7 Got Milk? ads featuring movie versions of comic book super heroes

I love the various advertising campaigns for milk.  From as far back as the 80s, they’ve had some of the more consistently entertaining commercial and print ads ever. There’s just something about them I enjoy.

Everyone remembers Michael Bay’s “Aaron Burr”.  Or the fun “Milk it Does a Body Good” commercials.  Or the ubiquitous “Got Milk?” print ads.  Classic advertising.  I especially like the ones I’m going to show you today. They are all print ads for the “Got Milk?” or “Body by Milk” campaigns and they all feature movie versions of comic book super heroes.  I love explosions of pop geeky culture like this.  I found many of these while thumbing through old magazines I had in my garage.

Please to enjoy.

Batman Begins The Dark Knight
Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) – Two of the greatest Batman movies we probably will ever see.  The Dark Knight is great, however, for re-watchability, I pick Batman Begins every time.  I love the sequel, I really do, but when I want to watch a Batman movie I put on Batman Begins.

Superman Returns
Superman Returns (2006) – I love Brandon Routh.  However, this movie sucked.  One giant missed opportunity.  The lead was great and the effects were awesome.  But everything else was wrong.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2010) – This movie ended up exactly like Superman Returns.  The lead was great and the effects were awesome, but everything else was a fumbled missed opportunity.  Kudos for a great looking ad, though.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) – Hugh looks jacked, man (see what I did there?) You know with the hair and beard, if you glance at this ad quickly, he kinda looks like Conan O’Brien.  But, dude, Jackman is totally ripped like a pair of 80s acid wash jeans.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (2005) – I’m a huge fan of the FF, the comic version. I didn’t hate these movies (like most did), I just thought they weren’t as good as they should have been. Chris Evans was the perfect Torch. Michael Chiklas was a surprisingly good Thing. However, I didn’t like anyone else and that’s a problem in a super hero team movie.  Alba was just flat out TERRIBLE.

Hulk (2003) – Ang Lee’s Hulk. *shakes head* So many problems. Too much story, not enough Hulk.  The Hulk fights a cloud of smoke at the end.  Nick f**king Nolte.  It’s just rife with problems and boringness.  But there are some cool things like Hulk battling the Army while jumping and super running through the desert and, you know, Hulk Dogs.  But, overall, the movie blew.  This ad looks cool though.

You know some super hero milk ads I’d like to see?  Wesley Snipes as Blade.  How perfect would that be?  Or Iron Man?  Or a Christopher Reeve Superman?  Those ads would be great.  I will probably have to Photoshop them in order for them to exist.  And that’s just SAD.  Maybe we’ll get an Avengers group milk ad.  That would rock.

Anyway, check back tomorrow, I think I’m going to look at some of my favorite milk commercials.


3 Responses to “7 Got Milk? ads featuring movie versions of comic book super heroes”

  1. These are great! It’s kind of surprising just how long this campaign has been going on (8+ years?!).

    I’d like to see one with Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Sure, the movie was bad, but come on…

  2. While not a comic book super hero, one of my favorites is the Buffy ad (http://xenafan.com/buffy/images/official/gotmilk.jpg). This was the ad on the back of all the Marvel comics one of the months I interned at Marvel. They had a “cover wall” there showing all the current covers. My editor and I turned all the covers around so it was a wall of Buffy. That did not go over so well, but it was kind of funny.

  3. Wow, thanks for the eye candy, Pax! Though I agree with CT that the Buffy ad is pretty great. I used to collect the celebrity ads from magazines when I was in high school–truly a great compaign.

    And Superman? I think it was casting that bobble-head as Lois. Bleh.

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