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A look back at the awesome swag from the Kool-Aid Wacky Warehouse

Posted in Kool Aid, pop culture with tags , on February 2, 2010 by Paxton

KA Man

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, mail away premiums were all the rage. Being a comic book reader, I saw ads for thousands of mail away products amid the pages of my favorite books like The Flash and X-Men. One of the more prominent mail away deals was for the Kool-Aid Wacky Warehouse. You would collect points off the labels of Kool-Aid packets and cans and submit them for free stuff (paying postage, of course). It’s much like the rewards programs for hotels and airlines today. The more you use or buy their services, the more points you get and the more stuff that translates into.

Seeing the ads in comic books, I was amazed at all the cool stuff.  T-shirts, cassette players, hats, nerf basketball sets, etc.  These awesome items were dancing across the page with giant words screaming FREE STUFF!!!!  Here are two full page ads advertising the Wacky Warehouse (click images to make bigger).

Wacky Warehouse Sharkleberry Fin Wacky Warehouse Purplesaurus Rex

The ad on the left is themed towards the Kool-Aid flavor, Sharkleberry Fin (Greatest. Kool-Aid. Name. EVER.).  You can see the awesome shark mascot (with sunglasses!) for Sharkleberry Fin in the upper right.  In the ad to the right, the items are themed more for the Purplesaurus Rex flavor.  As you can see, there are tons of cool swag to be had just for drinking your favorite Kool-Aid flavors, clipping the points and sending them in with like 5 bucks in postage. Here’s the Wacky Warehouse order form that goes with the above ads.

Wacky Warehouse order form

Being a Kool-Aid enthusiast, I have come across a bunch of this swag so I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of this cool stuff the Wacky Warehouse was offering.  Some of it is, in fact, cool.  Some of it, not so much. Here are some of the fun items kids could send away for with Kool-Aid points.

KA Super Jump Rope
Super Jump Rope – I’m not entirely sure what makes this jump rope so “super”.  It actually looks like a pair of Kool-Aid themed nunchuks.  The red handles would mask the blood stains of your Kool-Aid Death Match victims.

KA Wacky Canteen Wacky Canteen back
Wacky Kid’s Canteen – Very goofy looking canteen that kids could carry around with them on their “adventures”. I’m assuming “The Warehouse” wanted it to be filled with Kool-Aid.  When did Kool-Aid Man start wearing glasses?

KA pitcher and cups
Pitcher and cup sets – Kool-Aid offered these items throughout the Wacky Warehouse promotion. Plastic cups and a pitcher with the Kool-Aid Man face on them.  The set would be colored differently depending on what Kool-Aid flavor they would currently be promoting. This particular set is red for Rock-A-Dile Red. If you look in the Wacky Warehouse forms at the top of this article you can see pitcher and cup sets colored blue for Berry Blue and purple for Purplesaurus Rex.

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Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Superman!!!

Posted in humor, Kool Aid, Photoshop, pop culture, Superman with tags , , on February 22, 2007 by Paxton

Continuing my on-going series of Photoshop creations, I have another fake Kool-Aid packet for you. For the budding evil genius in all of us, I present Kryptonite Kool-Aid.

Kryptonite Kool-Aid

I created this around the time Superman Returns was released in theaters. If this seems familiar, it was mentioned in an earlier article on this blog.

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Windex Kool-Aid: Wha-HUH?!

Posted in food, humor, Kool Aid, Photoshop, random with tags , , on June 6, 2006 by Paxton

Here’s another creation from the PaxNet Kool-Aid labs. You may be thinking, “Pax, why the hell did you pick Windex?” Well, it wasn’t just a random, out-of-my-ass creation. It does have a history, though. Check it:

Kool-Aid’s Berry Blue was introduced in the late ’80s. There was a huge media blitz and push for the flavor. Pretty soon parents started complaining that the flavor looked too much like windshield wiper fluid and/or Windex. They were afraid that kids would be confused and mistake the two. Apparently these parents keep their wiper fluid and Windex in the fridge next to the juice. WTF?! So, according to urban legend, Kool-Aid pulled the flavor in order to avoid massive lawsuits from crazy-ass parents.

Well, Berry Blue is back and you can buy it in stores. Let me tell you, it is tasty…and BLUE. Like really blue. Radiation blue. It’s almost scary.

I thought I would create the flavor Kool-Aid almost did, but didn’t.

And there was much rejoicing.

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Corona Kool-Aid…Ole!

Posted in humor, Kool Aid, Photoshop, pop culture with tags , , on May 11, 2006 by Paxton

The newest flavor…and most fun. Next to Vanilla Ice, this is my favorite creation. How cool would it be to sit down with a bowl of chips and salsa and down glass or two (or pitcher) of this sweet nectar of the gods? Mucho cool, mi amigo.

As far as Mexican beer goes, I prefer Corona Light or Pacifico, but you get the idea. Kool-Aid ain’t just for snotty noses any more. Arriba!!

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Ice Cream Cones flavored Kool-Aid!!

Posted in ice cream, Kool Aid, Photoshop, pop culture with tags , , on April 10, 2006 by Paxton

That’s right, my friends. Another creation from the PaxNet labs. Kool-Aid flavored like Ice Cream Cones cereal.

Don’t ever say that I can’t bring it.

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