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Ye Olde Impetigo + Hill Valley Courthouse burns to the ground!!

Posted in Back to the Future, personal, sickness, Universal Studios with tags , , on June 2, 2008 by Paxton

AmbulanceWell, as many of you may have noticed I missed a blog entry last week. It’s rare when I don’t come up with something to post. However, I had some medical issues the last few weeks that culminated in me being laid up on the couch pretty much all last week. You may not care, but let me give you the Cliff’s Notes (or Pax’s Notes, if you will) of my last few weeks. Don’t worry, I’ll leave out the grosser details.

In case you didn’t know, I run for fun and exercise. I guess I got a cut one week and it became infected and I had to go on anti-biotics for 10 days. The infection came back and I guess it kept getting worse. I finally couldn’t take the pain anymore so I went to the doctor and they thought it was a fungus. So I go on an anti-fungus medicine for 5 days or so and my face turns purplish-red and swells up to gigantic proportions. One of my eyes almost swells shut. I looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka after eating the blueberry gum…except I was purple and red. It was ridiculous. So I go back to the doctor to have him look at my new deformities and apparently, I’m now allergic to anti-fungal medication. Nice. So the doctor refers me to a dermatologist before he does anything else, just to be sure. Great idea in order to avoid any more allergic mishaps, but now I have to go to another doctor.

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