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Girding my loins for Twilight 4. It’s coming…

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Harlequin Twilight

The Twilight series and I have a…complicated history. I think of us as adversaries, coldly staring at each other over the battlefield of pop culture.  We’ve each taken (and given) our wounds, but we rise up to fight again.  And again.

And again.

I first tried to stop the EMO-ification of badass vampires in the first Twilight movie here.

Not content with completely ruining vampires, Twilight: New Moon set it’s sights on raping awesome werewolves.  See that here.

Twilight: Eclipse at least promised a vampire vs werewolf war, but instead ripped off our sack and stomped it into the pavement.  You can read that loveliness here.

Now, the long road is coming to an end.  There is only one more book left in the saga.  And to make it last as long as f**king possible, Summit Films is splitting the last book into TWO movies (a la Harry Potter).

And we finally have an official trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have until November 18 to prepare for battle.

I think I just TRON’d in my shorts

Posted in movies, Tron with tags , , on March 9, 2010 by Paxton

Tron book

The new trailer for the TRON sequel (TRON: Legacy) was released before Alice in Wonderland this past weekend which almost had me go see Alice just to see the trailer.  Back in 1998 I actually bought a ticket to the Rugrats movie just to see the Star Wars Phantom Menace trailer (which was twice as good as the actual movie) and then promptly walked the hell out.  And I almost did it again.

But I’m glad I didn’t because today, the trailer is popping up all over the internet and it’s every bit as f***ing awesome as you want it to be.  Neon piping, discs, light cycles and JEFF BRIDGES.

You can see the trailer from its source on this website where it originally popped up. You can also download it from that site.

Someone downloaded it from the site and then posted it to YouTube. Thank you to whomever did that.

Now prepare yourself because this trailer is going to have wild, angry, monkey sex with your eyeballs and then not call them in the morning.

If this movie does nothing else but lead to an awesome modernization of the Discs of TRON video game, prepare for me to spontaneously erupt into a cacophony of creaming geek orgasms.

Discs of Tron

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