Indiana Jones invades the Supermarket and more!!

Piggly WigglyWell, the inaugural post to the newly branded Cavalcade of Awesome will be one of my favorite types of posts, a rundown of some cool stuff I found at the Supermaket these past few weeks. You should all know by now that I love perusing retail shops and grocery stores for cool product. I’m a sucker for a cool movie promotion, so I especially enjoy food/snack items that are branded with the promotion of an upcoming movie. This usually only happens with action or comic book movies, but that makes it all the better. Surprisingly, you won’t see a movie like 27 Dresses get its own box of cereal (and that’s a shame). But you will see Indiana Jones get one.

You can check out some of my earlier finds here and here. I also enjoy looking for new flavors of candy, cereal, ice cream and soda. All of these really get me excited, so I’ll show you some of the kick ass stuff I’ve been finding the last few weeks.

You can tell the summer movie season is coming. More specifically you know that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens today, mainly because they have been hyping the crap out of it the last few weeks. And in typical George Lucas fashion, the movie’s images are posted all over products you can find in the store (e.g. Indy Jones cereal above). Indy’s visage has also been slapped all over packages of M&Ms. They even created a new flavor for Indy, Mint Crisp. Here are some of the Indiana Jones M&Ms packages you can currently find on store shelves (click the images to see them larger on my Flickr photostream).

Mint Crisp M&Ms
Regular M&Ms
Peanut M&Ms

They even created a new Snickers flavor for Indy. It’s called “Snickers Adventure Bar” (lame) and it has the same Snickers taste but with an added subtle flavor of coconut and “other spices”. The hint of coconut is pretty good, but the “other spices” make the candy aftertaste seem like an old man’s ass (from what I’ve heard). I don’t know what spices they used, but they suck. Here’s the package.

Snickers Adventure Bar

On which other products has the image of Indiana Jones been whored out? Your answer: Dr Pepper. They have a big promotion where cans contain 1 of many different pictures from all the Indiana Jones movies. In typical Lucas fashion, you have to buy multiple 12 packs of Dr Pepper to get all the pictures because all cans in a 12 pack box contain the same picture. Nice. As if I didn’t spend enough on the last Star Wars movie, now I gotta buy 6 cases of soda to get all the pictures. This reminds me of the Star Wars Episode I promotion back in 1999 where cans of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew and Pepsi One contained images of Star Wars characters (each soda had 4 different pics) and you had to buy multiple cases of soda to get all the pics. Same thing. Well, here’s what the Diet Dr Pepper cans look like. I’m not collecting all the pics, someone actually gave me this can and I like the design so I’m keeping it.

Dr Pepper can

Well, Pax, did you find anything that didn’t have anything to do with Indiana Jones? Well, for you, my readers, I looked hard and did find other cool items. Have any of you tried the Wildly Cherry M&Ms? They are really good. Especially if you mix them with Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms.

Cherry M&Ms

Do any of you remember last year when Doritos released the X-13D flavor experiment? It was a mystery flavor that turned out to be cheeseburger. I wrote about them here. Well Doritos has released another mystery flavor and they call it The Quest.

Doritos The Quest

After tasting these I would have to say that their flavor is Key Lime Doritos. Similar to say, Tostitos with a Hint of Lime, but the lime taste is sweeter, like Key Lime Pie. The only reason I recognize this is because I tried Zapp’s Limited Edition Caribbean Key Lime chips last year and the lime taste is very similar. The Doritos chips are different, but they are good. Someone else told me they taste like Mountain Dew, which makes sense since they have a sweeter Lime-y taste.

Speaking of things that taste like Mountain Dew, last but certainly not least, I stumbled across the three new Mountain Dew flavors Pepsi recently released (of course, click image to see a larger version).

New Mt Dew flavors

Pepsi is test marketing these three flavors. After you taste them, you are supposed to log onto and vote for your favorite. The winner will become a permanent flavor and the others relegated to the island of forgotten sodas (Pepsi Edge anyone?).

The new flavors and their names are:

  • Mt Dew Voltage – Raspberry, Citrus and Ginseng (on the left)
  • Mt Dew Supernova – Strawberry, Melon and Ginseng (in the middle)
  • Mt Dew Revolution – Wild Berry, Fruit Flavor and Ginseng (on the right)

I just bought these, so I haven’t tried them, but I’ll let you know how they are. It’s been a long week and I am dead, so I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. We have company coming in, so it should be fun.

Take care.

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3 Responses to “Indiana Jones invades the Supermarket and more!!”

  1. I love the promotion on foods too but it’s even better when they create it especially for the movie like some cereals. Yeah I agree, Hostess needs to do something for 27 Dresses like cakes shaped like dresses. They have pictures on the Dr. Pepper bottles too but those aren’t the best for collectors. Speaking of cherry, there are some new limited edition Hershey’s Kisses that are Cherry Cordial that my dad loves. I love Mt. Dew! I get a 12-pack of regular and Code Red every week. Haven’t tried these yet though.

  2. I tried one of the new Mt. Dews today. The light blue one, Revolution? It has an interesting taste and aftertaste. Reminds me a bit of the blue Kool-Aid. Can’t see this one as a permanent fixture though.

  3. […] three test flavors of Mt Dew; Supernova, Revolution and Voltage. I mentioned them at the bottom of an article back in May.  Pepsi released the three flavors and promoted a contest where people would try all […]

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