Windex Kool-Aid: Wha-HUH?!

Here’s another creation from the PaxNet Kool-Aid labs. You may be thinking, “Pax, why the hell did you pick Windex?” Well, it wasn’t just a random, out-of-my-ass creation. It does have a history, though. Check it:

Kool-Aid’s Berry Blue was introduced in the late ’80s. There was a huge media blitz and push for the flavor. Pretty soon parents started complaining that the flavor looked too much like windshield wiper fluid and/or Windex. They were afraid that kids would be confused and mistake the two. Apparently these parents keep their wiper fluid and Windex in the fridge next to the juice. WTF?! So, according to urban legend, Kool-Aid pulled the flavor in order to avoid massive lawsuits from crazy-ass parents.

Well, Berry Blue is back and you can buy it in stores. Let me tell you, it is tasty…and BLUE. Like really blue. Radiation blue. It’s almost scary.

I thought I would create the flavor Kool-Aid almost did, but didn’t.

And there was much rejoicing.

Check out all my other creative, and completely made up, Kool-Aid creations here.

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