The Nerd Lunch and Cult Film Club crews invade Atlanta


This past weekend the members of the Nerd Lunch Podcast and the Cult Film Club podcast descended on Atlanta for a meetup.  This was the first time several of us had seen each other in real life.  Here are some photos commemorating this historic nerdy and cultish event.

The first place we all went together was, of course, The World of Coke.

World of Coke entrance photobomb
Here I am at the entrance to the World of Coke getting photobombed by CT.

Nerd Lunch together
The entire Nerd Lunch podcast crew. Together again for the first time.  And on a Coke sofa.

Cult Film Club together
The entire Cult Film Club crew together in the gift shop at The World of Coke.

New Coke display
Surprisingly, the museum actually had a small display dedicated to New Coke, of which you know I’m obsessed.

Coke Polar Bear hunting
Being the noted bear slayer that I am, I had to refrain from killing every Coke Polar Bear in sight.

Me and Doc Pemberton
Sharing a drink with Coke’s creator, and epic beard wearer, Doc Pemberton.

Eating at Palookaville's
The whole crew ate corn dogs and poutine at Palookaville! in a literal “nerd lunch”.

Eating at Palookaville's
Check out my epic corn dog, called Fryinstein because it’s three hot dogs in one, and my side of Poutine.

CFA Dwarf House
We discovered a mythical Chick-fil-a Dwarf House not 5 minutes from our hotel. So, of course, we ate there.

CT in Dwarf House entrance
CT exiting Chick-fil-a through the tiny Dwarf House door.

Nerd Lunch crew
Final Nerd Lunch pic of the trip right before I had to leave to return to real life.

Me at Big Chicken
After leaving the boys to drive home to Jacksonville, I made a pit stop in Marietta to see the KFC Big Chicken.

Big Chicken KFC full
A better pic of the Marietta KFC Big Chicken.

Big Chicken Pawn
And located right next door to the Big Chicken KFC, is Big Chicken Pawn. This pawn shop needs a reality show. STAT.


10 Responses to “The Nerd Lunch and Cult Film Club crews invade Atlanta”

  1. This is awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. Fun stuff.
    We didn’t live very far from the dwarf house Chik-Fil-A when we first got married. Used to eat there all the time.

  3. I forgot to ask, did you guys order a hamburger at the Dwarfhouse? I love doing that since they actually serve them and since Chick-Fil-A has such a huge anti-beef campaign. I just love the irony of that place…

    • No, I didn’t even notice beef on the menu. I wasn’t starving after our sojourn to Palookaville so CT and I just got regular chicken sandwiches and a milkshake. Jeeg got a Cobb Salad.

      We were bummed we didn’t know about the breakfast buffet or we would have gone.

      • The breakfast buffet is a let down. It’s not like Chicken Minis or anything like that, it’s your standard buffet (scrambled eggs, sausage, etc.) So the right side of the place is a sit down establishment where you can order all the regular CFA stuff as well as steaks, burgers, and Hot Browns (chcik-fil-a breast served on top of mashed potatoes with gravy.

  4. I would have like to try the Hot Browns. I’m not sure the “other side” was even open. It was pretty dead.

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time! If you ever have a meet up in our nation’s capitol, look me up.

  6. Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future is criminally underrated!

  7. LBD "Nytetrayn" Says:

    Man, I am SO jealous! In a good way– I’ve long wanted to go to the World of Coke, but I didn’t know that Chic-fil-a was tehre. And the KFC chicken is something I’d love to see, too! Looks like you had a blast!

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