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9 Loves and Hates from the Sounds of the Season digital music channel (2011)

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So, Steph and I listen to the Sounds of the Season digital music channel during the month of December.  Actually, we start listening to it right after Thanksgiving.  So, after over a month of listening to the channel, you hear certain songs over and over again that you hate.  And there are some songs you start out hating that you wind up enjoying. If you read my article, Festival of the Tree, you’ll see not only the argument that Steph and I have every year about stringing the tree with lights, but that Feliz Navidad was my most hated song of the year because they played it until my ears bled.

So, listening to the digital music channel this year to decorate the house, here is a new batch of songs that I’ve grown to hate…and grown to love, but feel ashamed because I love them.

The Angel in the Christmas Play – I hate this song.  Like literally HATE it.  Most of the songs on the digital channel that are sung by kids, I hate.  This is one of them.  It’s supposed to be cute.  But it’s not.  It’s horrific.

Nuttin’ For Christmas – Another horrifically terrible song sung by a precocious scamp (who needs to be hit with a shovel). These are so awful I actually want to punch something when they come on.  That’s how bad these songs are.  They make me violent.

My Birthday Comes on Christmas – Head explodes into white hot rage.

Dominic the Donkey – Okay, this song is awful. I do hate it. However, I started singing it to PJ when it came on and we both started enjoying it. So I have a love/hate relationship with this song. I know it’s terrible, but it gets stuck in my head and I like it.  And I hate myself for it.  Yes, this song makes me ashamed of myself.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 11: A Klingon Christmas Carol

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Episode 11 of the Nerd Lunch podcast has entered the Hall of Heroes. This week we are joined by Jen Usellis Mackay, a cast member of the Klingon Christmas Carol theater production currently running in Chicago. It’s essentially a reworking of Dickens’ classic but making it more Klingon-y (and AWESOME). Oh yeah, it’s also spoken entirely in Klingon.


We spend the first part of the podcast talking with Jen about performing the show entirely in Klingon. We learn a bit about the preparations for learning the language and she gives us a little lesson. We then talk about all our favorite Klingon things like characters, weapons, Star Trek episodes, etc. It’s a Klingon good time. So check it out.

Download it from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.

And we also finally made it onto the Zune Marketplace (Glory to Kahless!).

Merry Christmas from the Cavalcade of Awesome!

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Santa vs Easter BunnyPainting via Todd Schorr

Hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday. I’m back in Alabama celebrating with my wife’s family.  I may return next week, I may not.  We’ll see how things go.

Until I return, I wish you and yours the best and I’ll leave you with the most mind-bendingly awesome Indian Christmas carol I’ve ever seen.

Happy Holidays,

Paxton Holley
Cavalcade of Awesome

Christmas Reading List 2009 book reviews

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Badass Book Report

Each year, around November, I create a reading list of Christmas books that I want to read for the coming Christmas season.  I like having holiday themed books to read during the actual holiday.  Last year I read five or six books for Christmas. A good amount of books in a month for me, but I planned a little bit more ahead that year, plus several of the stories were very short.  This year, I had so much other stuff to read, I couldn’t match last year’s output.  It’s also getting tougher to find good holiday themed books because the majority of Christmas themed mysteries are geared more towards middle aged women.  They have a woman sleuth (which I don’t mind) and many times offer recipes for cookies and cakes with the story (which I do mind).  I even found one Christmas mystery murder book that had an all female construction crew as the focus of the story.  AN ALL FEMALE CONSTRUCTION CREW.  Needless to say, this is not something I personally want to read.  So I continue to Google endless variations of  “Best Christmas mysteries” to come up with my holiday reading list.

So, after much searching, I was able to track down three holiday books this year that I found interesting and I offer you my reviews.

Adv of Blue Carbuncle

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (A Sherlock Holmes Mystery) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – One of Doyle’s short stories featuring the titular detective.  This particular mystery takes place right around Christmas day.  One of Holmes’ acquaintances discovers a priceless blue gem in the crop of a Christmas goose.  Holmes must first discover what the mysterious blue gem is and then detect how it came to be in the neck of the goose.  This story is short, but it’s one of Doyle’s best Holmes stories.  I had forgotten that I read it back in high school.  The opening scene between Homes and Watson has always stuck with me;  Holmes studies a discarded hat, and from this hat, he rattles off a laundry list of deductions about the hat owner.  It’s pretty cool and when I think Sherlock Holmes, I think of this scene.  Holmes follows his deductions backwards and with a bit of luck, discovers the mystery of the gem.  Much like Agatha Christie’s A Christmas Tragedy (which I read last year), this story has a very tenuous connection to Christmas, but this story works so much better than Christie’s short story.   I’ve loved Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories since high school and I’m very happy to see they are still solid reads, unlike the aforementioned Agatha Christie (whose work is less interesting now that I’m older).  I highly recommend not only this story, but much of Doyle’s Holmes stories (however, beware of Sherlock Holmes stories written by other authors as the quality is highly uneven).

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Death and Bacon: Cavalcade of Awesome’s 2009 Xmas List

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I’ve had several people ask me what’s on my Christmas list this year. What do I think is awesome enough to own for Christmas 2009.  So, in answer, I decided to show you guys what I’m asking for this year.

You guys know me by now.  If it’s not awesome, I don’t want it.  Here are a bunch of awesome (and possibly deadly) things I want for Christmas this year.

A set of sweet nunchucks.  I ruined my other pair of nunchucks earlier this year fighting off a pack of lions that were attacking an orphanage.  So I need new ones in case more orphanages are attacked by jungle cats.  It happens more often than you’d think.

ninja stars
Deadly shuriken, or Ninja Stars.  Ninja Stars come in handy in many different situations.  You can stick notes to the wall (see picture) or fatally puncture a victim in the head or heart.  Truly versatile instruments of death.

BTTF delorean
I really want a time machine.  It doesn’t have to be a Delorean like in Back to the Future (although that would be AWESOME).  It can be a Ferrari or Lamborghini or Audi.  I’m not picky.  But it must travel through time (backwards and forwards).  If it can only travel one way, then it’s pretty much useless, am I right?  Where would I go?  Lots of places, I’d check out Star Wars on opening day in 1977 (and buy up a bunch of vintage figs off the shelf).  I’d go back and kick my own ass for wearing parachute pants (to school, nonetheless).  I’d also go back and tell my dad to invest in Microsoft and Google and convince teenage Kanye West to be an accountant instead of a rapper.  Nothing big.  I’m really crossing my fingers for this one.

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