Avengers are assembling…


Behold, The Avengers in can form.

Avenger cans

L to R: Black Widow (Diet Dr Pepper), Capt America (7up), Iron Man (Dr Pepper Cherry) and Thor (Dr Pepper).

I’m only missing Nick Fury who was found exclusively on a Dr Pepper Cherry can.  But, damn, he was super hard to find.  I never got him.  Also there was, unfortunately, no aluminum support for Norton’s Incredible Hulk.  However, there was a Mt Dew promotion featuring Ang Lee’s Hulk, but I tend to try and forget that movie ever existed.  And since Hawkeye just barely showed up in Thor, then he isn’t represented yet either.

I wonder if The Avengers movie will have all new soda cans with everyone on them.

CT over at Nerd Lunch wrote a good Countdown to Avengers article with a look at the buildup throughout all the recent Marvel movies.  Check it out.

As an added bonus, here’s the Red Skull can from Cherry 7up. How great looking is this can?

Red Skull 7up


5 Responses to “Avengers are assembling…”

  1. Can you imagine giving a kid that Red Skull can of Cherry 7-Up? He would make me think twice about drinking it.

  2. That sure is one pretty can of Dr. Pepper. Er…I mean Diet Dr. Pepper.

    Were there no Hulk cans?

  3. The Norton Hulk didn’t get one. The cans started in 2010 for Iron Man 2. Incredible Hulk hit in 2008. Like I said, Mt Dew did a Hulk can in 2003 for the Ang Lee Hulk, and it was a pretty cool looking can, but that movie is pure, unadulterated ASS.

  4. Yeah, that Red Skull can of Cherry 7up is freaking me out….I can only imagine what it would do to my kids. Lets find out…..

  5. damm. everyone those cans but me. all i got is the thor cans.

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