Announcing the Nerd Lunch podcast

Nerd Lunch Podcast

So, you’re reading this blog and you’re like, “How can I get more of this guy, Paxton?  He is just so awesome I don’t want to only read his words, I want to drink him in.  Every ounce.”

Well, creepy reader, you can’t get every ounce, just yet, but you can get more of me.  Aside from this blog, writing occasional articles for Strange Kids Club and randomly posting movie ads on Held Over, I joined up with CT and Jeeg from Nerd Lunch to start the Nerd Lunch podcast.  And Episode 1 has gone live on iTunes.

Nerd Lunch podcast

The three of us will talk about all topics nerdy like movies, comics, books, fast food, the internets and anything else that pops into our ADD addled brains.  Occasionally, we will be joined by other nerdy bloggers.  It will be a ton of fun.  So subscribe to us, download our first episode and listen on your mobile device or desktop computer of choice.   If you hit up Nerd Lunch here, you can listen to the velvety sounds of our geekiness right in your browser without having to download.

Episode 1 of the podcast has the three of us taking internet personality tests to determine who is MacGyver, who is Big Bird and who is the GREATEST CARE BARE SCHOLAR ALIVE!  Join us, won’t you?

This podcast will be a part of the Atomic Geeks podcast network.  And, if you haven’t listened to the Atomic Geeks podcast, seriously, check it out.  4.5 guys also talking about geeky pop culture.  The discussions they have get increasingly loud and geeky and eventually devolve into shouting and violence.  You can even play the Atomic Geeks drinking game; listen to their podcast and see how many times Christian Nielsen says the phrase, “…for crying out loud”.  Prepare to get HAMMERED.

Anyway, subscribe to the Nerd Lunch podcast on iTunes.  Or Feedburner.  Zune is coming soon.


4 Responses to “Announcing the Nerd Lunch podcast”

  1. Too much Paxton is never enough! Congrats on the new “gig,” man. I can’t wait to check it out at lunch… I’m such a nerd. 😉

  2. So happy to have you on the podcast, Pax. This blog is the bomb and Jeeg and I had you in the back of our mind almost the entire time we were in the early stages of planning the podcast. The big blog crossover was such a huge success and I was glad because it meant that we were right, you were perfect for joining us.

    Also glad to see Rondal make a comment. I’m hoping he’d like to make an appearance on the show someday.

  3. Signed up day one. Personality quiz results: Big Bird, Combo Bones/Kirk (YEAHHHHHHH), Darth Vader (hell YEAHHHHHH!), combo Stallone/MacGyver, and Grumpy bear – must have been having a darkside-kind of day.

    Concur with the awesomeness which is the Ultimate Xmen, but could have done with less do-rags, soul patches and forced hipness… reminds me the Looney tunes-dressed-as-rappers t-shirs of a few years ago.

    I like the direction of the podcast- finding the odd pop culture stuff on the internet and then distilling it to its essence, like a fine cabernet reduction.

  4. Email me and let me know if you want to be part of the Countdown to Halloween this year. I’m putting together the list of participants.

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