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Looking at the Back to the Future Souvenir Magazine

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Time Travel

This week is Back to the Future week on the Cavalcade of Awesome to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the original Back to the Future movie on July 3.  Today we look at the Back to the Future Souvenir Magazine.

Goonies souvenir mag Batman Souvenir mag Gremlins souvenir mag

In the ’80s it was fairly common practice to release souvenir magazines and books with the release of big tent pole movies. These magazines would provide story details, lots of movie stills and some behind the scenes info to help promote the movie. Along with these magazines studios would release poster books as well as novelizations.  Movies like Aliens, Rambo, Superman II, Star Trek IV, Gremlins and many others received both souvenir magazines and poster magazines.  As an example, I myself have the 1989 Tim Burton Batman official souvenir magazine (see above) as well as the movie novelization.  I also have the James Cameron directed Aliens movie magazine (to be used in a future article).  Shawn on Branded in the 80s did a great writeup on the Goonies Official Souvenir Magazine.  The Goonies magazine that Shawn talked about was a goldmine of deleted scenes and concepts as you can see here.  The Aliens and Batman magazines I have don’t have as much behind the scenes or deleted scenes depicted in the many, many movie stills within.

Anyway, talking about movie souvenir magazines, today I want to take a look at the Back to the Future Souvenir Magazine.

Back to the Future magazine front

Released in the Summer of 1985, this was used to promote the movie’s release (as all souvenir magazines tend to do). I bought it off the rack at our local Western Supermarket because I loved the movie (which I literally saw 10 times in the theater).  However, my copy was read so often it literally disintegrated in my hands after a few years. It took me a while, but I finally was able to replace my copy with a new, very near mint copy (including the poster!).

As you can see, the cover is nice and bright with a great image of the Drew Struzan poster art.  It’s interesting to note that the logo for the movie on this magazine is missing the light blue outline that can be found on the finished theatrical poster.  It makes for a visual difference and I like it.

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Back to the Future turns 25 this week

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Back to the Future

The original Back to the Future opened in theaters on July 3, 1985.  That’s right, people, my favorite (and hopefully yours) time travel trilogy turns 25 years old on Saturday.   Crazy, right?  Especially since the 20th anniversary of Back to the Future Part III happened just this past May and the 20th anniversary of Back to the Future Part II happened in November.  Wow, I’m getting old.  I saw all three of these movies in the theater.

In celebration, this will be Back to the Future week on the blog.  In much the same way I did for the Part III celebration, I’ll have two or three articles pertaining to Back to the Future this week culminating in a review of the original movie on Saturday.  So sit back, relax, and let me get this blog up to 88 mpg, where you’re going to see some serious sh*t.

Back to the Future The Video Games

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Cavalcade Arcade

So, we come to the end of my celebration of Back to the Future Part III’s 20th anniversary this week. On Wednesday I looked back at the Back to the Future Fan Club which debuted late in 1989 and lasted throughout 1990. Now, let’s take a look at the video games that were spawned by these movies.

The first game we are looking at was released in 1990, the same year as Part III. It was The Back to the Future Pinball Game by Data East.  Here is a 1990 trade magazine ad for the Back to the Future Pinball Game.

BTTF Pinball

The graphics and images on this machine are awesome, but completely counterbalancing that awesome is the absolutely ridiculous looking models they used for Doc and Marty. W. T. F?!  They look like Abbot and Costello (or Costello and Costello…because they are both “fat”).  Is Doc wearing black, white and blue leggings?!  I don’t remember Marty ever wearing a ball cap…oh, except in 2010 when he was disguised as his son, but that hat was rainbow colored.  My eyes are watering just staring at this thing.  Horribly awesome.  That’s what this is.

Here are some pics of the actual, live machine without the ridiculous looking models.

BTTF pinball top BTTF pinball side
(pics via Pinball Rebel)

There are more pictures over at Pinball Rebel. Go check them out.

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Remembering the Back to the Future Fan Club

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Time Travel

It’s Back to the Future Part III’s 20th anniversary this week.  Let’s take a look back at the Back to the Future Fan Club and the Fan Club Magazine that also debuted in 1990.

Here is a very cool looking 1990 ad for the Back to the Future Fan club.  You could find this ad in magazines and comics in late 1989 and early 1990.

BTTF Fan Club ad

It entices you to join up with the promise of a “beautiful” membership kit which includes an 8×10 photo (of what?), a logo patch, stickers, pencils and a membership card. You also get a 1 year subscription to the quarterly fan club magazine, which was cool, except the magazine itself only lasted one year.  You also get a forwarding service for fan mail to cast and crew of the movie, which was actually pretty cool because more often than not that could result in autographs.  I obtained a lot of Star Wars autographs through mail by writing letters to actors (pre-Sept 11, though).

Like I said, the actual Fan Club magazine only lasted a year, and since it was quarterly that meant only four issues.  Let’s take a look at those issues.

BTTF Fan Club mag 1

Here’s issue #1 of the fan club magazine. It was released in Winter 1989, very soon after Back to the Future Part II was released. Needless to say, there were lots of news and reviews of Part II as well as upcoming rumors on the impending May 1990 release of Part III.  Also included is a nice interview with screenwriter Bob Gale and Neil Canton.

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20 Year Anniversary: Back to the Future Part III

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BTTF 3 poster

If you follow this blog at all you know that Back to the Future is one of my favorite movie series of all time. I talk about it constantly.  Well, today, Monday, May 24th, the second sequel in the trilogy, Back to the Future Part III turned 20 years old.  Check out the newspaper clipping above.  It was clipped from the Birmingham News on May 24th, 1990.

So, since this is a momentous occasion (lots of classic movie birthdays this year), I’ll have a few Back to the Future related articles this week in celebration.

Stay tuned and Happy Birthday, Back to the Future Part III.

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Movie Flashback: Back to the Future Part II 20th Anniversary

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Time Travel

Man, this year has been crazy with pop culture anniversaries. We had the 10th anniversary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the 31st anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special as well as Star Trek the Original Series’ 43rd anniversary. Now, it’s time to celebrate the first sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time, Back to the Future. Yes, Back to the Future Part II turned 20 years old on November 22, 2009.

BTTF_poster 1

The original Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of all time. I saw it over 12 times in the theater the year it was released (1985). The theater by my house played $1.95 movies on Monday nights (as a promotion with the local radio station I-95) and my dad would take my brother and I almost every week. And every week I’d go see Back to the Future again and again.  Then when Back to the Future hit VHS, I had my dad go to Blockbuster the day it was released to rent it.  I watched it that night, and you can only imagine the moment the final screen on the VHS popped up:

To Be Continued...

I nearly crapped my pants in excitement after letting out a shamefully, girlish squeal of delight.  HOLY CRAP!  THERE’S GOING TO BE ANOTHER BACK TO THE FUTURE MOVIE!!  My 13-14 year old mind couldn’t comprehend something that awesome.  It nearly shut down.  What I didn’t know is that it would be another few years before the sequel would be released.

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7 Time Machines that would suck if they existed in the real world

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Time Travel

As promised, here is the third article in my list of failed pitches.  This was actually the first pitch I made to them.

Let’s be honest, time travel is bad ass.  Everyone would love to travel back in time and buy up shares of Microsoft or crates of unboxed Star Wars figures from back in the ’70s and then return to the present and live large like P Diddy.  We are all waiting for that moment when NASA holds a press conference and says, “HOLY CRAP, WE JUST SAW DINOSAURS!!!  I WAS NEARLY EATEN BY A T-REX!!  A F’N T-REX, PEOPLE!!”  Everyone on Earth is gonna lose their minds and there will be rioting in the streets like when the Lakers win an NBA Championship.  So when this announcement inevitably happens in the far flung future, what will be the rules of time travel?  What will the time travel vehicle look like?  No one knows.  Movies, TV and books have given us some ideas of what time travel MAY be like.  Let’s take a look at what I hope will NOT be what time travel is like when we all get to go back in time and play Marty McFly.

Bill & Ted's Phonebooth
The Phonebooth from the two Bill & Ted movies — Despite what the movies show you, this is no good for sending teams of people back.  I know Bill & Ted fit like 20 people in it, but in reality, have you ever tried to fit TWO people in a phone booth?  It’s like a game of Twister.  To send several people back you’d really need like 10 booths.  Besides, AT&T stopped servicing and turned off all their phone booths, so are there any fully enclosed phone booths left?  Why don’t we just make the time vehicle out of a horse and carriage?  It makes as much sense.  And the flimsy rabbit ears antenna on top?  Is this booth traveling through time or trying to pick up grainy cable stations?  It’s BEGGING to be damaged by random debris in the time continuum.  Plus, who the hell came up with the phone book and dialing strings of numbers to get to specific dates?  A yellow pages of time travel?  What if you want to go back to ancient Rome to meet Socrates, mis-dial the number and get dropped in the middle of the Spanish Inquisition?  Hope you are fireproof cause you are gonna get burned alive as a heretic.  Time travel’s not so fun now, is it?

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