Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider Halloween showdown!

Cavalcade Comics Vintage Comic Throwdown

Welcome to issue #4 of my Vintage Comic Throwdown series where I pit character vs character in a vintage comic book cover showdown.

This time, since we are only DAYS away from the start of AWESOME-tober-fest 2014, I thought I would do a somewhat Halloween-type throwdown featuring two “supernatural” characters. And I chose two incarnations of the Ghost Rider character. Check out my cover for Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider.

Cavalcade Comics 04a

Many people may not realize that Ghost Rider actually started out as a Golden Age gunfighter character that debuted in 1949’s Tim Holt Western Comics #11. The character was originally owned by Magazine Enterprises but was bought out by Marvel and revamped in the 70s into a motorcycle riding demon.  And now I have them battling each other on the city streets.

For those that like to know, this cover is primarily based on Marvel’s Ghost Rider #31 from 1978 (left) and I took the original Ghost Rider from Ghost Rider #2 from 1950 (right).

Ghost Rider 31 Ghost Rider 02

Because this is a special Halloween issue, I decided to make an alternate cover.  This second cover is based instead on an old Golden Age Ghost Rider cover instead of the newer Marvel cover.

Cavalcade Comics 04b

Imagine that this is the direct cover and the previous one is the newsstand cover.

This cover is based off Ghost Rider #3 from 1950.  I actually can’t remember where I got the newer Ghost Rider from.

ghost rider 03

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Marvel did this crossover already. Sort of. Check out Ghost Rider #50 from 1980.

Ghost Rider 50

Marvel had Ghost Rider meet up with his original incarnation for this issue, but they renamed the character to The Phantom Rider (even though the cover says The Night Rider), thereby removing all sense of nostalgia or any sense of importance in the meetup.  Which makes mine that much more awesome.


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  1. This is also an aspect they covered quite well in the movies too.

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