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Cavalcade Comics #3 – The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro

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Cavalcade Comics

It’s been a little while, but here we are, back again for issue #3 of my Vintage Comic Throwdowns comic book cover series. This week I pit two giants of classic literature together in the same adventure. I don’t think these two have ever met, but if they haven’t, they really should have.

This week, in Cavalcade Comics #3, feast your hungry eyeballs on The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro.

Cavalcade Comics #3

I love this matchup. And for those that are curious, the main comic book cover that made up this masterpiece was Marvel Classics #12 from 1976 (left).  It took me a while to find a pic of Zorro that totally fit what I was trying to do.  I finally got Zorro from the cover of Zorro: The Classic Adventures by Alex Toth Volume 2.

MC12 zorro02

The logos, clearly, came from elsewhere. I didn’t think the Marvel logo above looked classic enough.  The 3 Musketeers logo I used actually came from DC Special #22 which, awesomely enough, featured a 3 Musketeers/Robin Hood cover.  Which is interesting because that was my original idea.  Have the 3 Musketeers meet Robin Hood.  So, when I saw DC had several DC Specials with them on the cover, I decided to use Zorro instead.  As a footnote, I don’t think those 3 Musketeer/Robin Hood DC Special stories are crossovers, I think they are issues with separate stories for each character.  Essentially they’re reprinting old Golden Age stories from Robin Hood Tales and early Brave & the Bold issues that featured Robin Hood and pairing them with some new and old Musketeer stories.

I think the Zorro logo I used comes from the Dynamite Comics Zorro series.

So that’s issue #3 of Cavalcade Comics.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been on sort of an unscheduled hiatus lately due to real life kicking my ass.  I got things brewing, trust me, I just got to finish those things and get them posted.  Stay tuned.

Cavalcade Comics #1: Billy the Kid vs Dracula

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Cavalcade Comics

I love vintage comics. I especially love vintage comics covers circa the Golden and Silver Age. That era of comics had such a cool style and their covers were always bonkers.  Like crazy as balls.  And there were always such cool looking match ups on the covers of these comics.

So, I was playing around with Photoshop one day (creating the banner above) and I thought I’d start a new photo series where I play around with old comic covers and come up with awesome character meet ups that never happened. Stuff like gunfighters, monsters and movie characters that I thought should have meet up but never did.  I decided to call the series Vintage Comic Throwdowns.

So for my first issue, I went back in time to 2010.  For Billy the Kid Week that year I reviewed a little known piece of D-movie history called Billy the Kid vs Dracula.  I sorta fell in love with the idea of that movie so I created a poster and casted a modern version of that movie right here.  I even wrote a story about that concept.  So yeah, wet, sloppy love, me and that concept.

And that is what I thought should be the focus of the first issue of what I decided to call Cavalcade Comics.  So here is my comic book interpretation of Billy the Kid vs Dracula as it would have looked back in the 70s (during Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula era).

Cavalcade Comics 01

I know I personally would have snatched this right off the comics rack had I found it when I was a lad.  The idea of my Cavalcade Comics title is that it’s an anthology title similar to Action Comics or Detective Comics but doesn’t focus on one character.  It’s a revolving door of awesome characters as you will soon see.  Much like comics did back in the Golden Age.  I’ve mostly finished with the first few of these issues already.  You are going to see all types of characters showing up like Robin Hood, Frankenstein’s Monster, Godzilla, Wolf Man, Sherlock Holmes and possibly even James Bond.  It should be a lot of fun.

For those interested in some “behind the scenes” information on the above cover, I used Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula #26 for the main background image and then used Billy from Charlton’s Billy the Kid #10.  The “Billy” in the title logo came from issue #10 as well but “The Kid” came from a different issue.  I think it was issue #80.

tomb_of_dracula_26 Charlton Billy the Kid 10

So I hope you are as excited about this feature as I am. Expect Cavalcade Comics issues #2 soon!

Making 7 Literary Classics More AWESOME

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Bad Ass Book Report

I’m a reader. I love to read. And I sometimes enjoy reading classic literature. However, some of the old stuff is just flat out boring as balls.  I mean, have you actually read Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Frank Norris’ McTeague or anything by James Joyce?  Snoozeville.  Population…YOU.  I had to read those in high school and I needed to drink a case of Jolt Cola to get through just one chapter.

So, being the helpful guy that I am, I thought I’d take some boring classics you may have had to read in high school and college and make them better.  More AWESOME.  And easier to read.

So now, here are seven ways to make classic literature a lot more AWESOME. You are welcome, literature.

Don Corleone Quixote
Don Corleone Quixote – Old guard crime boss Don Corleone Quixote sets up shop in an old windmill with trusty right hand man Pancha.

Little Haunted House on the Prairie
Little Haunted House on the Prairie – A family is brutally murdered in their secluded old farm house.  Twenty years later, an unsuspecting couple purchases the old farm house looking for a serene retreat from their hectic lives only to find skin crawling terror and wheelbarrows of blood.

Grapes of Wrath of Khan
The Grapes of Wrath of Khan – The Joad family pick up a hitchhiker on their way to California.  Little do they know their new addition is a genetically enhanced super being from the future looking to overthrow and rule the human race.  Wackiness ensues.

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Billy the Kid Week 2010: I cast a Billy the Kid vs Dracula remake

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Billy the Kid Week

So, Billy the Kid Week was last week and I finished it up with a review of the movie Billy the Kid vs Dracula.  This was a movie that looked and sounded terrible, but had a concept that was so completely out of left field (and AWESOME) that I fell head over heels for it.  Unfortunately, the movie lived up to how bad it looked and I gave up an hour into the complete mess of a movie.  However the concept stuck with me and I decided I wanted someone to remake this movie today (or, better yet, in the 80s/90s).  How incredible would that have been?  Something like Young Guns but with a little Lost Boys mixed in?  FANTASTIC.

So, I started to cast my remake of this movie.  I decided I wanted Emilio Estevez as Billy (obviously).  Late 80s or early 90s Estevez would be ideal.  However, if we made it today, I like the idea of an older Billy clashing with the King of the Vampires, too.  Now, for Drac, I really want to say Bela Lugosi, however, Bela died WELL before the ’80s/’90s so I needed someone else that could make a good vampire lord.  After much thought I came up with Sam Neill.  He was a fantastic vampire in Daybreakers and I think he would make a great Dracula. Plus, if we made this movie in the late 80s early ’90s, Neill doesn’t look much different now than he did back then (see him in Hunt for Red October in 1990 or Jurassic Park in 1993).  So, here’s our two protagonists.

Emilio as Billy Sam Neill as Dracula

I am so in love with this movie right now.  I literally would take this movie, move to Connecticut and marry it in a commitment ceremony, then make sweet, sweet love with it on a bear skin rug next to a raging fire until the sun comes up.  That’s right, bear skin rug by the fire love making.  You know I’m seriously in love.  Anyway, I also wanted a female caught between these two guys.  I thought about Angelina Jolie, but she may be too tough and doesn’t really fit into this.  I wanted more of a sweet female character.  My first choice would probably be Gwyneth Paltrow.   The first thing I remember seeing her in was Se7en in 1995.  I loved her in that and I love her now.  That’s my first choice, so I’m going with that.  Besides, 1995 seems like a good year to make this movie now that I think about it.  Gwyneth would be 23 and fresh off Se7en.  Emilio would be a few years past the Young Guns movies and he didn’t appear in any movies in 1995 but appeared in D2: The Mighty Ducks in 1994 and a small role in Mission: Impossible in 1996.  Sam Neill would be two years after his role in Jurassic Park. So 1995 seems like a nice fit for this movie.  Now the poster.

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Little Women Fight Club: Ways to make classic literature more AWESOME

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Used BookstoreTo completely misquote Ron Burgundy, “I love books. Books-y, books, books. Here it goes down, down into my belly.” Okay, the last half of that mis-quote didn’t make any sense, but you get the point, I love to read. You can check the ever changing I Just Read and I Am Reading book sections on my blog’s sidebar (over there —>)to see what I’m currently enjoying and what I just finished enjoying. I thought about including what books I have “on deck” ready to be read in that sidebar, but really, it’s a crap shoot what gets picked up to be read next.  There’s no guarantee what I put there will, in fact, come next.

Anywho, sometimes I get on reading tangents where I want to knock out a few books that “the man” considers “classics”.  Stuff I never got to read while in school, or something I did read in school that I remember liking, but don’t remember a thing about it.  These are usually fun tangents and it’s allowed me to discover books like The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, which I never read in school, but is FANTASTIC (why the hell didn’t I read that in school?).  However, there are some classics that I should read, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to read.  Books by authors like Bronte, Joyce and Austen, while considered classics by “people in the know”, are considered flowery, boring and gay by “me”.  If I fall asleep reading the synopsis on the back of the book, then there is little hope the ENTIRE book is going to keep my interest.  So there was a whole section of classic literature that I avoided and I was fine with that.  Until savant/genius/author Seth Graham-Smith decided he too thought classic literature needed a little help in being “less literary” and “more AWESOME”.  Thusly was Pride & Prejudice & Zombies birthed upon our virgin world.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Graham-Smith infuses a subplot involving a battle with the undead into the literary classic thereby making it relevant to guys everywhere.  I mean, what good is a literary classic if NO ONE wants to read it?  Seriously.  Besides, what is more romantic than fighting off an army of the undead?  It’s okay if you can’t come up with an answer to that question, there isn’t an answer other than ‘NOTHING’.

So, I thought, in what other books would this work?  The possibilities are endless.  So I sat down at my desk at work….um, I mean the table at home, after I got off work….and came up with a few more twists on some boring classic literature books that would get me to read them.  Come enjoy the awesome-ness with me.

Little Women Fight Club

Original Synopsis – Follows the lives of the four March sisters as they live, love and learn their way through life. It’s an allegorical novel that champions the strength of women during a time in America when women weren’t considered strong.

New More AWESOME Synopsis – The four March sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy, are always fighting. One day, a fight promoter, James Lawrence, happens upon one of their more viscous fights and gets an idea. Guys everywhere would pay to see these ladies just go at it in an all out battle royal. Mr Lawrence talks to the girls’ father and, having recently lost a good amount of the family’s money, he agrees to let Mr Lawrence train the girls for a traveling “girl fight” festival. The promoter recruits a few other girls from the nearby area and trains them in boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling. The girls then tour the country side with Mr Lawrence, fighting in a 10 woman battle royal 6 nights a week. The story follows the girls across the country as they live in the festival caravan and fight, love and learn in various small towns across 19th century America. This new version also shows the strength of women…in revealing clothing…in non-sanctioned bloody cage matches. Movie rights are pending.

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