Blog Title Change!

Got to thinking about it and I’m changing the title of this blog. What I’m Thinking… worked fine for the first few years and it was okay, but I’m ready for a change. I hope you are.

The new title will be Pax’s Cavalcade of Awesome, or just Cavalcade of Awesome. I think you’ll agree, it’s a very appropriate title for a very awesome blog (in my opinion at least…lol).

The inspiration for the title comes from a Golden Age comic called Comic Cavalcade.
Comic Cavalcade coverComic Cavalcade coverComic Cavalcade cover

It starred Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. I enjoyed reading reprints of these comics when I collected comics back in the day. Part of it was that The Flash was my favorite character, part of it was I loved the title. Comics had better titles back in the ’40s, man. They just did. To see some other covers from this series, click the images above. The ’40s also had better comic covers. I mean, how many comics today would have, on the cover, their three super hero stars water skiing, riding a carousel or rollerskating in a circle? The answer is…NONE. And I guarantee you, the stories inside these issues had nothing to do with any of that stuff which makes it all that much more awesome.

Anyway, the URL for this blog ( is staying the same, I’m just changing the title. I’ve modified the header above to reflect the new title, however I’ll have a new blog header image ready to go in a few weeks.

6 Responses to “Blog Title Change!”

  1. Mike Lehman Says:

    I’ll send you a pic of AWESOMENESS poster with the caption “When I get sad, I stop being sad, and start being awesome. True story.”

    I like the “Cavalcade of Awesome” You aren’t so vain as to need to put your name on everything, are you? EVen on something that is about you?!?!?!?!

  2. Yes, Mike. Yes I am that vain.

  3. Dude…when you make the new banner, make sure you don’t have those same devil red eyes going on! =)~

  4. I fixed the above banner and it’s “devil eyes”. 🙂

    I’ll check that I don’t have them in the next one.

  5. […] and technology.  It eventually evolved into What I’m Thinking for a few years and then, in May 2008 I this blog’s title became the now infamous, Cavalcade of Awesome.  Along with the move to […]

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