New Mountain Dew flavor decided by the people; And the people, are wrong!


I’m sure everyone by now has tried the three test flavors of Mt Dew; Supernova, Revolution and Voltage. I mentioned them at the bottom of an article back in May.  Pepsi released the three flavors and promoted a contest where people would try all three flavors and then vote for their favorite. Each flavor was designed based on people logging into the Dewmocracy website, playing a game, and deciding what types of flavor extensions they would like to see. After testing the flavors, the people would log back into and vote for their favorite.  Well the flavor battle was waged and it was a tough battle indeed.  Since the people would decide the outcome, propaganda and campaign posters and images promoting certain flavors were put up everywhere.

I don’t remember seeing any commercials but images like the posters above were all over the internets.  I myself tried them several months ago and found Supernova was my favorite.  Voltage wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great (but the name Voltage was my favorite).  So Pepsi tallied up the votes and a winner has been decided.  If you haven’t tasted any of the three test flavors, you better get out there and buy some because the two losing flavors are going to be disappearing in the next few weeks.  I myself bought some more of the losing flavors earlier this week because I new they’d be leaving shelves soon.

Now, without further ado, Pepsi announced this week that the winner of the Dewmocracy Challenge was…

Mountain Dew Voltage.  My initial reaction is mixed, because my first tastings had, as I mentioned, Supernova as my favorite and Voltage as my least favorite.  I’m going to redo my initial tasting with the stock of Mt Dews I just purchased to see if I can get a different second opinion.

After the Mt Dew announcement this week, I ran to the gas station and picked up some bottles of Voltage, Supernova and Revolution to try my second taste test and noticed they had placed the three Dew flavors on clearance at 2/$2.00. While grabbing them, I also spotted the newest limited edition Pepsi flavor, Pepsi NFL Kickoff.  I had read about it several months ago and I’ve been looking for it ever since.  It finally showed up here in Jax after months of searching.

Pepsi NFL Kickoff is a promotion with the NFL (duh!) to promote the 2008-2009 football season.  The flavor is Pepsi with an extra “kick” of lemon.

Many people are saying this is just a re-branding of Pepsi Twist, however it’s not exactly the same. The lemon “kick” is less pronounced here than it was in original Pepsi Twist (at least, to me).  I had some extra cans of Diet Pepsi Twist that I could taste against it, and it wasn’t the same.  Close, but not the same.  I like it though (just like I enjoyed Pepsi Twist when it was available here in the States).

So, that’s your soda news for this Friday.  I gave you guys two articles this week because I missed last week due to serious iPhone engrossment.  Also, everyone has been asking how we are doing here in Jacksonville with Fay and all, and I thank everyone for their concern. We are doing okay. Both Steph and I are off today due to the storm closing our respective offices but the weather has mostly stopped in the last few hours. We were getting tons of rain and wind for a while, but it looks like the sun is trying to peak out from the clouds. So, the worst is passed.

Have a good weekend everyone.


20 Responses to “New Mountain Dew flavor decided by the people; And the people, are wrong!”

  1. I haven’t tried all of them but all three are available in 12 packs at my grocery store. Just trying to work up the nerve to buy a case of something I probably won’t want to drink once!

    My little brother was way ahead of Pepsi and them. He’s been putting lemons in his soda since he was a kid.

  2. Yeah, the whole lemon/lime in your soda must be a southern thing because I remember doing that growing up in Alabama. I still put slices of lime in my Diet Pepsi.

  3. I tried all three flavors of “New Dew” and clearly Supernova was the best. I agree that votes were likely more for the names than for the flavors.
    As for Pepsi, I still feel resentment in the supermarket soda aisle whenever I pass where Pepsi Twist should be placed. I’m really more of a Coke guy, but I loved the flavor of Pepsi Twist and miss it greatly. There is a large amount of Pepsi NFL Kickoff hoarding in my future.

  4. i have 2 other brothers. we all liked a different flavor so it was an equal split. i like revolutin the best but i agree the Voltage name was a better choice

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  6. I think that Supernova was by far the best. I will stick with the original now…. Bad choice in my book too…….

  7. They may have declared a winner but all 3 are still available in stores near me.

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  9. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  10. […] Back in 2008, Mountain Dew held a promotion called Dewmocracy.  People would visit the Dewmocracy website, play games, choose different flavors to be mixed into Mt Dew, and the hordes would then vote on the best sounding Mt Dew mix.  After the top three flavor combinations were tallied, logo and packaging designs were developed.  Then, all three sodas were revealed to the public in April 2008.  People bought the three sodas, tasted them, then went back to the Dewmocracy website to vote on their favorite. […]

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  12. What a breath of fresh air to take the edge off after a stressful day. Great writing that really gets the idea across. Cant thank you enough for sharing.

  13. Regarding lemon in Pepsi being a “Southern” thing, I think my first experience with lemons and limes on cola came here in Toronto, usually in fancier places. The bar at Playdium did it, and I’ve seen it here and there since, most recently at Boston Pizza.

    They basically just put a wedge on the rim of the glass, sort of like an iced tea.

  14. this is not right voltage isnt it lemon lime was the last flavor

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