Nerd Lunch Episode 134: Batman 75 Retrospective

Nerd Lunch Podcast

For episode 134 of Nerd Lunch we invite not one, but TWO guests to join us. Our good friend Jay from The Sexy Armpit and Michael May from Michael May’s Adventureblog join us for a very special topic: Batman. This year is Batman’s 75th anniversary and we are here to look at Batman across all media much like we did with Superman last summer for episode 90.


We talk about our first encounters with Batman, some of our first merchandise and then we delve into the comics followed by lots of movie talk. It’s an info packed episode that ran so long I had to cancel Nerd-to-Dos. But it’s a fun episode with lots of awesome information and a spiffy new Batman-y podcast intro that I think you’ll like.

Download this episode from iTunes, Stitcher or listen to it on Feedburner.

Or listen to it online right here.


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