AWESOME-tober-fest 2012: Fangoria magazine #57 (1986)

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Let’s take a look at another vintage Fangoria issue, this time featuring Leatherface. Here is the cover for Fangoria #57 from 1986.

Fangoria #57

The cover story promotes the impending release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

TCM2 article 1TCM2 article 2

It’s one of those “set visit” articles Fangoria did so well.  It talks to Tobe Hooper and the cast and gives a good preview of what’s in store for the movie.  It also talks to the makeup effects guys to give you an idea of what they were doing for the sequel.

This issue also featured a nice article with cool, color pics about Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

F13 6 article 1F13 6 article 2

This was also a nice “set visit” article featuring a preview of what’s to come for what would be the sixth installment of the Friday series.

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Also, check out the blog Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness.


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