Ye Olde Impetigo + Hill Valley Courthouse burns to the ground!!

AmbulanceWell, as many of you may have noticed I missed a blog entry last week. It’s rare when I don’t come up with something to post. However, I had some medical issues the last few weeks that culminated in me being laid up on the couch pretty much all last week. You may not care, but let me give you the Cliff’s Notes (or Pax’s Notes, if you will) of my last few weeks. Don’t worry, I’ll leave out the grosser details.

In case you didn’t know, I run for fun and exercise. I guess I got a cut one week and it became infected and I had to go on anti-biotics for 10 days. The infection came back and I guess it kept getting worse. I finally couldn’t take the pain anymore so I went to the doctor and they thought it was a fungus. So I go on an anti-fungus medicine for 5 days or so and my face turns purplish-red and swells up to gigantic proportions. One of my eyes almost swells shut. I looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka after eating the blueberry gum…except I was purple and red. It was ridiculous. So I go back to the doctor to have him look at my new deformities and apparently, I’m now allergic to anti-fungal medication. Nice. So the doctor refers me to a dermatologist before he does anything else, just to be sure. Great idea in order to avoid any more allergic mishaps, but now I have to go to another doctor.

So I go to the dermatologist, but unfortunately the only one the doctor could get me into on short notice was one in Ponta Vedra Beach which is about an hour away. Also, that area is the nice, rich and posh side of town. So I drive all the way over there, walk in and see exactly what I expected to see. Since this is a super nice doctor’s office there are like 4 receptionists and they are all Jolly RogerHOT. Here I am, oozing sores all over my body with a puffy, purplish Barney dinosaur-like face and I have to confront four young, hot ladies in order to check in. I felt like the Elephant Man or a leper. I wanted to scream “Don’t look at me….for I am ugly. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!” None of them really did more than give me pity looks so I sat down in the waiting room to fill out paperwork. After waiting like 40 minutes I finally get in and the doctors diagnose me with Impetigo. I’m like, “WTF is Impetigo?!” It sounds like something a pirate would’ve contracted back in the 1700s. “Aye, matey, me Impetigo is flaring up somethin’ fierce!” It sounds like something that would have been cured 100 years ago. This will be an interesting affliction to add to my collection. I had Gout last year. WTF?! Gout also sounds like some Old World affliction we cured centuries ago. What is it about me that attracts old-fashioned sounding afflictions? What’s next…rickets? Scurvy?

To make a long story short (too late) they prescribe antibiotic pills and creme and something to help me sleep at night because I haven’t been able to do that comfortably for the last week. I’m slowly healing now. The sores are going away and I’m sleeping better. I’ll be glad to be able to get back into the groove of running/swimming when the sores are more healed. I’m just glad this whole ordeal seems to be over. Thank you to all of you who expressed their concerns last week (those I actually told about this, I kept it quiet for a bit).

And that’s the long and short of why I didn’t post last week. I should be back on schedule moving forward.

Now on to some similarly sad news. There was a huge fire on the backlot of Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA on Sunday. It managed to destroy many sets including the famous Hill Valley Courthouse from the Back to the Future series.

Universal Studios fireAs many of you know, the Back to the Future movies are some of my favorite movies of all time (check out my homage at the top of this blog). I loved all of them, including the sequels, the Ride and the cartoon. I actually went on the Universal Studios Hollywood back lot tour twice when I was on project in Los Angeles back in 2000. However, neither time I went on the back lot tour did I get to see the Hill Valley Courthouse. Both times there was filming going on that prevented the tram from going over there. I had to glance at it from afar with one of those telescopes that costs a few quarters. I was extremely disappointed because that was really the only thing on the back lot I wanted to see. Universal will probably rebuild it exactly the same, but I don’t know the next time I’ll actually visit Universal Studios Hollywood, as now that I live in Jacksonville, FL, I can go to Universal Studios Orlando whenever I want.

Very, very sad loss of an important piece of movie history.

This is just salt in the wound after Universal closed down Back to the Future the Ride to replace it with The Simpsons Ride.

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6 Responses to “Ye Olde Impetigo + Hill Valley Courthouse burns to the ground!!”

  1. Poor you! Hope you feel better soon. I heard about the Universal Studio burning down and thought it was just a soke at first. So sad.

  2. Thanks, Jen. I’m feeling much better this week as I’m on Day 6 of my anti-biotics.

  3. The Courthouse still stands! check out the photo at
    (text is in German, but the picture speaks volumes…)

  4. Indeed it does! Thanks for the heads up!! Man, that was a devastating fire. Lots of damage around that area.

  5. Hello, sorry I don’t really know you but I came across your website. I had impetigo too once, luckily the doctor’s knew what it was early on. I also had the same back to the future experience as you on the Universal back lot, the first time they wouldn’t let us down there because of filming, then the second time they did but the set had been changed temporarily, they had taken the clock down.
    Is this really true about the Simpson’s ride? That’s horrible.

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