AWESOME-tober-fest 2012: Movie Maniac Halloween costumes

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One of the best things about being a fan of the movie maniacs is being able to dress up as them for Halloween. Let’s take a look at some of the costumes that exist for some of our favorite movie maniacs.

Back in 1987, Collegeville released a Freddy Krueger “smock” costume similar to the old Ben Cooper designs.

Collegeville Freddy Krueger

It’s probably 100% nostalgic, but I love these costumes.

Next up is a Party City flyer from 2008.

Party City 2008 flyer

Throughout this very large flyer with tons of costumes, there are a plethora of zombies and super heroes, but only two movie maniacs. And I’m only talking about one of those maniacs this year. Check out in the upper right, costumes for Jason Voorhees and Chucky.

Party City 2008 closeup

You don’t even see those costumes on the inside of the flyer, only on the cover. I’m surprised these two are featured.  Remember, this flyer was in 2008.  The Friday the 13th reboot wouldn’t happen until the following year and Chucky’s previous movie was in 2004.  By contrast, Leatherface had his reboot prequel only two years prior, so of anyone, he should be on the cover. Just strange.

Next up is a current Party City flyer from 2012.  Not surprisingly, the Avengers are all over this thing.

Party City 2012 flyer

This flyer is a little better in that it has four movie maniacs. Three of which I’m covering this year. Here’s the full page of scary costumes.

scary costumes full page

The movie maniacs are mostly on the second row (Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers). You can also see Ghostface from Scream in the first row.  Again, I’m surprised there isn’t a Leatherface costume.

Here’s a closer look at the second row.

movie maniacs costumes closeup

Not bad.  Standard costumes.  I notice that all of the Freddy Krueger costumes since 2010 have been of the reboot Krueger.  You can’t really find the original Krueger anymore.  Interesting.

Then, on the next page, there’s an entire selection of “sexy” Halloween costumes, which, in my opinion, is getting a little out of hand. Sexy Zombie? Seriously? What’s next, sexy Harry Potter?  What?  THAT ALREADY EXISTS?!  Congratulations, America.  You are all perverts.

Anyway, there are 4 “sexy” versions of the movie maniacs. Check them out; Miss Voorhees, Miss Krueger, Miss Leatherface, Sexy Chucky and Miss Scissorhands (not a movie maniac per se, but I thought it was interesting).

Sexy movie maniacs

They don’t have a proper Leatherface costume but they have a “Miss Leatherface”?  Come ON, Party City!  Get it together.  The Miss Voorhees is the biggest stretch for a “sexy” costume.  To me, that costume should be called Ms. Voorhees and come with a mock turtleneck sweater, a machete and crazy eyes.

Mrs Voorhees

I honestly think this “sexy” trend is silly, especially with the monster costumes.  However, it’s essentially the same idea as the “Femtrooper” costumes that have been popping up at Star Wars conventions for years.  And I like those.  So, it is what it is.

Seeing it in real life instead of these promo photos could change my mind. Check out these pic of the Miss Krueger costume from Three Muses Clothing:

Miss Krueger 1 Miss Krueger 2

They did a great job incorporating the partial Freddy makeup.  It also looks like they may have modified the dress a bit and made it a little more revealing.  That’s pretty awesome (and sexy). I’m on board for this interpretation.

Back to the Miss Voorhees costume, though.  I like the hockey jersey.  You can get men’s versions of that jersey here.  I’d like one, but I want one that’s made like a real hockey jersey.  The one in that link looks like a cheap costume shirt made to look like a hockey jersey (which it is).

So those are some of the costumes for the movie maniacs.  Which is your favorite?

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  1. Yeah, I don’t get the “Sexy Slasher” thing either, especially if you’re adding burn makeup to the mix. HOT! Literally!

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