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Nerd Lunch Episode 138: Drill Down: Star Trek the Motion Picture

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

For this episode of Nerd Lunch we return to our Drill Downs on the Star Trek movie franchise.  Back in episode 06 we looked at Generations and First Contact.  Then in episode 46 we looked at Insurrection and Nemesis.  Today, we go back to the beginning and watch the very first Star Trek movie, The Motion Picture.

ST: TMP poster

We talk about our first experiences with this movie, we talked about what we liked and didn’t like. We discuss the endless naval gazing, giant sphincters and terrycloth uniforms.  And we ponder the place this movie has in the pantheon of other Star Trek films.  It’s a good discussion on the first movie.  Come join us.

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Making 7 Literary Classics More AWESOME

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Bad Ass Book Report

I’m a reader. I love to read. And I sometimes enjoy reading classic literature. However, some of the old stuff is just flat out boring as balls.  I mean, have you actually read Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Frank Norris’ McTeague or anything by James Joyce?  Snoozeville.  Population…YOU.  I had to read those in high school and I needed to drink a case of Jolt Cola to get through just one chapter.

So, being the helpful guy that I am, I thought I’d take some boring classics you may have had to read in high school and college and make them better.  More AWESOME.  And easier to read.

So now, here are seven ways to make classic literature a lot more AWESOME. You are welcome, literature.

Don Corleone Quixote
Don Corleone Quixote – Old guard crime boss Don Corleone Quixote sets up shop in an old windmill with trusty right hand man Pancha.

Little Haunted House on the Prairie
Little Haunted House on the Prairie – A family is brutally murdered in their secluded old farm house.  Twenty years later, an unsuspecting couple purchases the old farm house looking for a serene retreat from their hectic lives only to find skin crawling terror and wheelbarrows of blood.

Grapes of Wrath of Khan
The Grapes of Wrath of Khan – The Joad family pick up a hitchhiker on their way to California.  Little do they know their new addition is a genetically enhanced super being from the future looking to overthrow and rule the human race.  Wackiness ensues.

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Spending my kid’s college tuition on Hake’s Auction #209

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LEB This week’s assignment for The League is to browse Hake’s Auction #209 and find all the cool stuff we’d buy if we were rolling in dough like P-Diddy. So I spent my fair share of time at work this week perusing the enormous auction catalog and came up with some stuff that I would like to buy.  Assuming, of course, that money is no object.

hakes_star_wars There were several awesome Star Wars items I found interesting. Firstly, the C3POs cereal lot featuring a full size C3PO standee and three box flats. I have always had a fascination with this particular cereal and the ephemera it created. These are particularly good examples of that. The seven Star Wars Coca-Cola promotional posters are also pretty awesome. Four of them are from Burger Chef/Burger King giveaways in 1977 and feature Del Nichols artwork. Three of them feature Boris Vallejo artwork and were to promote the release of Empire Strikes Back. Finally, I am in wet, sloppy love with the full size Return of the Jedi Burger King glasses Darth Vader standee (1983).

There were lots of comic book and super hero related items that I want. Tops on that list would probably be The Great Comic Book Heroes book from 1965. hakes_great_comic_heroes_book It’s signed by several comic luminaries like Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Shelly Moldoff and Will Eisner. Yes, the creators of both Superman AND Batman signed this thing. Plus, I’ve looked at this book before and it’s pretty awesome.


Speaking of Superman and Batman, I found several items featuring those heroes that rock my Casbah. The boxed Mego Superman doll from 1977 is particularly awesome because I’m kind of in love with the packaging art. And the art on the 1954 Superman metal lunchbox is pretty close to melting my eyeballs out of my head and that’s only the picture. And these Mego Comic Action Heroes figures from 1975 (in package!) are also incredible. And speaking of incredible, check out the awesomely weird and bizarre cover to issue #33 of the comic World’s Finest. Why the hell is Superman spinning Batman and Robin in the air WITH HIS FEET?!  I love the Golden Age. I also would buy Flash #147 featuring the second appearance of Reverse Flash with a great cover homage to Flash #123.  I actually already own Reverse Flash’s first appearance in Flash #139.  And what will I put all of these comics in when I own them?  That’s right, my very own g***amn comic spinner rack from the late 70s.  I’ve wanted one of those retail spinner racks ever since I started collecting comics in the early 80s. Continue reading

Nerd Lunch Episode 86: Give That Guy Some Work 3 + Extra Helpings of Iron Man

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Welcome to the next exciting episode of the Nerd Lunch Podcast. This week we are joined by Matt Young from the awesome Improvised Star Trek live show and podcast.  We brought Matt on to discuss a little bit about Improvised Star Trek, but also we get him to join us in our third installment of Give That Guy Some Work!


We all pick two actors we feel aren’t getting enough face time in Hollywood and present them to the group for inclusion in a joint movie project sure to be box office GOLD. Gold, I tell ya!

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You’ll also notice that we’ve snuck in a special Extra Helpings episode of Nerd Lunch into our feed.  CT, Jeeg and I have all watched Iron Man 3 and we wanted to get together and just talk about it.  So we did.  Check out the Nerd Lunch Extra Helpings episode for Iron Man 3.

It’s available in iTunes, Feedburner or right damn here.

Iron Man 3

Nerd Lunch Episode 71: Re-do of Star Trek Voyager

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

For this episode of Nerd Lunch CT and I are still missing our comrade-in-arms Jeeg as he moves all of his junk North for a new job. To replace Jeeg, we brought back Rob Graham and we take this opportunity to talk about one of the more maligned Star Trek franchises, Voyager.

ST Voyager

We start with a ground level reconstruction of the concept of the show and we talk about the things in the show that worked, and the many plethora of things that did not work. We recast many of the roles and play around with the concept of Star Trek: Lost in Space. I honestly think we made it better.

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