Welcome to all of my new readers — Some reading suggestions

My Time Magazine cover

Well, my last article, 17 things I learned about life from watching movies and TV hit WordPress.com’s front page over the weekend and exploded like an atom bomb onto the Internet. They probably felt the aftershocks all the way on Mars. I’ve had one other article make the WordPress front page, it was my look at 5 Hilariously Inappropriate Star Wars Items, but it didn’t cause near as much traffic as this past weekend.  I didn’t even get as much traffic when TIME MAGAZINE linked to one of my McDonald’s articles (yes, that actually happened…click the link).

As a matter of fact, I think the article is still on WordPress’s front page. Thank you to all the new readers for your awesome, awesome comments. I have nearly 4 years of blog articles in my Archives of Awesome (see to the right) for you to dig into, so get a move on, read some more awesome stuff. I am currently working on this week’s articles.

Just to let everyone know how things usually work around here, I put up roughly two articles a week, more if the mood strikes me. I talk a lot about pop culture entertainment; movies, TV, soda and fast food (Just to name a few).  Check the side bar for “Things I write about” to see a subject tag that may interest you.

The majority of the stuff I’ve written has been on this blog, but I’ve also had articles published on Monkey Goggles and I’m a member of the not very exclusive Cracked.com comedy writer staff (but have yet to get anything passed the editors for publication).

Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys a little primer on the stuff I write here on the Cavalcade.  Here are some suggestions for your reading pleasure.

Windows 7 Whopper
I love fast food and fast food advertising.  Check out these popular fast food articles:
The Golden Archives: McDonald’s Sandwich Hall of Fame
What our favorite fast food joints looked like back in the day Part I
Double Meat Beast Whopper: 6 Completely Insane Fast Food Menu Items

I also love soda. I have several articles looking at the history of soda in popular culture:
Misunderstood: The Saga of New Coke Part I
Pepsi Patio: The Little Known Origin of Diet Pepsi
I unsuccessfully attempt to taste and review 4 alcoholic energy sodas without getting completely hammered

For some more of my straight humor articles check out my look at 8 absolutely horrible DVD covers that you can find on store shelves or my rage against people who don’t know how to order food from a Subway menu.

Shark v Ninja
Every year on Dec 5 this blog celebrates Ninja Day and those Ninja Day articles are pretty popular (click the Ninja Day link to see all of these articles).  Check out Ninja Day 2009: Things that make a bad ass ninja…well, BAD ASS or Ninja Day 2008: What it’s like to be a bad ass ninja.

Some other popular articles:

7 Time Machines that Would Suck if they existed in the Real World
The Grocery Aisle of Long Forgotten Breakfast Cereals Part I

So click around my archives, check out some of the good stuff I have written. I’ll have some new articles for you this week.


One Response to “Welcome to all of my new readers — Some reading suggestions”

  1. Ninjas have their own day? Awesome! Kind of like Talk like a Pirate Day. Arrrrrrrrgh. Anyway, kudos on the wordpress/web love.

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