11 comic covers that homage famous movie posters

I love movies. Obviously. I also love comics. So when comic artists homage famous movies it really gets my nerd blood pumpin’.  So I thought I’d take a look at some of my favorite movie poster homages that can be found on the covers of some surprising (and not-so-surprising) comics.

FYI, these aren’t all of them.  I could probably do another full article of more homages.  These are just some of my favorites. You can click the images to make them BIGGER.

Star Wars poster Homage 1
Star Wars / Spidey Super Stories #31 – Not surprising that there is at least one Star Wars homage cover out there, right? But did you expect it on Spidey Super Stories? The comic based on the Spider-Man skits from Electric Company?  I kind of love that this is out there.  Dr Doom as Darth Vader?!  BRILLIANT!

Advs in Babysitting Homage 1
Adventures in Babysitting / Darkwing Duck v2 #17Adventures in Babysitting is an awesome movie.  Plus, it has one of the best posters painted by the great Drew Struzan.  I really love the Darkwing Duck homage plus it’s such a cool comic to do it.

Aliens poster Homage 1
Enter the Dragon / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles v4 #6 – There’s no more appropriate place for an Enter the Dragon homage than on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Plus, I think Jaime from Shezcrafti is gonna love that I included this one.  What a great recreation of the poster.

Alien Poster Homage 1
Alien / Deadpool #40 – Deadpool’s various series over the years have actually homaged dozens of movies.  This one is one of my favorites.

Aliens poster Homage 1
Aliens / Cable v2 #18 – Pretty straightforward homage of the James Cameron Aliens poster.

Animal House poster Homage 1
Animal House / The Boys #23Animal House is another iconic poster.  I’m only vaguely aware of this comic, The Boys, but they do a bang up job of recreating the original poster image.

Exorcist poster Homage 1
The Exorcist / Justice League of America #27 – No idea what the storyline of this JLA comic is, but I’m interested in finding out why it uses the famous Exorcist image as the cover.

The Graduate poster Homage 1
The Graduate / Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #9 – I told you Deadpool recreated many different posters throughout his run.  Here’s a zombified version of The Graduate poster.

Jaws poster Homage 1
Jaws / Spidey Super Stories #16 – Another Spidey Super Stories cover appearance.  I love this comic and that its run had not one, but TWO movie poster homages.  Not surprising they were two of the biggest movies of the 70s.

Rocketeer poster Homage 1
The Rocketeer / Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin – I liked The Rocketeer movie, but I LOVED the poster.  And Iron Man replicates it perfectly.  And I think CT from Nerd Lunch will enjoy this one as well.

Aliens poster Homage 1
Scarface / Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4 – Last but not least, another Deadpool homage. This one of one of my favorite movie posters, Scarface. Say what you will about the movie, but this poster is badass.  I think Deadpool did an okay job recreating it.

Like I said, there are many more.  Maybe I’ll revisit this in another article sometime in the future.


14 Responses to “11 comic covers that homage famous movie posters”

  1. thegoodwillgeek Says:

    I wonder if the Cable and Iron Man covers aren’t more straight-up rip-offs than homages. I would like to think not because they are so blatant… But those two in particular feel a little sneaky.

  2. What a great idea for a countdown Pax! I have to say, nothing quite tops that Spidey Super Stories #31 cover in terms of bizarreness – so weird. 😀

  3. Nicely done. Will be sharing this one…

  4. Great list, and of course I lived that TMNT cover. The Adventures in Babysitting homage stole my heart too.

  5. Rad, rad, um, RAD! Great post Pax!

  6. Great post! I had that SW Spidey comic when I was a kid and I loved the SW spoof story with Marvel and Electric Company characters in place of SW characters. Paul the Gorilla took on the Chewbacca role!

  7. seancloran Says:

    Sorry to be this guy! but in the Aliens/Cable caption it says John Carpenter’s Aliens and I believe you meant James Cameron’s Aliens. Both “J.C.”s so it is a forgivable sin. Thanks.

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