Back to the Future turns 25 this week

Back to the Future

The original Back to the Future opened in theaters on July 3, 1985.  That’s right, people, my favorite (and hopefully yours) time travel trilogy turns 25 years old on Saturday.   Crazy, right?  Especially since the 20th anniversary of Back to the Future Part III happened just this past May and the 20th anniversary of Back to the Future Part II happened in November.  Wow, I’m getting old.  I saw all three of these movies in the theater.

In celebration, this will be Back to the Future week on the blog.  In much the same way I did for the Part III celebration, I’ll have two or three articles pertaining to Back to the Future this week culminating in a review of the original movie on Saturday.  So sit back, relax, and let me get this blog up to 88 mpg, where you’re going to see some serious sh*t.


4 Responses to “Back to the Future turns 25 this week”

  1. Frickin’ A, I can’t wait!

    BttF is one of the few films where each sequel is progressively good and (IMO) not made for money. They were written as a trilogy and filmed as a trilogy and that’s why I like ’em. Plus the actors are great.

    “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

  2. “You are my density…I mean, my destiny…”

  3. wow, 25 years! I used to love the Back to the Future movies when I was little. I went to the theater for a couple of them. It doesnt seem that long ago…lol.

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