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AWESOME-tober-fest 2010: The Wolf’s Hour by Robert McCammon

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Welcome to Day 10 of AWESOME-tober-fest. We are in the middle of werewolf book week. Yesterday I looked at Howling Mad by Peter David. Today, I will review The Wolf’s Hour by Robert McCammon.

The Wolf's Hour

This is an interesting novel. I originally read it back in high school. My dad used to take my brother and I to the “big” library in downtown Birmingham at least once a month for a special treat. It offered a wider choice of books than our local library. I’d pick out a bunch of books about comic books or werewolves or gunfighters and we could return them at any of our local libraries (or back to the original downtown location if we went back in time). It was pretty awesome. During one of my trips I was looking for werewolf fiction and stumbled across this book. It seemed a little long for me at the time at nearly 500 pages, plus it took place during World War II, which doesn’t interest me very much, but the lure of a new werewolf novel was too much to resist.  So I checked it out.

The Wolf's Hour 2

The story is definitely interesting. It combines two very different genres; the World War II spy adventure and the werewolf adventure.  The main character, Michael Gallatin, was born into a wealthy Russian family.  At an early age Michael was changed and then taken in by a pack of werewolves. He was taught by the pack how to live as a man and a wolf and properly use his newly discovered supernatural abilities.  After years of learning and maturing with the pack of werewolves, Michael leaves them to see the world and create a life of his own.  He offers his “skills” to the Allies during World War II and becomes a secret weapon in the fight against Hitler and his Third Reich.  Michael goes on several missions and uncovers a secret conspiracy called Iron Fist that threatens to derail the Allies’ invasion of Europe and turn the tides of the war in favor of the Axis powers.

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