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A Review of the 1973 TV Guide Fall Preview Issue

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TV Guide Fall Preview reviews

Welcome to the second installment of my TV Guide Fall Preview reviews.  This is a feature that I sort of “borrowed” from my good friend Shawn Robare over at Branded in the 80s.  He covered mostly the issues from the 1980s, I’ll start taking a look at issues from the 70s as well as the 90s.

I previously reviewed the 1974 Fall Preview issue for my birthday last year. I love looking back at these old Fall Preview issues to see the debut of popular shows when they were brand new as well as see well known actors in TV shows that have long since been swallowed up by time.  These issues also provide great full page ads for some of the new shows as well as some great vintage ads for products that haven’t been seen in years.

So, let’s dive right into this installment with the Fall Preview issue from 1 year before the previous installment.  This article is going to run long.  There’s just so much information and ads to show you, so prepare for a ton of information to come your way.  Starting now:

Here is the cover to the 1973 TV Guide Fall Preview issue.

1973 TV Guide Fall Preview

There are several very popular shows that debuted this year.

Like last time, I’ll divide this article into three parts.  In the first part I’ll look at all the new shows that are debuting in 1973.  Following that I’ll look at full page ads for TV shows and movies and at the end I’ll show you some awesome vintage advertising from this issue.  It should be lots of fun.

So, let’s begin by taking a look at all the brand new shows for the 1973 TV season (which, technically, began in Sep 1972).

Bob Newhart The Waltons
The Bob Newhart Show (left) first debuted during the 1973 fall season.  This is a great show and one of my favorites. The Bob Newhart Show would become immensely popular following The Mary Tyler Moore Show for its first three seasons. The show would eventually last 6 seasons and air its final episode on April Fool’s Day, 1978.

Another very popular show, The Waltons (right), would debut this season as well.  Again, this show would become extremely popular and last for nine seasons before bowing out in 1981.  I remember this show but never really liked it.  I thought it was boring as balls.

MASH Anna and the King
The TV show M*A*S*H (left) was based on the 1970 Robert Altman movie.  M*A*S*H would become a ratings phenomenon and go on 8 seasons before airing its final episode in Feb 1983.  That final episode garnered the highest ratings of any single episode of a TV show then or since.

Yul Brenner was probably most closely associated with the role of the King of Siam from the stage and movie musical versions of The King and I than any other of his roles.  He toured in the traveling stage production until just before his death.  The non-musical television adaptation, Anna and the King (right), was an attempt to repeat that success.  It didn’t work and the show was cancelled after 13 episodes.

The Men NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie
The Men (left) was an umbrella title for three separate TV shows made by three different studios. It was a spinoff of the weekly NBC Mystery Movie.  Each installment of the anthology series would rotate and air every third week.  The first series in the rotation was called Assignment Vienna and starred Robert Conrad as Jake Webster, an American agent in Austria posing as a bar owner. He’s real job, though, was tracking down spies and criminals for the US government.  The second series was called Jigsaw and featured a Police Detective that disliked proper police procedure and protocol but was effective in “piecing together” crimes like a puzzle.  The final series was called The Delphi Bureau and starred Laurence Luckinbill (Sybok from Star Trek V).  Luckinbill starred as an American agent with a photographic memory who works for an obscure anti-espionage department in the US government.   That last one actually sounds like a show that would air today (See The Mentalist, White Collar, Suits, etc).

The NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie (right) began its life the previous season as just The NBC Mystery Movie. It’s where the TV show Columbo got its start. After its success, the group was moved to Sunday and The NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie was born with three more shows.  Those shows were Banacek, starring Hannibal Smith himself (George Peppard) as a Polish-American insurance investigator (?) in Boston.  Cool Million featured a security/retrieval expert whose fee was $1 million per job.  Madigan, the third show, featured Richard Widmark reprising his role from a 1968 movie he had made about an NYPD detective.  This particular incarnation of the NBC Mystery Movie would only last a season.  Both Madigan and Cool Million would be canceled by the end of the season to be replaced by three more detective shows.

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A Review of the 1974 TV Guide Fall Preview issue

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TV Guide Fall Preview reviews Today is my birthday and I wanted to do something on my birthday for the blog.  I had this idea that I wanted to review something from the year I was born. I thought about it and remembered that I absolutely LOVE Shawn Robare’s 80s TV Guide Fall Preview reviews. It’s a great series and really fun to read. And he covers nearly all of the 80s Fall Preview issues. So, I thought it would be fun to review the TV Guide Fall Preview issue from the year I was born; 1974.

So, yes, I’m totally stealing this topic from Shawn.  But before you go running to Branded in the 80s and narc-ing on me, I showed up at the Branded offices “Godfather-style” and asked permission to use the idea.  Shawn granted me his permission, so we are all square and legal in that respect.   That and my next child will be a masculine child (Shawn deemed it so).

My plan is that this will be an ongoing feature.  I plan to look at a bunch of the 70s Fall Preview issues as well as some of the 90s.  However, this will be an irregular, ongoing feature as it takes time to scan the issues and I have the Oz books read through I’m in the middle of and I’m also gearing up for a Bionic Review feature that will review the Six Million Dollar Man franchise.   So, I’ll squeeze this in as I have time.

Anyway, today, on the day of my birth, I am going to take a look at the 1974 TV Guide Fall Preview issue.

1974 TV Guide Fall Preview issue cover Honestly, I have to say, right off the bat, that is one boring ass cover. WTF, TV Guide?! You couldn’t spruce this up with a ninja or robotic dinosaur? I get a dead tree. Thanks. Happy birthday to me.

So let’s move on from that horrible cover and take a look at the contents of this issue.  I’m going to group these scans into three sections.  First I’ll look at the Fall premier section and talk about all the new shows for the 1974-1975 season.  Next I’ll look at a few house ads for existing and new shows.  Lastly I’ll show you some of the more awesome vintage product advertising.  It should be fun, so let’s get this TV Guide party started.

You can click any of the below images to see them BIGGER.

New Fall TV Show Previews

Friends & Lovers/Nakia
First, on the left, we have the preview for Friends and Lovers starring Paul Sand as well as Penny Marshall. The show was actually ranked 25th but was pulled later in the year and replaced by The Jeffersons in January 1975. On the right we have the show Nakia starring Robert Forster as a Navajo deputy sheriff in New Mexico. It also would be cancelled before the end of the year.

The New Land Sonny Comedy Revue
TV Guide describes the show on the left, The New Land, as a “Swedish Waltons” as if that will lure viewers to watch the show in droves. It does star a very young Kurt Russell, an impossibly young Bonnie Bedelia and Todd Lookinland, the brother of Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady).  On the right is The Sonny Comedy Revue, which is the evolution of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Cher and Sonny separated and each started their own variety shows in 1974-1975. However, both of those shows would cease when they decided to start performing together again in late 1975 on the new Sonny & Cher Show.

Born Free/Rhoda
The TV show Born Free was based on a 1966 movie. It starred Gary Collins about a couple who live in Kenya raising a lioness and protecting the local animal population from danger. It was cancelled before the end of the year.
However, the show Rhoda, which was a spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, starred Valerie Harper as her character from the previous show who moved back to New York from Minneapolis. It would air for 5 seasons and beat it’s parent show in the ratings.

Petrocelli/Get Christie Love!
On the left, Petrocelli began life as a movie called The Lawyer starring Barry Newman. Newman would reprise his role as a Harvard educated, enthusiastic lawyer who moves out of the hustle and bustle of the city to the American Southwest. The show would last for 2 seasons.
Like Petrocelli, Get Christie Love! began as a film, only not a feature but a made-for-TV film. It starred Teresa Graves who was one of the regular performers on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. The TV movie became very popular and spawned this TV show. Unfortunately, budget concerns and rewrites due to Graves becoming Jehovah’s Witness and refusing to do anything too racy would kill the show after 21 episodes.

Little House 1 Little House 2
On the left is the preview page for Little House on the Prairie. Little House would become an extremely popular show and run for 9 seasons. Little House would run on Monday nights for it’s first two seasons then move to Friday nights for the last seven seasons. It starred Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. It’s strange seeing this early picture of the cast as I am currently watching Melissa Gilbert on Dancing with the Stars and she’s like a cougar now. Weird. Anyway, on the right is one of TV Guide’s house ads for the premier of Little House on NBC.

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LOST returns to ABC

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Lost cast 3Back in September, I published the 2007 fall tv schedule premiers so you would know when your favorite TV show was returning from Summer hiatus. At that time, there was no premier date for Lost’s Season 4 (and I got several inquiries about it, too). Well, after much wondering and waiting, Lost will return to the airwaves tonight. ABC is going to broadcast the two hour Season 3 finale, “Through the Looking Glass” tonight at 9pm EST.

Not only are they rebroadcasting last season’s phenomenal final episode (with the mind bending, jaw dropping twist ending), it’s going to be an “enhanced” version of the episode. What do I mean by “enhanced”? Well, do you remember VH1’s cheesy show Pop Up Video? That’s similar to what is going to happen tonight. The lower one-third of the screen will feature facts, back story and insights into the episode and the series as a whole. No need to run to your nearest Blockbuster to rent Disc 6 of Lost Season 3, you can just watch tonight’s rebroadcast and get completely caught up, and maybe get extra insights into what’s going on with the series as a whole.

Tomorrow, ABC will air a recap episode, at 8pm EST. ABC has done these recap episodes before. They are usually aired before the season premier and/or after the show would come back from an extended hiatus. It seems weird to me that ABC would even have a recap episode after a 2 hour “enhanced” version of the Season 3 finale. I guess if you miss tonight’s broadcast, you can sit through the recap episode to catch up. I’ll probably skip the recap tomorrow night because I’ll be glued to the set for tonight’s Season 3 finale.

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2007-2008 Fall Premier Schedule

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NBC DVDWell, the new fall season is upon us. All the summer shows are ending (Closer, Dead Zone, Psych, etc) and all of our favorite fall shows are getting ready to begin again (and new shows getting ready to vie for our attentions). I posted last seasons premier dates at the end of August and they seemed fairly popular so I’m going to do it again. I would have done it before now, but I hadn’t seen a comprehensive listing of dates on any one site. I also was waiting for a definitive start date for Lost Season 4. While there is still no definitive start date for Lost, TVSquad finally came through with a list of premier dates. Below you will find this listing. The brand new shows are in all CAPS and I’ve put the shows I plan on watching in bold. If it’s not in bold, it’s CRAP (j/k, but seriously…it is).

Before we get to that however, I watched 2 of the below premiers. Blockbuster is offering a free rental of an NBC DVD that gives early access to the season premiers of Chuck, Journeyman and Life. NBC did the same thing last year with the premiers of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped. It must have been successful (even though both those shows were cancelled) that they decided to do it again. Well, I got this DVD the other day and I watched Chuck and Journeyman, the two shows I was really looking forward to. Both are really good. Chuck is about a shy, nerdy guy named Chuck who works for the Nerd Herd at a local retail electronics store. He inadvertently opens an email from his former college roommate and has all of the NSA and CIA secrets embedded into his mind. This causes him to have memories triggered at odd times. An extremely attractive CIA agent joins up with him to use his memories and get them under control. Very funny show that has me interested in seeing where it may go. The other show, Journeyman, is about a guy who starts spontaneously jumping through time. He discovers it’s not random jumping and that he’s following a specific timeline to possibly help specific people. Reminds me somewhat of Quantum Leap. The lead male is likable and the show has a very interesting concept, including a few surprises dropped in during the premier. I’ll definitely be checking both of these shows out come their premier dates.

UPDATE!! 9/14 – I was able to watch the full Bionic Woman pilot last night. Comcast is offering it for free on their High Def On Demand channel. I was really looking forward to this, and it was good, but some of the scripting was a bit contrived. Good action and it’s interesting enough for me to give it another chance, but it’s on a week to week basis. If it doesn’t get any better, there are too many other shows I want to see for me not to expel this from my viewing schedule.


September 6th * Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (FOX)

September 9th * Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

September 8th * Cops (FOX)
* America’s Most Wanted (FOX)

September 11th * The Biggest Loser (NBC)

September 14th * NASHVILLE (FOX)

September 15th * MADtv (FOX)
* Talkshow with Spike Feresten (FOX)

September 17th * Deal or no Deal (NBC)
* Prison Break (FOX)

September 18th * Beauty and the Geek (CW) — Two hour premiere

September 19th * KID NATION (CBS)
* America’s Next Top Model (CW)
* Til’ Death (FOX)

September 20th * Survivor:China (CBS)

September 21st * Friday Night Smackdown (CW)

September 23rd * 60 Minutes (CBS)
* Cold Case (CBS)
* Shark (CBS) — New time slot
* The Simpsons (FOX)
* King of the Hill (FOX)
* Family Guy (FOX)

September 24th * Dancing With the Stars (ABC) – 90 minute premiere
* The Bachelor (ABC) – 90 minute premiere
* How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
* Two and a Half Men (CBS)
* Rules of Engagement (CBS)
* CSI:Miami (CBS)
* Heroes (NBC)

September 25th * Dancing With the Stars (ABC) — Perforance show
* Boston Legal (ABC) — 90-minute premiere
* The Unit (CBS)
* Bones (FOX) — New Time
* House (FOX) — With five new cast members!
* REAPER (CW) — Written/directed by Kevin Smith
* The Singing Bee (NBC)
* Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

September 26th * Dancing With the Stars (ABC) — first results show at ‘special’ day and time
* Criminal Minds (CBS)
* Deal or no Deal (NBC)
* Ghost Hunters (SciFi)

September 27th * Ugly Betty (ABC)
* Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
* Without a Trace (CBS)
* Smallville (CW)
* My Name is Earl (NBC)
* The Office (NBC) — One hour season premiere, and hour episodes for about a month
* ER (NBC)

September 28th * Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
* Numb3rs (CBS)
* Deal or no Deal (NBC)
* Las Vegas (NBC) — Two hour season premiere; No more James Caan
* Stargate: Atlantis (SciFi)

September 29th * 48 Hours Mysteries (CBS)

September 30th * Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
* Desperate Housewives (ABC)
* Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
* American Dad (FOX)

October 1st * Everybody Hates Chris (CW)
* Girlfriends (CW)
* The Game (CW)

October 2nd * CAVEMEN (ABC)
* Dancing With the Stars Results Show (ABC) — Regular time-slot premiere


October 4th * Supernatural (CW)
* 30 Rock (NBC)

October 5th * Friday Night Lights (NBC) — New time slot

October 7th * America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) — Shouldn’t the show be called America’s Funnites Home DVDs to stay with the times?

October 12th * 20/20 (ABC) — New time slot
* Men In Trees (ABC) — New time slot

October 15th * Samantha Who? (ABC)

October 18th * VIVA LAUGHLIN (CBS) — Series preview

October 21st * VIVA LAUGHLIN (CBS) — Time slot premiere

October 25th * Scrubs (NBC) — One hour Office shows dominate the schedule through October; hence, the reason for this late season premiere.

November 27th * CASHMERE MAFIA (ABC) — Premieres after Dancing With the Stars finale

December 4th * CASHMERE MAFIA (ABC) — Regular time slot premiere

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2006-2007 Television Schedule

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Hard to believe, but Friday is officially September. It’s usually about this time that television whores like myself start thinking about premiers for the new fall season. The meager (but still good) summer schedule is coming to an end; Psych ended last Friday, Dead Zone ended on Sunday and Closer ends on Monday. The end of the summer season harks the arrival/return of all of our favorite fall shows.

Don’t worry, faithful reader, I have culled the Internet looking for all the season premiers that are of interest to you and will let you know when your favorite show returns. The list is below and is sorted by start date. I’m not putting everything because I don’t care about half the crap that’s out there, but I’ll put the more popular choices. If you want to see the full list go here. Quick note, for me, the season starts tomorrow. Bones is scheduled to reappear Wednesday night. I can’t wait. Also, the MTV reality show Two-A-Days started last Wednesday. It features my high school alma mater and follows their football team around. I’m trying to watch that too.

Without further ado, here’s the season premiers for some of the most popular fall tv shows. I’ve highlighted the ones I’ll be watching (I may still tune in to a show I’ve not highlighted, but I won’t be watching it regularly).

Bones (Fox) Aug. 30
House (Fox) Sept. 4

Nip/Tuck (FX) Sept. 4
‘Til Death (Fox) Sept. 7
Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 10
Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 10
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) Sept. 12
Survivor (CBS) Sept. 14
Amazing Race (CBS) Sept. 17
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept. 18
Deal or No Deal (NBC) Sept. 18
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC) Sept. 18
Two and a Half Men (CBS) Sept. 18
Wife Swap (ABC) Sept. 18
Boston Legal (ABC) Sept. 19
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) Sept. 19
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) Sept. 19
NCIS (CBS) Sept. 19
America’s Next Top Model (CW) Sept. 20
Biggest Loser (NBC) Sept. 20
CSI: New York (CBS) Sept. 20
Kidnapped (NBC) Sept. 20
CSI (CBS) Sept. 21
ER (NBC) Sept. 21
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 21
My Name is Earl (NBC) Sept. 21
Office (NBC) Sept. 21
Shark (CBS) Sept. 21

Six Degrees (ABC) Sept. 21
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sept. 22
Law & Order (NBC) Sept. 22
Cold Case (CBS) Sept. 24
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 24
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 24
Without A Trace Sept. 24
Heroes (NBC) Sept. 25
Gilmore Girls (CW) Sept. 26
Smallville (CW) Sept. 28
Bachelor (ABC) Oct. 2
Friday Night Lights (NBC) Oct. 3
Veronica Mars (CW) Oct. 3
Lost (ABC) Oct. 4
Nine (ABC) Oct. 4
South Park (CC) Oct. 4
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Oct. 6
Trading Spouses (Fox) Oct. 6
Bridezillas (WE) Oct. 8
What About Brian (ABC) Oct. 9
I Pity The Fool! (TVLand) Oct. 11
30 Rock (NBC) Oct. 11
Las Vegas (NBC) Oct. 20
The OC (Fox) Nov. 2
Supernanny (ABC) Dec. 4
Rome (HBO) Jan. 7
24 (Fox) Jan. 7
American Idol (Fox) Jan. 16
Psych (USA) Jan. ??

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