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11 Kool-Aid products you probably didn’t know existed

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Kool-Aid Man animated gif

Everyone knows the famous Kool-Aid drink packets. Purplesaurus Rex, Cherry, Berry Blue, etc, etc. But drink packets aren’t the only thing Kool-Aid made. There is a plethora of items made under the Kool-Aid banner trying to capitalize on the popularity of one Mr Man (Kool-Aid Man).

Here are 11 items made under the Kool-Aid brand that you may not have known existed.

Adventures of Kool-Aid Man comics Advs of Kool-Aid Man 2
Kool-Aid Man comic books – Kool-Aid and Marvel Comics collaborated on issues #1, #2 and #3 of The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man comic book.  Archie Comics then published issues #4 and #5.  Several of these issues were given out free in a mail away premium, and several issues were also available in stores.  You might think it would be difficult to come up with engaging stories involving a talking pitcher of Kool-Aid quenching the thirsts of little children, and you would be mostly right.  However, the stories were zany and mostly entertaining, considering the entire comic is an advertisement for drink mix.

Kool-Aid Man video game ad Kool-Aid Man Intellivision box
Kool-Aid Man video game – Yes, there was a video game based on Kool-Aid Man.  It was released for the Atari 2600, Intellivision and Sears video game systems.  The ad and box above are for the Intellivision version.  Here is the box for the Atari 2600 version.  If you really want to understand the meaning of the word tedious, then download a ROM of this game and play it.

Kool-Aid bottles ad Kool-Aid bottle
Kool-Aid bottled drinks – For a while back in the 50s and 60s, Kool-Aid offered their flavors pre-mixed in glass bottles.  I’m not sure if they were carbonated or not, but I don’t believe so.

Kool-Aid Pumps
Kool-Aid Kool Pumps – This was a fast food promotion with Burger King.  The “push-up” style sherbert bars were flavored with the elusive Sharkleberry Fin.  Matt talked about them on X-Entertainment a while back.

Kool Aid Kid's Trivia Game
Kool-Aid Kid’s Trivia Game – From 1985. This actually existed.  It played like Trivial Pursuit, but I would hope the questions dealt with more than just Kool-Aid.  How many questions can there be about Kool-Aid?

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Decadence: Ice Cream Orgasms

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Sooooooooooo, even though today is Thursday, I am taking tomorrow off, so you bitches can SUCK IT, today is my Friday. I think I’ll spend today talking a little bit about indulgences. There are a few things my wife and I love to indulge in, ice cream being numero uno. Recently a flavor of Haagen Dazs was released that knocked a few of my planets out of orbit. It’s called Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Like I just told you in the first paragraph, the wife and I adore ice cream. If we could, we would adopt a little ice cream baby and care for him and love him like the real thing. The only problem is, we’d only last so long before his ice-creamy goodness would lure us into eating him and then we’d be labeled cannibals, which would force us to go on the run. Authorities and bounty hunters would chase after us Fugitive-style until a violent and bloody shootout at an old abandoned warehouse ends the entire ordeal. Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Michael Hall would portray us in the TV movie and……….wait, where was I….oh, ice cream. As far as flavors, Steph loves chocolate (the more you can cram into the container the better). Me, I gravitate towards regular vanilla and it’s variations (cherry vanilla, chocolate chip, etc).

Earlier this year, Steph and her mother saw a show on Food Network called Scoop which was a reality type show that had people developing the next great Haagen Dazs flavor. The winner turned out to be a British desert called Sticky Toffee Pudding. I was skeptical but Steph convinced me to try it. The verdict? Might be the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It’s tied with Graeter’s Chocolate Chip ice-cream at the top of my list of “Ice Creams to Kill Your Parents For” (Just kidding, Mom and Dad………or am I?). This stuff is phenomenal. If they had it, I’d buy it in giant tubs. I’d purchase extra refrigerators just to be able to hold the giant tubs of Sticky Toffee Pudding I’d buy. My wife said she would bathe in it. I use it as cologne and bathroom spackle. IT’S THAT GOOD. Try it, you’ll thank me. Pretty soon you’ll be frequenting dark alleys looking for your next STP fix.

Welcome to my world.

Have a good weekend.

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Ice Cream Cones flavored Kool-Aid!!

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That’s right, my friends. Another creation from the PaxNet labs. Kool-Aid flavored like Ice Cream Cones cereal.

Don’t ever say that I can’t bring it.

Check out all my other creative, and completely made up, Kool-Aid creations here.

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