rider from Ghost Rider #2 from 1950 (right).

Ghost Rider 31 Ghost Rider 02

Because this is a special Halloween issue, I decided to make an alternate cover.  This second cover is based instead on an old Golden Age Ghost Rider cover instead of the newer Marvel cover.

Cavalcade Comics 04b

Imagine that this is the direct cover and the previous one is the newsstand cover.

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