Cult Film Club Episode 8: Karate Kid Part III

Cult Film Club

We pulled a sneak attack on you guys. Just when you thought CFC was going to miss our June episode, BOOM, here we are with under the wire with Episode 8 in which we talk about our first sequel, Karate Kid Part III.


There is just so much to love in this retardedly bad movie. Terry Silver, the return of Kreese, “Karate’s Bad Boy” Mike Barnes, Daniel-san forgetting everything he’s learned from the first two movies, Snake and extremely valuable grand daddy banzai trees. It’s all there and Jaime, Shawn and I cover ALL of it because we unabashedly love every single moment in this film. If we could, we’d review this movie every week.

So, download the latest CFC episode from iTunes or listen to it online right here.


3 Responses to “Cult Film Club Episode 8: Karate Kid Part III”

  1. I did not realize they even made a third installment of this film. Although it sounds shitty, I would rather watch this than that Jaden Smith remake.

  2. Despite a few pacing issues, I actually enjoyed Karate Kid Part III mostly because of Mike Barnes and Terry Silver. Mike Barnes was just a total bad a$$! Daniel held his own against Chozen even without the drum technique but got toyed with and pummeled quite easily by Barnes.

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