AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria Scream Great #1 – The Incredible Melting Man (1983)

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Fangoria was known for it’s pull-out posters. These posters featured screen grabs from popular horror movies. Fangoria labeled the posters Scream Greats. However, these pull-out posters weren’t added to the magazine until around the third year of the magazine’s existence.

Since I showed you the first ever Fangoria cover yesterday, let’s continue that “firsts” theme with the first ever Scream Great pull-out poster. Below is Scream Great #1 from Fangoria #26 way back in 1983. This first poster featured an image from 1977’s The Incredible Melting Man.

Scream Great 23

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One Response to “AWESOME-tober-fest 2014: Fangoria Scream Great #1 – The Incredible Melting Man (1983)”

  1. Found you through the Countdown To Halloween. I love anything horror related, so I’m looking forward to visiting often.

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