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Nerd Lunch Episode 100 lands on the Internet and breaks it in half

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We’ve done it. We’ve reached triple digits. If you’d asked me back in Sep 2011 if I thought our little podcast would have made 100 episodes I would have laughed. IN YOUR FACE. Now who’s laughing? That’s right. YOU. The people.

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, the guys and I invite Nerd Lunch blog founding member PLee and Nerd Lunch Web Series co-host and podcast voice, Savannah, to join us this week.  This week we pluck all the Fourth Chair Carryover Questions from the last 50 episodes and we give our own answers.  I had forgotten how many awesome questions our guests had asked.  Find out who didn’t get to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons as a child, who dislikes Seth Rogen, who would run a Save the Clock Tower 5K and who has an unhealthy relationship with a cartoon called Foofur.

We had so much fun doing this we would love to do it again in 50 more episodes.  So see you next year on episode 150!!!

Officially, this is the end of what we call “Season 2” of the podcast.  We will be taking a hiatus for the next few weeks.  However, I think there may be some bonus content that will go up in the next week or so and we’ll be back making brand new episodes starting next month.  Thank you guys so much for listening.  We look forward to continuing the climb to episode 200 (assuming I don’t die first).

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Vintage Stephen King/Peter Straub interview from Fangoria magazine (1986)

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So here I am, just past the half way point in my reading of the King/Straub fantasy epic, The Talisman.  I’m going to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t totally looking forward to reading this book.  I love King, but the book is kinda long and I kept flashing back to my reading of The Stand.  And after the first 80 pages I just kept thinking, “I’ve made a horrible mistake.”  But the book quickly started getting better and I’m much more comfortable now.  I’m very much enjoying the book at the halfway point.  It’s also getting me excited to read the sequel, Black House, as well as that Shadowland book I bought on a whim several months ago.

While trolling through my old Fangoria magazines, I found an article from The Bloody Best of Fangoria Vol 5.  The Bloody Best was a compilation of previously published articles that Fangoria released at the end of each year.  Essentially, it’s a reprint magazine.  This particular volume was from 1986.  The interview I’m sharing is with both King and Straub around the time of the release of the book.  Like I said, the article was reprinted in 1986 for the compilation, but the article itself is from sometime in 1984.

You can click each of the images to see them BIGGER on Flickr.

Fangoria interview 01 Fangoria Interview 02

Fangoria interview 03 Fangoria interview 04

For those that don’t want to read the article, there are a few interesting tidbits.

* King and Straub can no longer remember who wrote what. And the parts you think are King probably aren’t because they each tried to put tricks in the story and use each other’s style to fool their readers.
* Universal bought the movie rights to the book in 1984 and Spielberg was attached to direct. Even going as far as having a script commissioned. Obviously, nothing came of that.
* At this point in time, George Romero was set to direct a film adaptation of The Stand right after he finished filming Day of the Dead. King had written the script and whittled it down to a 2.5 hour movie and says in the article that “everything is in there”. But I’m not sure how that’s even possible.
* After The Talisman, Straub is mostly done with supernatural horror. He wants to focus on more crime and mystery. Which is what he does. His next three books are his famed Blue Rose Trilogy (Koko, Mystery, The Throat).

I mentioned Straub’s next few books after The Talisman above.  Conversely, the next published book for Stephen King after The Talisman was Thinner, but that was originally under the Richard Bachman alias.  The next KING book was the short story collection, Skeleton Crew.  Which is one of my very favorite King books.  But Thinner is rather good as well.

It seems like this article just ends.  I guess the interview is concluded in the next issue.  A bit disappointing as I wanted them to discuss any ideas for the sequel we wouldn’t see for like 20 years.

Another thing I thought before reading up on The Talisman was that King and Straub hated each other.  That they started off as friends but the writing of the book drove a wedge into that friendship.  That’s why it took so long to get a sequel.  However, that’s clearly not the case at all.  These guys were friends for years before The Talisman and they’ve been friends ever since.  Interesting the ideas you overhear other people say that have no basis in reality.

So yes, I’m enjoying the book and I’d recommend it to anyone that is curious and already a fan of either author.  However, since this is just the halfway point, there is still plenty of time for this book to go completely “off the rails”.

Nerd Lunch Episode 100 – 1: Expendables of Other Genres II

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Welcome to Nerd Lunch Episode 100 Eve. We are all so excited about reaching the century milestone that we completely and totally half ass this episode (unlike other episodes, am I right?). However, our guest, longtime show favorite, Jay from Sexy Armpit, brings his A-Game to bust the curve created by your lazy ass hosts. Case in point, the amazing Nerd Lunch rap that Jay drops in our laps at the beginning of the episode. This entire show has been worth it (all 99 episodes) if nothing else than we get that rap. We may as well stop recording now.

Jay is here this week after a long absence (which we apologize profusely for) to do a topic that has become a host favorite despite the fact we’ve only done it once before (Episode 22), Expendables of Other Genres. This time the genres we are discussing are Nerds/Hackers and Cartoon Voice Actors. However, in true Nerd Lunch fashion, the show turns into a Rick Moranis love fest in which we ponder whether the little seen actor is actually retired from acting, or just “not acting”.

Missing Rick Moranis

However, expect to hear several actors who have played classic nerd/hackers like Matthew Broderick (War Games), Val Kilmer (Real Genius), Curtis Anderson (Revenge of the Nerds) and Mr Eddie Deezen (every movie he’s ever been in EVER).  On the cartoon voice actor front expect the usual suspects with Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and Billy West but we throw in a lot of surprises you’re going to want to hear.  Expect me to bring up yet again the Teen Wolf cartoon.  Our Nerd-To-Dos become dominated by a Firehouse Subs discussion.

It’s epic podcasting at its most epic.

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Vintage ads for official movie magazines from the 80s

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I’ve talked about movie magazines before.  As a matter of fact, back in 2010 I took a look at the Back to the Future souvenir magazine.  I love official movie magazines and I have a bunch of them.  These magazines were the original movie supplemental material.  We didn’t have DVDs and VHS tapes didn’t normally add anything extra (some did, but it was rare).  I remember seeing ads for these magazines all over my favorite magazines.  I’d fill out the form and select the ones I wanted as a wish list.  Just hoping that someday I’d be allowed to order a Rambo or Star Trek movie magazine through the mail.

So, I was perusing through my old Fangoria magazines recently and found a couple of these movie magazine ads.  They show a ton of the magazines and it’s great to see some of the covers.  So on this lazy Friday, I thought I’d show you this 80s vintage goodness.

This first ad is from 1986.

Movie mag ad 1

I love how the magazines are spread out like you took the pile and threw them on the table. Amazing layout.  There’s that amazing Rambo magazine.  They also have Rocky II, Rocky III and Rocky IV magazines.  As a matter of fact there are THREE Rocky IV magazines.  AND, Stallone gets a “Best Of” magazine.  Damn, he was at the height of his popularity here.  As for all the Rocky IV magazines, when a movie was popular enough, it would not only get an official movie magazine, it would also get an official poster magazine and an official “movie book”.  I put that last one in quotes because even though it’s called a book it was still a magazine, just with more content and glossier, color pages.

You can see some of the covers on this ad are for the poster magazines (Star Trek III, Rocky II for example).  Some of the other ones pictured that I think look cool include the A View to a Kill as well as The Explorers.  Take a look at the list in the yellow box at the bottom and there are listed several magazines that aren’t pictured.  Annie, Superman III, High Road to China, SF Superheroes, TV Superheroes, Joanie Loves Chachi and Conan the Destroyer.  I would buy every single one of these magazines today.

If I were to have ordered every magazine in this ad back in the day it would have set me back $75.35.  Plus $24.90 for shipping.  That’s $100.25 (incl shipping) for 26 different magazines.  Which is about $3.85 each.  NOT BAD.  It would cost well over that now to track this mess down on eBay and trader sites.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 98: Nerdy Romance

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Welcome to episode 98 of the Nerd Lunch podcast. This week we are joined by author Sue London. Sue is the author of Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers Book One).

We brought Sue in as our resident expert on all things romance so that CT, Jeeg and I could be “cultured up” a bit and broadly discuss the romance genre.  We talk about our individual thoughts on romance, do we like it, do we feel it needs to be a part of our media?


We also discuss some of our favorite nerdy romances; Buffy/Angel, Superman/Lois Lane, etc, etc.  It’s a fun discussion I think you’ll enjoy.  Plus, we are 1 step closer to our 100th episode.

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