Welcome new readers to the Cavalcade

Well, my article yesterday about inappropriate Star Wars items hit WordPress’ news page as well as Neatorama’s page. I’m getting lots of positive reaction to it. Glad everyone liked it.  I’ll tell you what, I haven’t seen this much traffic since I was linked by Time muthaf’n magazine almost a year ago.  That’s right, I said TIME MUTHAF’N MAGAZINE.

Time Magazine cover

Wow, now that I look at it, I was linked by Time Magazine a year ago tomorrow. Spooky.  Click the earlier links or my Time Magazine cover to see how I was linked by Time muthaf’n Magazine.

Anyway, it’s funny because the Star Wars article yesterday was just supposed to be a filler article this week to get me through to the beginning of AWESOME-tober-fest next week.  Now it’s all blowin’ up and stuff.  It’s pretty awesome to get this kinda reaction to something I wrote.  So thank you guys.

Oh, for those just joining us, AWESOME-tober-fest is my Halloween celebration and it’s happening the entire month of October.  So you’ve picked a good time to join us here at the Cavalcade.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  AWESOME-tober-fest starts next week.

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