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Cavalcade Comics #6 – The return of Chuck Norris and The A-Team!

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Cavalcade Comics

Here we are, back with another issue of Cavalcade Comics and another entry in my Vintage Comic Throwdowns series.  This issue will be a first.  It’s the first time I’ve brought back characters for a return appearance.

The Chuck Norris/A-Team issue was pretty popular last time.  Probably because it’s kind of an awesome idea, if I do say so myself.  So, I thought I’d bring those guys back for a second adventure.  And here’s the cover:

Cav Comics 6

The truth is, I actually created two covers for the A-Team/Chuck Norris team up. I wasn’t sure which one to use and instead of just presenting them as variant covers like I did for the Ghost Rider issue, I finally decided to run with the one you saw in issue #5.  But that left me with this unused cover.  So I thought, why not make it a part 2?  And here we go, the first 2 part appearance in Cavalcade Comics history.  But it won’t be the last.  I’ve already got plans for a return of Billy the Kid.

The covers used to make this issue were mostly Chuck Norris #3 (left) and The A-Team #2 (right).

Chuck Norris 03 A-Team 02

I had to do some manipulating of the page layout and I added a few more unsavory characters to the background.  You’ll notice the logos are essentially the same on both of my issues as they came from this issue.  However, I took out Amy Allen’s name from the A-Team logo and created some ‘And Chuck Norris’ text to go in its place.  That was done on both issue #5 and issue #6.  However, you’ll notice Amy does make an appearance this time in the back whereas I cut her out completely last issue.

As I look at them side by side now, I think I personally prefer this cover over the last one.  However, issue #5 was the perfect layout to introduce the first team up of these two action legends.

So, yes, I’m still cranking these covers out and having a blast doing it.  I have two or three more covers actually finished that I’ve never even posted.  One of them will be an upcoming holiday issue.  And look for small “updates” to happen in coming issues like changes to the Cavalcade Comics title logo at the top and some modifications to the appearance of the corner box.  Just trying to change certain things up as we move along.  Keep it fresh.  Hope you are still enjoying these covers.  I know I still love doing them.

Cavalcade Comics 05 – The A-Team Meet Chuck Norris

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Cavalcade Comics: VCT

Greetings, everyone. I’ve been a bit absent the last month as I’m in heavy training for my marathon and amidst preparations for the holidays…or should I say, Holley-days?

Today’s post was originally planned for Ninja Day this year but I really dropped the ball on that one. But, I wanted to get it out there, so here is issue #5 in my ongoing Cavalcade Comics Vintage Comic Throwdowns series.

The A-Team Meet Chuck Norris.

Cavalcade Comics 05

I think CT should get a kick out of this one.  How cool would it have been if Chuck had actually joined The A-Team?  Amazing to think about.

This cover was contructed mostly from two Marvel Comics issues.  Yes, Marvel had both an A-Team comic and a Chuck Norris comic.  Similar to the previous Godzilla vs The Shogun Warriors, why this particular crossover never happened before now is beyond me.

A-Team (1984) 01 - 00 - FC Chuck Norris 02 - 00 - FC

The A-Team come from the first issue of their comic (left) and Chuck comes from the second issue of his comic (right).  I also used logos and a few extra ninjas from other issues of each of these series.

For some reason Chuck Norris and the Karate Commandos was under the Star imprint, which was Marvel’s line of kids comics featuring things like Alf, Thunder Cats and Star Wars: Droids.  This was most likely because the Chuck comic was based on the cartoon of the same name.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday.  I do have some stuff planned for before the end of December, so stay tuned!

Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider Halloween showdown!

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Cavalcade Comics Vintage Comic Throwdown

Welcome to issue #4 of my Vintage Comic Throwdown series where I pit character vs character in a vintage comic book cover showdown.

This time, since we are only DAYS away from the start of AWESOME-tober-fest 2014, I thought I would do a somewhat Halloween-type throwdown featuring two “supernatural” characters. And I chose two incarnations of the Ghost Rider character. Check out my cover for Cavalcade Comics #4 – Ghost Rider vs Ghost Rider.

Cavalcade Comics 04a

Many people may not realize that Ghost Rider actually started out as a Golden Age gunfighter character that debuted in 1949’s Tim Holt Western Comics #11. The character was originally owned by Magazine Enterprises but was bought out by Marvel and revamped in the 70s into a motorcycle riding demon.  And now I have them battling each other on the city streets.

For those that like to know, this cover is primarily based on Marvel’s Ghost Rider #31 from 1978 (left) and I took the original Ghost Rider from Ghost Rider #2 from 1950 (right).

Ghost Rider 31 Ghost Rider 02

Because this is a special Halloween issue, I decided to make an alternate cover.  This second cover is based instead on an old Golden Age Ghost Rider cover instead of the newer Marvel cover.

Cavalcade Comics 04b

Imagine that this is the direct cover and the previous one is the newsstand cover.

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Cavalcade Comics #3 – The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro

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Cavalcade Comics

It’s been a little while, but here we are, back again for issue #3 of my Vintage Comic Throwdowns comic book cover series. This week I pit two giants of classic literature together in the same adventure. I don’t think these two have ever met, but if they haven’t, they really should have.

This week, in Cavalcade Comics #3, feast your hungry eyeballs on The 3 Musketeers Meet Zorro.

Cavalcade Comics #3

I love this matchup. And for those that are curious, the main comic book cover that made up this masterpiece was Marvel Classics #12 from 1976 (left).  It took me a while to find a pic of Zorro that totally fit what I was trying to do.  I finally got Zorro from the cover of Zorro: The Classic Adventures by Alex Toth Volume 2.

MC12 zorro02

The logos, clearly, came from elsewhere. I didn’t think the Marvel logo above looked classic enough.  The 3 Musketeers logo I used actually came from DC Special #22 which, awesomely enough, featured a 3 Musketeers/Robin Hood cover.  Which is interesting because that was my original idea.  Have the 3 Musketeers meet Robin Hood.  So, when I saw DC had several DC Specials with them on the cover, I decided to use Zorro instead.  As a footnote, I don’t think those 3 Musketeer/Robin Hood DC Special stories are crossovers, I think they are issues with separate stories for each character.  Essentially they’re reprinting old Golden Age stories from Robin Hood Tales and early Brave & the Bold issues that featured Robin Hood and pairing them with some new and old Musketeer stories.

I think the Zorro logo I used comes from the Dynamite Comics Zorro series.

So that’s issue #3 of Cavalcade Comics.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been on sort of an unscheduled hiatus lately due to real life kicking my ass.  I got things brewing, trust me, I just got to finish those things and get them posted.  Stay tuned.

Cavalcade Comics #2 – Godzilla vs Shogun Warriors

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Cavalcade Comics

I went small for my first issue of Cavalcade Comics and my new vintage comic throwdown feature. Today, I thought I’d go the opposite way and go BIG for issue #2. WAY big.

Back in the 70s Marvel had the license for both Godzilla and Shogun Warriors comics. Yet, as far as I know, they two never met. Why? Why, Marvel?!  Today, I rectify that gross oversight. Check out my second Vintage Comic Throwdown in Cavalcade Comics #2; Godzilla vs Shogun Warriors.

Cavalcade Comics 02

This has sort of a vintage Pacific Rim vibe, doesn’t it?  I loved the Shogun Warriors cartoons and toys. And some of the later Godzilla movies were balls out wacky awesome.  And it seems fitting that Godzilla himself was marketed under the Shogun Warriors toy banner for his famous fire breathing 19 inch figure.

Shogun Warriors Godzilla

Like I said, total pop culture synergy.  So, you’re welcome for the awesome epic monster/robot battling.

For those keeping score at home, I mashed up the covers for Marvel’s Godzilla King of the Monsters #8 and Shogun Warriors #8. I may have also pulled in a stray robot from Shogun Warriors #6.

Godzilla 08 Shogun Warriors 08