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Cult Film Club vs Classic Film Jerks podcasts in the TAG Summer Crossover series

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Cult Film Club

To finish out the TAG Podcasting Network Summer Crossover Series, the Cult Film Club and Classic Film Jerks podcasts teamed up like the Justice League of Podcasting to discuss some classic-y, cult-y films.

First, Jaime, Shawn and I traveled over to those Jerks’ house to discuss the Humphrey Bogart noir classic, The Maltese Falcon (1941).

Maltese Falcon

None of us had seen it so we discuss the actors, the settings, the great character names and of course, we determine if we think this movie deserves it’s “classic film” status.  Listen to the show on iTunes, Stitcher or grab it right here.

Next up, the Classic Film Jerk crew came over to the Clubhouse with us for Cult Film Club Episode 9 where we discuss the cult detective comedy, Zero Effect (1998).

Zero Effect

Starring Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller, this quirky comedy is a modern indie take on the Sherlock Holmes dynamic and considered neo-noir which would allow us to bookend this nice discussion of noir films.  We have a lot of fun and I think you’re going to like these shows.

Check out Episode 9 of The Cult Film Club podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or listen to it online right here.

Cult Film Club Episode 8: Karate Kid Part III

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Cult Film Club

We pulled a sneak attack on you guys. Just when you thought CFC was going to miss our June episode, BOOM, here we are with under the wire with Episode 8 in which we talk about our first sequel, Karate Kid Part III.


There is just so much to love in this retardedly bad movie. Terry Silver, the return of Kreese, “Karate’s Bad Boy” Mike Barnes, Daniel-san forgetting everything he’s learned from the first two movies, Snake and extremely valuable grand daddy banzai trees. It’s all there and Jaime, Shawn and I cover ALL of it because we unabashedly love every single moment in this film. If we could, we’d review this movie every week.

So, download the latest CFC episode from iTunes or listen to it online right here.

Cult Film Club Episode 6: Zapped! (1982)

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Cult Film Club

Welcome to episode 6 of the Cult Film Club.  This week Shawn, Jaime and I watch and discuss the teen sex comedy Zapped! starring the future Charles in Charge leads, Scott Baio and Willie Aames. The movie also features the lovely Heather Thomas, Felice Schachter and a slew of other familiar 80s faces like Scatman Crothers, Eddie Deezen and the worst looking Mr Spock you’ve ever seen.

Zapped! half sheet

We talk about our history with the movie. We talk about the movie’s origins. We talk about the nature of homage and parody. We also discuss telekinetic rape. Because, well, we haven’t done that in a show yet.

Download the latest episode from iTunes or listen to it online right here.

Like Cult Film Club? Like Stickers? Then get some of our Cult Film Club stickers!

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Cult Film Club

Jaime, Shawn and I hope you have been enjoying our new podcast.  It’s a lot of fun for us and we really have received a lot of nice feedback concerning the show.  We love all of your comments and movie suggestions.  Thank you so much for your support.

Speaking of support, Shawn has put together some of the artwork he’s done for the show and made stickers out of them. Check ’em out!

CFC stickers

Each sticker pack contains 4 die-cut stickers measuring 2.4″x2.4″ and 3.4″x2.4″, featuring the CFC Logo, Official Membership Badge, our mascot the Phantom Ticket Taker, and the one, the only Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi)!

These sticker packs have been put out there and are ready for you to purchase to help support us, your favorite podcast of all time (alongside Nerd Lunch of course).  It’s our way of honoring Mr Pink’s “no tipping” policy by offering you the chance to not tip us and still support us for bringing you some awesome content.  Plus, you know, STICKERS!!!

FYI, if you decide to order these bad boys, hop on over to Branded in the 80s and let Shawn know you ordered the sticker packs and, if you ask nicely, I’m sure he’ll include that awesome Branded in the 80s sticker you see in the upper right of the first picture.

Again, Jaime, Shawn and I thank you guys for all of your support.

CFC sticker packs

Click here to be transported via the Interweb transporter device to the Cult Film Club sticker store.

Cult Film Club Episode 4: The Beastmaster (1982)

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Cult Film Club

The Clubhouse is now open.  For this installment of Cult Film Club we are discussing the awesomely phantasmagorical 1982 fantasy movie, The Beastmaster.

The Beastmaster

We all discuss our personal recollections of watching the movie, we talk about the things we love. We talk about the things that makes us cringe. We discuss the awesome glory that is Marc Singer all muscle-y and oiled up.  We even attempt to simulate the “hawk cry” with varying degrees of success.

If you also loved this movie, download this episode from iTunes or listen to it online here.

Cult Film Club Episode 2 Part 2: Personal Experiences with Cult

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CFC logo

Welcome to part 2 of the second episode of the Cult Film Club.

Rocky Horror

In this episode Jaime, Shawn and I continue our discussion from part 1 and this time we talk about our own personal experiences with Cult movies.  We discuss the back alley video rental stores, cheap movie Monday nights at the local theater and we also throw in a special “lightning round” Recast segment.  So download this episode and enjoy the cult-y, movie-y goodness.

You can download the episode on iTunes or listen to it online here.

Cult Film Club Episode 2 Part 1: What is a cult movie?

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Cult Film Club

We’ve made it to episode 2. In this second meeting of the Cult Film Club Jaime, Shawn and I discuss what the word “cult” means to us.

What is Cult?

We try to talk generally about the term and use examples, but the discussion gets involved so we had to split the episode into two parts. You can listen to Part 1 today in which we talk about the definition of cult films, the nature of cult films and we list our own personal examples of cult movies.

You can download Episode 2 Part 1 from iTunes or listen to it online here.

In Part 2, which should post in January, we discuss our own personal experiences with cult films.