I become a man by watching Ninja III: The Domination (1984)

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Okay, Sunday was Ninja Day, and I’m extending that into Ninja Week here on the blog. On Monday I discussed in detail the reality rendering awesomeness that is 1983’s Revenge of the Ninja starring Sho Kosugi. Today, I want to discuss that movie’s followup, Ninja III: The Domination.

Ninja III

I want to say I saw this in the theater, but there’s no way my father would have let me see the R rated Ninja III when I was 10 years old. I must have rented it a few years later when I was renting Revenge of the Ninja over and over again from the local video store.  How could I not?  It was a ninja movie with Sho Kosugi and that hot chick from Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2.  Also, this movie’s director, Sam Firstenberg, also directed Revenge of the Ninja.  As a matter of fact, from 1983 to 1985 Firstenberg directed Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja III:  The Domination, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo and American Ninja.  I don’t know about you but that alone deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award or something.  I have to ask why this guy isn’t a household name.  Well, he followed up his Hall of Fame line up of 80s action movies with American Ninja 2:  The Confrontation and Delta Force 3:  The Killing Game which probably ended his career as quickly as a katana to the neck.  But no one can take way those 4 awesome 80s movies.  No one.

Anyway, this movie is completely fun, weird and absurd.  So let’s take a look.  I’m going to delve into the best aspects of this movie like I did Revenge of the Ninja because this movie deserves it.  There’s a lot of zany 80s awesomeness going on in this movie.  And I’ll be sure to point out all the gratuitous shots of Lucinda Dickey in skimpy clothes while sweatily dancing (happens more often than you think).  So grab a seat and let’s do this.

Ninja 3 titles
And so the awesome begins. The opening sequence is the best. A Japanese dude walks into this hidden cave, dons a ninja suit and heads to a nearby golf course to wreck complete havok. It’s never explained why he attacked the golf course. He just does it. And it’s awesome.

golf cart
Here’s the ninja stopping a golf cart by lifting the back wheels off the ground. He couldn’t let the attractive couple get away because he really needed to kill them.

bodyguard with gun ninja blowgun blowdart into gun gun explodes
A group of bodyguards show up because I guess one of the golfers is famous (no explanation). One of the bodyguards pulls a gun, but before he can fire, the ninja whips out a blowgun and shoots a dart directly into the gun barrel causing the gun to explode awesomely in the bodyguards face.  This movie is so ninja.

Outrun a car
The ninja then outruns a cop car.

ninja trapped ninja smoke ninja disappears ninja underground
The ninja is caught by like 5 cops and they open fire riddling him with bullets. In the midst of the gunfire the ninja ignites a smoke bomb and disappears. The cops have no idea where he went so they all just decide to leave. Then the ninja pops up out of the dirt. He had dug himself under the ground like a mole proving once again that, yes, he is a badass ninja.

Christie Ninja possession
While filled with bullet holes, the ninja crawls away and finds Lucinda Dickey as Christie, the hottest telephone repair person EVER. The ninja grabs her and does some ninja voodoo to put his spirit inside her (he wants to be IN her).

aerobics class 1 aerobics class 2
Oh, and Christie is also an aerobics instructor. So, here are some gratuitous shots of her in aerobics gear.

rapists kick rapists' ass
After her aerobics class she bumps into some thugs in the back alley. Of course, they attempt to rape her.  Notice the amount of people in the above screen shot.  There were only like 4 rapists.  Apparently everyone else in the gym came outside to see Christie get raped.  Not one person in the crowd tried to help.  But Christie, now with a little bit ‘o ninja in her, kicks all of their asses without help from the crowd.

towel 1 towel 2
This cheesy cop Billy creepily hits on Christie, she gives him tons of attitude, Billy has to give this ridiculous speech about loving being a cop and then we get Christie inviting him up to her apartment.  And then some more gratuitous skin shots.

V8 1 V8 2
This is a pretty famous scene for people who have seen this movie. Christie pours V8 all over her chest and pulls Billy on top of her.  You can surely imagine the awesome sex scene because they don’t show it to you.  At all.

Hairy Billy 1 Hairy Billy 2
And…WOH!…Billy is one hairy mofo!  Yikes, dude, you might want to take that sweater off before making sweet love to Christie.

Sho Kosugi with an eyepatch
About an hour in and Sho Kosugi finally shows up. He has an eyepatch! Sweet.

sweat dancing
And here’s Christie sweatily dancing for no reason.

Bouncer game floating ninja sword
This video game I’ve never heard of before, Bouncer, lights up and projects lights onto Christie’s face. I guess the ninja spirit is talking to her through the game?  Whatever.  The ninja sword floats out of the closet and Christie has now become the ninja. And her mission is to seek out the 5 cops that shot down the ninja and kill them.

pool ball
Christie tracks down the first cop in his home. He tries to hit her with a pool ball, she catches it and crushes it in her palm. She then throws him through the window which, I guess, was enough to kill him even though it was only a one story home.

Unattractive ladies' man
Christie seeks out another of the cops that killed the ninja. An older, unattractive man who apparently is popular with the ladies. He manages to get two chicks much younger than him into a hot tub at some private club. It must be the mustache.

Christie in bathing suit unsuccessful threesome
Christie shows up looking all hot (I thought this place was a private club) and pushes the other two girls out of the threesome.  The other two girls actually get mad that another chick joins them.  I mean, they were all prepared to go two on one with this older unattractive cop with a mustache but as soon as Christie joins the party, they get all high and mighty.  One of the girls actually says, “Let’s get out of here” and the other replies in an angry voice, “No, I want to watch this”.  Yeah, lady, that’ll show them.  And what dude would bust up a threesome into a twosome when you could turn it into a foursome?  Madness.  Oh, Christie kills all of them.  Firstenberg must hate hot tubs because there are at least three scenes of hot tubs in Revenge of the Ninja which also involve death and dismemberment.

More TnA
And more of Christie dancing sweatily in her underwear. You are welcome.

white arrows
Christie goes to a cop funeral to kill the rest of the cops who shot the ninja.  She waits for the 21 gun salute and starts flinging arrows into the crowd.  Ninjas must love bright white bows and arrows with huge white tail feathers. The ninjas that attacked Sho Kosugi’s family in the beginning of Revenge of the Ninja also used them.

Sho Kosugi
Sho Kosugi with an eyepatch shows up to stop the ninja and pulls off the mask to reveal it’s Christie underneath. The look on his face was like, “How did a woman nearly kick my ass?”

More TnA
Sho tells Christie’s hairy ass boyfriend Billy to bring Christie and meet him at “the temple on the hill”. So, apparently there’s a Shaolin temple just outside Los Angeles.

zombie ninja throw flames
Sho removes the spirit from Christie’s body and puts it back in the original ninja body. So, yes, Sho Kosugi with an eye patch must now fight zombie ninja! And zombie ninja can throw flames from his hands?! Wha-?!

inappropriate kiss 1
Now Christie is rid of the ninja’s spirit and gives Billy a celebratory and very situation inappropriate kiss. Get a room guys.

obvious hiding place
Sho Kosugi continues to chase the zombie ninja. Where do you think zombie ninja is hiding here?  If you guessed the one human sized crack in the ground in the middle of the screen, you guessed correctly, sir.

she's not a ninja stabbed in the head
While Sho fights the incredibly powerful zombie ninja, Christie runs up and stabs him in the stomach with his own sword. Boo-ya, zombie ninja just got punked. However, zombie ninja is, well, a f’n ZOMBIE so he not surprisingly doesn’t die. Sho has to stab his ass in the head to kill him.  And then he disappears like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

inappropriate kiss 2
With zombie ninja dead Christie and Billy engage in another situation inappropriate kiss. Billy looks like he’s trying to eat her head. WTF?!


How great is that movie?  While not as epically ninja as Revenge of the Ninja, this one definitely amps up the cheese and is pretty epic in and of itself.  While it is disappointing that Lucinda Dickey did not get nude, she gets pretty close and there are a lot of scenes with her in nothing but her undewear, so it’s almost a wash.  Almost.

FYI, if you want to see Ninja III for yourself, it’s pretty tough to find.  As far as I know it was never released on DVD.  But you can find it on VHS or Amazon On-Demand.  Or, like Revenge of the Ninja, you can watch the movie in its entirety on YouTube in 10 parts.  However you do it, I suggest you watch this movie.

Hope you are enjoying ninja week as much as I am.  Stay tuned for one more ninja movie review on Friday.  It may or may not be as detailed as these last two.  I just love these two movies so much.


9 Responses to “I become a man by watching Ninja III: The Domination (1984)”

  1. hmmm the good looking couple? the dudes a scientist and that ninja was sent there to kill him he WAS a famous scientist which is why he had bodyguards

    • Wow, that’s interesting, Dan. I did not pick up on that. In none of the cuts I’ve seen have I heard dialogue mentioning that he was a famous scientist. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt it may be out there, as I know there are several different cuts of this movie floating around, but the VHS I watched didn’t have anything about that.

      I even went back to my VHS last night and I watched the YouTube clip online and neither of them feature any hints or dialogue to this. And the YouTube clips say they are uncut. The first time the guy on the golf course speaks is to tell his bodyguards to help him find his ball in the woods. Then the ninja shows up and all hell breaks loose.

    • Ahh! I watched a little further than just the opening sequence and when they are questioning Christie in the police station one of the cops makes an offhand remark about how the guy was a famous scientist.

      HOWEVER, we still don’t know why the ninja was sent to kill him.

  2. hey man thanx for the info on this movie……
    u may not believe it but the 1st tym i saw dis movie i was around 10 yrs old too….it left quite an impact on my impressionable mind, especially the jacuzi scene. i searched the net to get info on this movie for the past decade or so…..thanx to ur site i got it….thanx a bunch…..

  3. Thanks for the movie info too. I remember watching this when I was 6 or 7 and remembering the hot tub threesome murder scene too. I remember possessed-ninja Christie killing them with thumb tacked wristbands and invisible Wonder Woman lasso. I’ve been trying to remember the movie ever since and finally have a name; and kick-ass synopsis.

  4. Joe Armstrong Says:

    I give this review a solid “A,” but it would be perfect if the movie’s most famous line would have been quoted someplace within the write up: Only a ninja can destroy a ninja.

  5. does anyone know what the ninja said to christi when he was giving her the sword

  6. does anyone know what the ninja said in Japanese to christi when he gave her the sword?

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