My Blogiversary: 4 Years of being AWESOME…

I started what became this blog back on March 10, 2006, four years ago today.  It all started with a nondescript article about Windows Vista.  Actually, I posted like four articles that day.  I don’t know what the hell got into me there.  And two of them were about Microsoft Vista.

As you can see from the picture above, my blog originally started out on Google’s Blogger platform.  I was still finding my feet over there as my articles were all over the map and even less focused than they are now (if you can believe that).  I made the move over to WordPress on Jan 18, 2007 with an article about the return of Jack Bauer on Season 6 of 24; Jack Is Back.  The very first name of this blog over on Blogger was Pax’s Technotainment Blog as I was going to talk about movies, books and technology.  It eventually evolved into What I’m Thinking for a few years and then, in May 2008, I changed the blog’s title to the now infamous, Cavalcade of Awesome.  Along with the move to WordPress and the name change, I also registered my own URL,  I still need to nail down

It’s been a fun four years.  I still enjoy writing and posting articles.  I’m not doing four articles a day like that first day, but I think the quality has increased.  I’ve also met several bloggers along the way that I’ve come to know and enjoy.  People like Shawn Robare over at Branded in the 80s, Jen at The Movieholic & Bibliophile’s Blog, Trish at Trish’s Book Reading Nook and Naida at the bookworm.  These people are not only entertaining bloggers themselves, they have enough badassery (totally made that up) to keep coming back to my blog and subject themselves to my particular brand of awesome.  Got to love them for that.

Anyway, I hope everyone here has enjoyed the last four years as I plan on continuing this little ride for the time being.  Stay tuned for my continuing Cavalcade of Awesome.


9 Responses to “My Blogiversary: 4 Years of being AWESOME…”

  1. mr. sleepyhead Says:

    wow! This ie really inspiring! Blogging for four years? You are really awesome! I admire this.. I have been blogging for like 5 months and I hope I can stay longer just like you..=] I wish I can have my own domain too. =]

    DeejGeek of

  2. Happy blogiversary Mr. Paxton. You are the epitome of awesome and Cavaclade of Awesome is the awesomest name ever.

    And thanks for the shoutout–I’ve got a huge smile on my face and love that you used the word badassery. LOL! Not sure how you stumbled upon my reading nook but I’m glad you did–and I’ve received lots of compliments on your behalf over the button you made for the non-fiction five challenge.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around much commenting lately and we must have an awesome connection because I just happened to pop over here randomly via my Google Reader (which I’ve been ignoring like hell these past few months). So in short–here’s to many more awesome years.



  3. happy blogversary paxton! wow four years of awesomeness.
    and thanks for the shout out! I always enjoy visiting 🙂

  4. You rule, Paxtoninus!

  5. Aw thanks! Sorry I’ve been away so long! I’ll have to steal “badassery” one day…

  6. It’s a touch late, but congrats on four years! May the awesome continue!

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