LOST returns to ABC

Lost cast 3Back in September, I published the 2007 fall tv schedule premiers so you would know when your favorite TV show was returning from Summer hiatus. At that time, there was no premier date for Lost’s Season 4 (and I got several inquiries about it, too). Well, after much wondering and waiting, Lost will return to the airwaves tonight. ABC is going to broadcast the two hour Season 3 finale, “Through the Looking Glass” tonight at 9pm EST.

Not only are they rebroadcasting last season’s phenomenal final episode (with the mind bending, jaw dropping twist ending), it’s going to be an “enhanced” version of the episode. What do I mean by “enhanced”? Well, do you remember VH1’s cheesy show Pop Up Video? That’s similar to what is going to happen tonight. The lower one-third of the screen will feature facts, back story and insights into the episode and the series as a whole. No need to run to your nearest Blockbuster to rent Disc 6 of Lost Season 3, you can just watch tonight’s rebroadcast and get completely caught up, and maybe get extra insights into what’s going on with the series as a whole.

Tomorrow, ABC will air a recap episode, at 8pm EST. ABC has done these recap episodes before. They are usually aired before the season premier and/or after the show would come back from an extended hiatus. It seems weird to me that ABC would even have a recap episode after a 2 hour “enhanced” version of the Season 3 finale. I guess if you miss tonight’s broadcast, you can sit through the recap episode to catch up. I’ll probably skip the recap tomorrow night because I’ll be glued to the set for tonight’s Season 3 finale.

Lost Season 4

Then, after the recap episode tomorrow, ABC is going to broadcast the Season 4 premier of Lost, “The Beginning of the End”, at 9pm EST. Check out the Season 4 poster above (click it for a bigger version). DocArzt’s Lost Blog released it a week or so ago. Lots of clues hidden in there. Notice the reflection of the cityscape in the water? What about the ghostly 6, also in the water? What do they mean? Some folks say the city is Tokyo and it represents that some of the castaways do make it off the island. The 6 also represents the possible number of the castaways that will make it to land. Can you see any more clues? I am so stoked I’m about to pee my pants right now…nevermind, I did just pee my pants. Crap.

Anyway, there were 8 episodes of Lost filmed before the strike. These episodes are going to be aired for the next two months. I hear episode 8 ends in a mini cliff hanger, so it may be somewhat frustrating (especially for my wife) to know that we aren’t going to see the conclusion until later this year or possibly next year. Regardless, I’m just happy to see some brand new, scripted goodness air on TV, you can only take so much reality TV before you start getting cabin fever and wanting to throw your shoe through the TV. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Biggest Loser and American Idol, but I really need some non-reality, scripted drama/comedies to keep me sane. So set your DVRs and get ready to tell all the other shows on Thursday to SUCK IT, cause LOST is back, baby!!


Well, I’m leaving you with pictures of Steph and my favorite characters from the show (click them for a bigger version). She’s absolutely in love with Sawyer and I find myself vexed by the lovely Kate (who isn’t, really). But, I’m finding that the gorgeous Juliet is running a close second.

Maybe I’ll be back to talk about what happened on Thursday night’s premier.

3 Responses to “LOST returns to ABC”

  1. Mike Lehman Says:

    Okay, I saw the 8-min “Lost recap. Got me interested enough to watch the first hours. Polar Bears? miracle cures? Why is Hurley still fat? You’ve seen what happens to those poor bastards on “Survivor” you’d think the constant peril would help him drop a few lbs. I am intriqued and have dvr’s the first episode.

    Jen and I saw “Rambo” and it was absolutely bursting with awesomeness. Even without the fact that I blew off work mid-day to have a date with my wife. Even without the fact that this is the first shoot-em-up, blow-em-up movie I have watched with her (voluntarily on her part) in 12 years. Body parts flying, bad guys dying in all sots of disgusting ways. Goody-two-shoes missionary doctors being forced to acknowledge that, while kindness may move mountains, a few well-placed arrows ain’t so shabby. Stallone is sooooo good. Fantastic companion piece to “Live Free and Die Hard” I wish there was an academy award for “Best One-Liner in an Action movie” This movie would have at least 2 nominations: “When you’re pushed, killin’s easy as breathin'” “Either die for somethin’ or live for nothin'”

    The cover of the book you are currently reading is a bit questionable, though. Looks like soft-core vampire-porn.

  2. Yes, Rambo was a swift kick in the balls. I loved every minute.

    As to your allegations that I am reading vampire-porn, my answer is an emphatic….yes it is.

  3. address here

    LOST returns to ABC | Cavalcade of Awesome

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