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The League: Ultimate pop culture cross overs

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New assignment for the League this week. Per Brian over at Cool and Collected:

What pop culture heroes or stories would make for the ultimate crossover…

I think that’s a really good question. There’s a lot of different ways to go with this. But, honestly, the first thing that popped into my head was the germ of an idea I had several years ago. I think it would be great if Doc Brown from Back to the Future became the head scientist/mechanic for Knight Industries. I had gone far enough in my pondering to actually mock up scene (click it to see it full size):

BTTF vs Knight Rider

I created this scene a year or two ago. It was an idea I had for a header for this blog. Imagine the logo of Cavalcade of Awesome being right above KITT. The idea just intrigued me. I haven’t actually thought any further than that. No plot ideas on how Doc winds up at Knight Industries, or anything like that. I just love the idea of Doc getting his hands on KITT and grafting on his own wacky modifications.  Like Time Travel and a Mr Fusion.  So awesome.

Another crossover I’ve actually discussed on this blog involves an Old West gunslinger and the King of Vampires.  In 2010 I envisioned and casted a Billy the Kid vs Dracula movie.

Billy the Kid vs Dracula

I casted Emilio Estevez to reprise his role as Billy the Kid from the Young Guns movies. I also casted Sam Neill as Dracula.  Sam had played an awesome evil vampire in the movie Daybreakers so I thought he’d be perfect.

Another idea that I think is a little more serious and could really work well would be a crossover between Torchwood and 24.  The idea being that Torchwood decides to open up an LA office and asks Jack Bauer to be the second in command.

Torchwood LA

This concept may seem familiar to you. I discussed this idea in Episode 18 of the Nerd Lunch podcast. It was an idea explored in a nice piece of fan fiction I read for the episode.  I think it was a great idea and could totally work as a real show.

Other entries from The League:
1) Shawn at Branded in the 80s brings the big guns this week with an epic 80s computer hacking/spy action adventure that combines War Games, Manhattan Project and Cloak and Dagger. I nearly wet myself in excitement.
2) League coordinator, Brian, from Cool and Collected puts together an awesome Old West crossover (Awesome even if he does omit Emilio Estevez’s Billy the Kid).
3) Christopher Tupa imagines an incredible crossover between The Fall Guy and The A-Team.
4) Fiji Mermaid at Sidshow Cinema wonders who would win between Predator and Boba Fett?


Jack. Is. Back.

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Well, for those in the know, 24 started on Sunday night with a 2 hour season premier extravaganza. It continued with another 2 hour free-for-all on Monday night. It’s official, Season 6 has begun, and I am hooked…AGAIN.

This year, Jack has already escaped from Chinese torture, been traded by our government to a terrorist in order to be killed, barely escaped a military air strike and watched a nuclear bomb detonate just outside Los Angeles. And that’s just in the first four hours. Sweet Jesus, what’s going to happen in the next 20 hours? Tune in Monday nights to find out, my friends.

Jack Bauer gets put in the worst situations. I have no idea how the guy is still sane, much less alive. He’s willingly become an enemy of the government, tortured and killed civilians and foreigners (guilty and innocent), and pretty much given up the possibility of a normal life outside his job all to serve his President (whoever that may be at any given time). Yet, despite all his sacrifices, key people in the government STILL do not trust or believe him. Jack could be sent by the government on a suicide mission to capture the head of a terrorist organization, somehow manages to gain the upper hand against 20 heavily armed men, kill only the people in the room that was necessary while maybe seriously injuring a few others, gain critical information from the terrorists (that will eventually save the government’s ass) yet when he presents this critical information to the higher-ups, he is believed by maybe 3 out of 10 people. THREE out of ten people. WTF?! BUT, to be fair, the 3 out of the 10 people that believe him, are the ones that matter. It’s those holy trinity of individuals who help Jack covertly carry out his job despite the ever looming possibility that those helpers will be fired, or worse, killed. The other seven of ten people are politicians with hidden agendas trying to keep Jack from yet again saving the world. That’s the wonderful bitter irony of this show. Jack Bauer will save the day, even if the politicians of this country don’t really want him to. What chance do pasty politicians have, Jack’s survived 2 nuclear bombs for chrissake. TWO. Ya betta recognize.

Steph asked me the other night who I would want with me trapped in the woods being hunted by terrorists, Jack Bauer or MacGuyver? Great, great question. I had to think about this one. Either way you are leaving those woods alive, the only difference is, with Jack Bauer, the terrorists won’t. MacGuyver would fashion a distracting bomb out of dirt and tree sap then figure a way to signal for help from a passing military plane. Jack, would ambush the terrorists, gut them like fish, then torture the leader until he told the location of the nuclear bomb, the terrorist hideout, his atm code and his favorite hat. The only problem is, when Jack returns to base, his bosses are going to laugh at the information he received as unreliable. Poor, pitiful bureaucrats.

For those that don’t know, 24 airs on Monday nights.

For some fun, random facts about Jack Bauer click here. Hit F5 after reading the fact to get a new one.

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