Ordering “secret” fast food menu items

Fast food menus are constantly in flux. They will add and remove things as times and tastes change. However, since everything uses the same basic ingredients, it’s usually still within a fast food restaurant’s power to make these discontinued items if they are so inclined. This is how a “secret menu” is created. Items that have been discontinued but can still be ordered because they still have the stuff there to make it, they just don’t advertise it. Many of our favorite fast food places have these “hidden” menu items, and if you Google hard enough, you’ll find them.

Or, you can just have me do it for you.  Here are some of the “hidden menu” items you can still find at some of our favorite fast food places.

In n Out Burger
In ‘n Out Burger has the most well known of the “secret menus”. It’s most well known because they actually posted it on their website (thereby negating the “secret” part). You can get a grilled cheese, “Animal Style” burgers (mustard grilled burgers, cheese, grilled onions) as well as “Animal Style” fries (same toppings as the burgers) and burgers labeled like they were lumber; 3×3 (3 patties and 3 cheese slices) and 4×4 (4 patties and 4 slices of cheese).  They even go all the way up to a 100 x 100 burger which you need two friends to help you carry out of the restaurant.  And in a great reference to a Blues Brothers song (Rubber Biscuit) In-n-Out has a secret sandwich called a “Wish Burger”.  As the song says, a “Wish Burger [sandwich]” is the kind of a sandwich, “where you have two slices of bread and you, hehehehehe, WISH you had some meat!  Bow, Bow, Bow!”  The buns are piled high with lettuce, onions, double tomatoes and sauce.

Starbucks in Chicago
If you go to Starbucks there are a plethora of options for you to choose from that aren’t specifically on the menu. Tired of feeling hemmed in by the size choices and paying $5 for a small? Order the original small size (before Starbucks supersized their choices) — it’s called Short (currently the kid’s size).  How about a Cap’n Crunch Berry Frappuccino which involves a Strawberries & Cream Frappucino with a pump of hazelnut flavoring?  It supposedly tastes just like the cereal. For you caffeine cowboys out there order up The Red Eye which is a normal drip coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Want two shots of espresso? It’s a Black Eye. Don’t feel like sleeping the next two days? Try a Green Eye (3 shots of espresso).  FYI, if you want an extra shot of espresso at Dunkin’ Donuts it’s called a Turbo Hot Coffee.

According to the McDonald’s employee group at Live Journal, there are tons of creations you can order “off the menu”. How about a Neopolitan milkshake? It’s a mixture of the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shakes.  Or the awesomely named McGangbang, which is a McChicken sandwich in the middle of a double cheeseburger.  If you think your arteries are getting a bit loose, try the Monster Mac which is a Big Mac with 8 burger patties.  That’ll harden up those loose arteries in no time.  Also try the Chicken & Waffles; it’s a McGriddle sandwich with chicken instead of sausage.  Or, if you want a sampling of everything, try the Land, Sea & Air Burger which consists of a hamburger patty, a Filet-O-Fish and a chicken patty stacked on top of each other, separated with cheese and between two buns.  See all the fun you can get into at Mickey D’s?

Wendy’s has two big sandwiches you can order off the “secret menu”.  First is the Grand Slam which has a total of four meat patties.  The other sandwich is the Barnyard which is a spicy chicken sandwich with ham, bacon and beef all separated by a slice of cheese.  I think I may have to try that second sandwich at one point in my life.

Fat Burger
At Fat Burger you can order a burger that is awesomely called, and this is my favorite so far, The Hypocrite. It’s a veggie burger topped with bacon.  BOO-YA, bitches!

Burger King
Burger King has a few delightful choices you can order “on the down low”.  The Suicide Burger contains 4 meat patties, 4 slices of cheese and 4 slices of bacon.  Sound familiar?  It’s the ingredients that were also used in the BK Quad Stacker.  The Rodeo Burger is a Whopper with a grilled onion ring and covered in BBQ sauce.  The BK Club is a chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato and cheese.

Jamba Juice
Dude, I LOVE Jamba Juice.  And actually, I don’t know that love is a strong enough word.  I love my wife.  I love my kitty.  But I LOVE Jamba Juice.  When I was in LA, I’d literally have two smoothies a day from them.  One for breakfast and one after lunch.  It was insane.  Two Jambas opened up about 30 minutes from my house here in Jax but one of them definitely closed.  According to the website, the second one is also closed.  Anyway, Jamba is another place that has a ton of “off the menu” flavors you can order.  Try the PB&J, or Gummy Bear, or Fruity Pebbles or any of a number of candy flavored smoothies like Starbust, Skittles and Now and Laters.

Now, with the help of the Cavalcade of Awesome, you are one of the precious few who are “in the know”.  You’ll be able to walk into any of these fast food establishments and order like a pro.  Use the knowledge wisely, Daniel-san.

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173 Responses to “Ordering “secret” fast food menu items”

  1. I’ve never seen an In-N-Out Burger place before and though I’ve heard of them I haven’t seen an Jamba Juice either but I really want that Skittles smoothie now…

  2. This is both incredibly fascinating and somewhat horrifying all at once. Fast food is (in general) not great for you to start with–but the “secret” fastfood seems some how WORSE for you! Do employees at these places all know how to make the secret items too? Do you know if it’s part of their training?

  3. Marvi Marti Says:

    I love it, who knew! *making notes for favorite hidden items*

  4. I wonder if they buy the mayo from CostCo?

  5. omg the Hypocrite at Fatburger sounds amazing! thanks for letting us in on the secrets 😉


  6. I love the name of the McGangbang. Whoever came up with that one is genius! LOL

  7. Nice work! I used to make my own concoctions as a teen when I worked at fast food restaurants, but I had no idea I could come in as a customer and do the same 🙂


  8. awesome post. chipotle also has a ‘secret menu’ item called the ‘new line’ which enables you to get a burrito or rice bowl with one meat + 4 items for like $4.



  9. What a great article. The McGangbang, classic.

  10. InNOut also has the “protein wrap” standard burger (patty, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce) sans buns. I’m so glad I have 2 INO within 5 miles of my house!

    Great article – nice job on being “freshly pressed”

  11. This was very interesting! I used to love the Ham, Egg, and Cheese Bagel from McDonald’s. Next time I’m there, I’ll have to look to see if they put ham on anything else.

  12. Yummy, heart clogging post!

    While I can’t recommend eating there in theory, you can customize pretty much anything at McDonalds. They have lots of buttons for it on their register. Before I knew better, I used to order a cheeseburger, no pickle, with extra onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Not only is it much nicer (with some veg) than a regular cheeseburger, but they usually make it fresh.

    As for the rest, I’ve never been but MUST try In N Out Burger if for no other reason than because I’m such a HUGE fan of The Big Lebowski. 🙂

    FYI: I’d also recommend Peters’ Drive In in Calgary, Alberta Canada. BIG burgers, BIG chips, BIG shakes.



  13. how you became a fan of Jamba Juice
    http://theidiotgame.com source

  14. Animal Style burgers are great!

  15. Interesting. I had no idea you could do that. Would it take longer to prepare “off the menu” items?

  16. The guide is awesome, the next time i visit US, i’ll keep it in mind.

  17. barrymanana Says:

    This blog has more goodies stacked in it than a Quad Burger. Is this hand’s on research? If so how do you get around on your life-support machine to visit everywhere? 🙂

    PS – you might want to check this out: http://wp.me/pVoc5-s

  18. I work at McDonald’s, but I live in a more rural area with a lower population, so we probably don’t do as much stuff here as they do in the a city McD. If anybody asked me for most of those things you listed, I would assume it was a practical joke.

    I’ve made a Neapolitan Milkshake before, though. All the other stuff can be done if you type in ‘Extra Regmeat,’ ‘Extra FOF’ (filet-o-fish), etc, and it’s hard to find that stuff in the computer unless you’ve worked there a while. I know that we do make a Grilled Cheese sandwich.

    Yesterday, several people were asking me for a Root Beer Float. We put a sundae into the root beer cup. We have to charge them separately for a sundae and a root beer, because ‘Root Beer Float’ isn’t on the menu. One lady actually seemed like she was ready to cry, because she asked for a root beer float, and I was clueless, and I told her we don’t make those, and I had to ask her to give me instructions for what they usually do when people ask for those. I ruined her McD experience. Apparently everyone knows how to do this except me. 😦 Oh well.

    • If you eat one of those multi-stack sandwiches on the Secret Menu and then turn around and sue the fast food company as the cause of your obesity, I think you can safely call your sandwich The Hypocrite.

  19. I am going to ask the next time I go get McDonalds, just to see what happens! This will, no doubt, confuse the living life out of the cashiers… I can’t wait!


  20. I’ve always wanted to get the egg from the Egg McMuffin on a Double Cheeseburger at McDonalds, but sadly around here, breakfast and lunch really don’t overlap. I read a blog recently that in places in California they call something similar to that the “Mc10:35”, because that’s around when they stop making the eggs and start preparing the lunch items, I imagine at a 24hour McDonalds something similar could be purchased at about 5:55am (when they’d have stopped cooking burger patties, and started making eggs).

  21. some of these you can’t get at any of the chain stores though. i work at mcdonald’s and none of us know what those “secret” items are. must be REAL secret. however, we do have a “mcjunior” which a big mac except as a regular hamburger size. and if you really wanted neopolitan, we would make it for you.

    it’s mostly a matter of asking the workers if they can make it a specific way for you. just be polite. once a guy asked for a side of tomatoes instead of hasbrowns for his breakfast platter. we’ll do just about anything reasonable.

  22. yongshuling Says:

    I wonder if these secret items are available at outlets all across the country. It’d be pretty awesome if they are… I’m looking forward to trying some Crunch Berry Frappacino!

  23. I think it’s only on the menu in the fall and winter, but Starbucks will serve you a caramel-apple cider anytime of year, if you ask for it.


  24. You can also get a Neapolitan shake from in-n-out.
    there’s also drinks called an arnold palmer- ice tea/pink lemonade
    and a lemon-up-pink lemonade and seven up. hits the spot ALL THE TIME.

    A few more secrets on their not so secret menu 🙂

  25. squirrelsloveacorns Says:

    Hmm I’m going to have to try some of these, thank you very much for this posting!

  26. Haha! I read these out loud to my Dad. Our favorites were the Land, Sea & Air burger and the Hypocrite. The ideas are funny, but I could never imagine eating a chicken patty, burger, AND fish patty! I’ll have to convince one of my friends to…all the fun but none of the medical bills.

  27. death any way you like it

  28. I recently moved back to California and am very happy to have easy access to In-N-Out again… by far the best burger in the fast food universe. I knew about the “animal style” but haven’t heard of the other secrets. Thanks for posting.

  29. I believe I will “brave” the McGangbang…ironically, just watched “Super Size Me” last night. Occasionally watch it to remind me I need to cut back on fast food, evidently it worked well LOL.

  30. Nice blog……

  31. I think most of these “secret menu items” are customer made up, not corporate. I work at Starbucks and am well aware of what a red eye and black eye are (never heard of a green eye before), but corporate Starbucks did not coin those phrases, nor will every barista you meet know what that is. Customers and licensed franchises have come up with these names.
    So, fun post, but don’t think that all these stores will have any idea what you’re talking about if you come in and order these!

    • I think you are correct. It’s stuff that customers make up that they then tell their friends about, and so some barista makes it part of their personal repertoire. Or bored baristas messing around. It always pissed me off to no end when customers would order one of things things with this tone in their voice that OF COURSE I should know what the hell they were talking about.

  32. Are some of these even real? I mean a 100×100 sandwich: seriously?

    But it was a very entertaining read. Ha ha ha.

    • ElTodd69 Says:

      Yes, very real. I’ve worked in a fast food place and if the customer asks and it’s doable, they’ll do it for you.

  33. I’ve heard that you can get off-menu items at Chipotle, too. For example – Quesadillas.

  34. Now this is a helpful post. I’m ordering that crunch berry drink. It’s got my name written all over it.

  35. Wow! It’s amazing, I hadn’t even thought about this thing. Mmm… Would you mind if I translated this post to Spanish, to write it on my blog? Of course, I would link to you in the first place.

  36. Whataburger has a grilled chicken taco that isn’t on the menu. Used to work there. That’s how I learned about it.

  37. Dude, your blog kicks serious ass. It quite possibly has the best blog name ever. Thanks for throwing together a list of off the menu items we can order! Neapolitan shake at McDonalds? Oh yeah. It may help quell my yearnings for Shamrock Shake during the 11 months of the year that it’s not available.

  38. alexanderfogleman Says:

    This is an awesome list, I may be hitting up a Wendy’s soon to try the Barnyard.

  39. The Capt Crunch Frappuccino is actually the Strawberry & Cream with Toffee Nut syrup. Ive also hear the “green eye” referred to as a “shot in the dark.” Theres also the “Grasshopper” which is the Green Tea Frappuccino with Peppermint and Java Chips. Or the Caramel Macchiato Blended.. Which is a Vanilla Syrup Cream Frappuccino with 2 Espresso shots Afagado and caramel drizzle on top…as opposed to the caramel frappuccino.

    Cookies & Cream Frappuccino is a White Mocha Syrup Cream Frappuccino with Java chips added.

    Theres many others. Ask your local barista if they know any or if they have created anything new.

    • Well, Salvador, I’ve heard both. Some people prefer the hazelnut syrup and some people prefer the toffee nut syrup. Some include both. It’s all personal preference.

  40. Love the post 😀
    In kuwait,
    at McDonalds you can order a sandwich they way you like it !!
    I ALWAYS order a double cheese burger with no onion and big mac sauce!!
    It’s sooo greasy, but it tastes so good with the sauce!!
    oh and in Kuwait the short in Starbucks is only for the hot drinks.. I’m not sure if its the same in America!!
    Starbucks is really famous here in Kuwait. It’s the it place.

  41. love the post!! interesting insights!!

  42. The BK Rodeo sounds great, but the suicide burger makes my stomach turn just thinking about it…

  43. They all sound yummy,,I just wonder if they would have that here in Manila.

  44. I just hope everyone knows the dangers of eating out at fast food restaurants. The article maybe fun, but obesity, reproductive disorders, heart attacks are not fun.

  45. Great post! I found this most interesting! A fun read. Thank you!

  46. This is so fun to read! I can count on 1 hand the times I’ve eaten at Taco Bell-and all 3 made me sick. I’ve been to McDonald’s maybe 10 times and BK maybe 20. It just doesn’t appeal to me and I’ve never thought of all these different combos. Impressive.


  47. I really enjoyed this, and I was almost going to share it on Facebook… and then I realized that if my husband sees this? He will expect me to order this stuff for him, and there is no way I am going to ask for a McGangbang. Nope. Not even. Great post though!

  48. Great information – with the Hypocrite the best insight. veggie burger with bacon on top. That’s some evil insightful thinking going on there.

  49. Okay, having worked at Starbucks, can I just say that stuff like this drove me nuts? I can’t speak for the other establishments, but–and I’ve seen another list of several additional Starbucks “secret” menu items–most of it is just shit that customers made up. Or some employee somewhere made up at some point. And then aforementioned customers treat you like an idiot if you don’t know what it is they’re ordering.

    It’s not on a secret menu. We weren’t trained in those recipes. It’s shit that somebody made up.

    The Cap’n Crunch frap
    The London Fog
    The Penguin Mocha
    The Mochachino (this one doesn’t exist AT ALL. Different people use this term to describe one of at least 4 different drinks. Smartypants customer in question might be attempting to order any of the following: a mocha {which is also the same as a “mocha latte”}. an iced mocha. a mocha frappucino. a hybrid mocha/cappuccino, basically a cappuccino with just one shot of chocolate syrup and a lot of foam. or the hybrid mocha/cappuccino over ice, which is disgusting. I repeat: the “mochachino” DOES NOT EXIST. If you order one, please, please DO NOT treat your barista like an idiot when she tries to clarify with you what exactly you are trying to order. Kthxbai.)

    (The blended strawberry lemonade is real, though. That actually was on the menu at one time, and they still stock all the ingredients and will make it if you ask nicely.)

  50. barrymanana Says:

    It’s actually better to eat the packaging that comes with a Big Mac, rather than the burger – it’s got more nutrients in it!

  51. srucara Says:

    Dude this is crazy

  52. http://www.formspring.me/heartwrecked94 ask ask ask her a question- she’s my friend who needs some talkin to.

  53. Wow, that’s really cool! I will personally be trying the Cap’n Crunch Berry Frappuccino. It sounds too sweet to pass up. I had heard of the McGangBang, but the Chicken & Waffles from McD’s is awesome! Great read.

  54. This was great! Very interesting!

  55. Intriguing! Found you on the front page of WP and was drawn to know the “secret.”

  56. lianamerlo Says:

    You’ve just contributed to my early death! Oh woe, the grease.

    I’ll try The Hypocrite when I feel like a light snack.

  57. Starbucks also has:

    An Apple Pie Ala Mode Frappuccino.
    It consists of milk, apple juice, cinnamon dolce pumps, and toffee nut pumps.

    Also there is;
    A twix Frappucino, starburst frappucino, smores frappuccino, banana cream pie frappuccino (my personal favourite.

  58. Wow this is really awesome! I always go to McDonald’s on campus and man, I’m gonna see what crazy stuff they can make for me now. My fraternity already has several traditional orders… I can create more now 😛

  59. Great! Nice list, I’m wondering if it’s also available here in PH. Sounds yummy 🙂

  60. Wow, never knew all these. Gonna give these orders a try when i am up to it. Thanks for sharing!

  61. sarahnsh Says:

    Here’s another one that has a lot of off the menu stuff is Potbelly, which I think is a kind of form of fast food, right? Since it’s fast sandwitches.

    I absolutely LOVED the clubbie they had, it was bacon, ham, turkey, with ranch sauce. There was another one I forgot the name of but was turkey and coleslaw and 1,000 island dressing. I still order the clubbie off and on, mmmm…

    • Potbelly’s also has a “wrecking ball” which is a wreck with meatballs. They also have a cheeseburger, which is meatballs, cheese, and ketchup. There are a few others, but I forget.

      They’ll pretty much do whatever you want. A friend had them put oatmeal on a pb&j once. The wrecking ball is amazing though.

  62. memang suatu makanan cepat saji bisa menghemat waktu,,tp agak kurang tidak baik untuk kesehatan

  63. Read this as I was munching on a carrot. Irony. (uuuuurrrrrppppp!)

  64. i lub ths aheheheh=0

  65. i like fast food

  66. Songbird Says:

    Oh my god, made me laugh out loud! Very funny post! I totally agree with you on Jamba Juice… I currently live in Europe which is a Jamba Juice dark continent (we have none) same goes for Taco Bell by the way… what’s with these Europeans for not being down with a gordita?

  67. I’ve yet to have a McGangbang, but I’ve come close. McAbstinence, maybe?

    I mean, sometimes, if I’m really hungry and don’t feel like fries for filler, I’ll get the burger and the chicken, but I’ve never combined them. That is my goal the next time I go to McDonald’s.

    Personally, I’d love to try the Barnyard at Wendy’s, but I don’t know where they’d get the ham from. Likewise for the Chicken & Waffles, due to that little lack of overlap mentioned above.

    Now, if only there were a way to get the Arch Deluxe on the down-low. Heck, I’d settle for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese with the sauce on it.

  68. I’m definitely going to have to try to order some of these at my local Macca’s. The thickshake sounds delicious.

  69. armandogt Says:

    Great blog! Thanx for bringing into discussion such great topics!
    Cheers from your brand-new subscriber!


  70. LolaBlue Says:

    there is nothing better than an animal style burger and well done fries. be aware though that sometimes employees aren’t as well-informed. you can always tell a new hire when you spit out “cheeseburgeranimalstyleandwelldonefries” and they reply w/ “huh?”.

  71. Neat, I didn’t know Starbucks had a smaller, cheaper size!

  72. not so familiar place to me. i just know starbucks and McDonald..
    hope i can visit the others..

  73. This is great! I’m going to try some next time I go out! Jamba Juice sounds really good… too bad there’s none around Central New York. Correction: there’s nothing in Central New York. 😛

  74. As one poster said, fascinating and horrifying. Why do they still have these items on the menus but not publise them? Is is something to do with profit / cost or do they not want to be seen to be selling some products?

    • ElTodd69 Says:

      After the movie “Super Size Me” or whatever it was called, a lot of fast food chains have tried to go healthier on the publicized menus, but still offer favorites to customers who order them. It’s all about PR and having the widest possible customer base.

  75. I used to work at Jamba, and there are a couple more “secret” smoothies:
    Red Gummy Bear
    Pink Star
    Raspberry Rainbow
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Peenya Kowlada (technically an old smoothie that they took off the menu, but they consider it part of the “secret” menu now)

    The Raspberry Rainbow, Pink Star, White Gummy Bear, and Peenya Kowlada are the “official” secret smoothies. The PB & J, Fruity Pebble, Skittles, and Now & Later don’t have official recipes and their taste or whether you can get them at all depends on the store and who happens to be working that day.

  76. On my way to Starbucks ASAP to give that a try 🙂

  77. One of the Starbucks near where I live has a new employee concoction every week….unfortunately I don’t go there often enough to keep tabs on what they are, but I’m definitely going to check it out next time I’m in.

  78. HetalliShinoTheCritic Says:

    Wow awesome 😀 I’m rooting for California food tho XD. SoCal is awesome

  79. I knew about Jamba Juice, but I didn’t know all the rest of these fast food chains have a secret menu! Totally getting the Capn’ Frap from Starbucks next time.

  80. Very interesting! I didn’t know any of these! Thanks! I’m sure my husband and boys will be very interested!! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  81. death any way you like it

  82. health care into your hands

  83. One I forgot to mention is that Burger King will do a hot ham and cheese sandwich. It’s basically the same ham that comes from the Croissanwich, a pair of slices of cheese, lettuce, and tomato (I forget which condiments, if any, come on it) atop one of the buns from their regular chicken sandwich.

  84. So and So Says:

    At In-N-Out, the Wish Burger is no longer (and was never officially) called that. Order a “Wish Burger” and most associates will be confused. It’s called a Veggie Burger.

    That said, if you can explain it, they’ll pretty much make it for you (within reason.)

    Also, they no longer serve 100x100s. The highest they’ll go is 4×4, for quality reasons.

  85. Does anyone know if you can still get the “secret sauce” at Jack In The Box? It’s what they used to put on their cheeseburgers before they reverted to boring old mustard and ketchup. It’s some sort of orangey thousand islandish concoction. When they first stopped having it standard, you could ask for it, but I haven’t tried that in a long time.

  86. I work at a fast food place and I HATE when people order stuff that isn’t on the menu. We have really old tills so there’s no set prices for a lot of these items. And since I’m relatively new and I don’t know what a lot of the older products are.

  87. Thanks for the quick tips. I think thats very important!. We always have to eat some fast food from time to time.

  88. Hmmm.. I can hear my arteries clogging now… 🙂

  89. jerome rochon Says:

    tonight I saw part of “Babette’s Feast” with my family. that was real food in a real movie. this post?… sad. makes me think of puking.

  90. Your post inspired me! a thought-provoking one!
    The existence of fast food here is slowly changing. There used to be many Wendy’s here, now only one or two.
    I think I am always intrigued to order what’s on the menu instead of what I have had before and it is not there again on the menu.

  91. Very fun post! I’ve done the In-n-out secret menu! Onto the rest!

  92. wow..this is really cool!! imma try those secret menu in mcdo and wendys!!!! yeah!! really cool post! where’d you get these? XD

  93. Cool. I’mma try those at Mickey D’s and Wendy’s. Sounds erm…”heavenly”. xD

  94. Interesting! Maybe I should try next time I go to McDonald’s.

  95. Always order something different, in order to guarantee it’s fresh.


    No salt on fries (just add it yourself — there’s too much anyway).

    No pickles, extra pickles, half the sauce, etc.

  96. This is cool, but when is the McRib coming back?????

  97. D: America is legendary for its consumption of the most disgusting fast food concoctions known to man, but it’s still shocking to hear specific, real-life examples like this. WHY does one need 4-8 meat patties in their burger?? Several billion people in the world today can hardly scrape together a decent meal, while the Western world spends its time working out how to eat as much as possible in one go (then goes to the gym to try and work off the extra weight…) – go figure.

    • You might be surprised at the kind of food a football player could put away, just for one example…

      • Mm but how many of these average joe’s are professional or even regular football players? That is just one example, and it looks to be a reasonably small minority. What is everyone else’s excuse? “I don’t have to see the consequences of what I do therefore I can do what I want”??

  98. My absolute favorite “secret menu” item comes from Dunkin’ Donuts: the Mocha Coolatta. These were on the menu when Coolattas were first introduced but, at least in our neck of the woods, they’ve been off the displayed menu for the last couple of years.

    Happily, since the only difference between the original coffee Coolatta and the Mocha Coolatta is some chocolate syrup (a pump or more depending on the size you order) any Dunkin can make you the significantly yummier Mocha version. Occasionally I’ll run into a new employee who isn’t familiar with the Mocha version and will earnestly tell me that it isn’t one of the available flavors, so it’s good to remember what goes in to make it a Mocha.

    I only order Coolattas as an occasional treat, so when I do get one, I always specify “with cream and whipped cream” (unless I’m getting a fruit coolatta) — usually Coolattas are made with 2% milk, but they will make yours with whole milk or light cream instead if you ask.

  99. Planet Hollywood made Capn Crunch chcicken.
    Always wanted to try that!
    Love your post dude good to know someone somewhere is addressing the true probs of the world.
    Carry on I can sleep better now.

  100. articles are quite interesting to read, who would have thought such an article is worthy to be a reference to all the people, give more benefits to others to share information with us to achieve common progress.
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  101. In and Out Burgers- has my favorite the ‘Protein burger’ Where you get the burger, cheese, tomatoes, pickle, onions and dressings all wrapped up in lettuce leaves- no bread. Yummy
    Wish there were In and Out burgers in Florida.

  102. I swear my stomach is rumbling just reading this. So many items I’m dying to try – thank you for the heads up… I think I’m going to be doing some experimenting next time I have fast food 🙂

  103. Wow. Perhaps some restaurants should add another beverage (metamucil) and another desert item (lipitor) to their secret menus! I’ve heard of the In-n-out menu before, but that MacGangbang – crap! (pun intended)

  104. laurenwurth Says:

    This is amazing! I have another one…Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch. They advertise it as a “limited time” thing every few years. It’s never on the official menu, but you can order it any time!

  105. my favorite is the “dirty chai.” a chai latte with a shot of espresso. it not only tastes good, but always makes the barista a bit uncomfortable when ordered.

  106. alanfriday55 Says:

    This is new to me. I kind of like it. Even though it’s the same ingredients it makes me feel less boxed-in. I do have a choice, apparently!!


  107. do people actually order that stuff that is so over the top and sounds impossible to eat ?

  108. ElTodd69 Says:

    I used to work @ McDonald’s and our store would do anything within reason. It was NOT in our training to make these “secret” items. It was Americqan ingenuity and creativeness. I used to take the middle bun of a Big Mac and make French toast out of it, we’d make grilled cheese, root beer floats, etc.

    And for the person who “ruined” someone’s McD experience, don’t sweat it. If it’s not on the menu, the customer has NO reason to get upset if you don’t know about it.

  109. uninspiredart Says:

    A ‘red eye’ or ‘shot in the dark’ is on some menu’s, esp. in licensee stores. And no one cares if you say “small/med/large”. lots of idiots think it’s cooler to refuse to use the lingo: no one cares. move on with your life.

  110. Good grief!!!

    In the old days when I was a youngster and worked at a DQ we always “created” new concoctions with ice cream and sandwiches.

    Carry on!


  111. tashination Says:

    I’m going to try to order the Short from Starbucks. I always wondered why the small was called a tall!

  112. yadevia Says:

    Jamba Juice IS delightful isn’t it? “McGangBang” – that is HILARIOUS, I am going to ask for that next time just to see the reactions. What an interesting read! Thx for posting this, lol

  113. That’s awesome.
    I’ve known about the Monster Mac for a while, the better variation is the double pounder (Like a quarter pounder, but with 8 times the fun).
    Successfully ordered it by name in Perth, WA. They charged us like $14 (AU) for it, though.

  114. wow you must be a real ff junkie to have written this. never cared about this secret menu thing, maybe soon i will. who knows… who cares…

  115. thanks for the insight on the SBs lol I’m ordering one today!!!

  116. andrewzender Says:

    I love to pig out as much as the next person, but would prefer to do it at an establishment other than a fast food joint. This is just nasty.

  117. sylviangirl Says:

    The names of these secret items are the best thing about them! “The Hypocrite” “The Suicide Burger” hahaha!!! Genius.


  118. This is crazy, although I haven’t heard of some of the restaurants ! I never knew that this even happened … very interesting 🙂

  119. omg….as if fast food wasn’t already a heart attack waiting to happen….
    i think i’ll try that gigantic mac….sounds delish….lol


  120. don’t order fast food, it’s crap.


  121. McGangbang LOL! I love it. I think some radio guy sent someone out to area McDonalds ordering the McGangbnag…..LOL the people on the other end of the Drive thru kept saying what???? as I remember.

  122. Mr.Saeed Says:

    No need for Junk food .oh sorry Fast food. They are not healthy .So I advice all people go to thses place to stop eating from these places again.

  123. I’ve been ordering a Neopolitan milkshake for years at real restaurants (sit down and order) even though they don’t have it on their menu!

    I never eat at Mc Donalds, they’re a complete ripoff. I think you’d have to be a moron to eat there. Go to Wendy’s, way better value for you buck!

  124. I’m not trying to knock the post, because it’s excellent, but I don’t know if this just makes me a fatty or what, but 99% of that stuff I already knew… Either way, I’m pretty sure Starbucks likes to have the ‘secret menu’ because it plays to the whole elitist coffee snob ideal.

  125. Good to know…I only wish there were more “secret menu” items that were healthier for the lifetime dieter. Thanks for posting 🙂 This info will make for great conversation starters!

  126. haha this is gold. Wonder how often the ‘mega-mac’ gets cracked out. When you order it do the employees have to call the hospital just to give them a heads up?

  127. lol have you heard of the sausage McStuffin’ its a suasage McMuffin with a jam donut inside.

  128. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this in replies yet but I always order this from Mcdonald’s: Order a double cheeseburger and ask them to “make it like a Mac”. You basically get a Big Mac, without the extra middle bun, for the price of a double cheeseburger. And who needs the extra bun anyway? Just extra calories that could go into eating a second double made like a Mac! 🙂

  129. sweet post gourmet exotic fast food

  130. veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice!!!!

  131. Lovin’ the post! I had no idea there was a hidden menu!

  132. Well anyhoo, this is my response: http://wp.me/puXEw-2I

  133. I’ve always had terrible luck order off the menu from fast food places. I either get a quizzical cashier who thinks I’ve gone made, or a roll in the eyes and the wonder if my food is getting spit on.


  134. green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those ,`”

  135. Has anyone ever had a McGangbang?? Soooo Gooood!!!! It is a McChicken in between the two meat patties of a McDouble. Like I said… SSSOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!

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