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5 Awesome pop culture vehicles I’d love to drive in real life

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New assignment for the League this week. This week Brian wants to hear what pop culture vehicles do you personally want to drive?

Right off the bat, Brian took the Batmobile off the table, so I can’t include it here. For grins and giggles, though, my favorite version of the Batmobile? The one from Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.  However, it wouldn’t have been my #1 pick, but it would have made the top 5.  Possibly even top 3.

So let’s take a look at the 5 pop culture vehicles I’d personally like to own and drive. And yes, these are in order of preference.

BTTF Delorean
BTTF time traveling Delorean – Hands down, this is my number one.  And that should be obvious if you’ve read my blog for longer than 15 minutes.  Not only does it look bad ass but it TRAVELS THROUGH TIME.  And obviously I want the one from the end of the first movie with the Mr Fusion (so I don’t need Plutonium) and the 2015 hover conversion (so the thing can FLY).

KITT – KITT is a very close second. Why is it second to the Delorean? Because it doesn’t come with the ability to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME. Time Travel trumps pretty much anything else.  However, having a talking bad ass car that can almost fly is pretty awesome, so I would want it next.  Btw, I want the classic Pontiac Trans-Am version, not the crappy Ford Mustang version.

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The Cavalcade and Nerd Lunch assault the Tallahassee Auto Museum Part I

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I have met so many awesome bloggers in the nearly 5 years since I started the Cavalcade.  Every one of them has influenced this site in some way.  In the last few years, I’ve even been able to team up with some of the bloggers I admire most in some fun team ups. Last July I hooked up with Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s to talk about Unofficial Movie Trilogies.  Last summer I was asked by Rondal Scott to contribute content for his blog Strange Kid’s Club.  And the awesome blog crossovers just keep coming.  Earlier this year, Carlin Trammel from Nerd Lunch asked if I wanted to meet up somewhere and do a blog crossover.  After several months of working out schedules it finally happened and the Holley household traveled to Tallahassee for a “meet-and-geek” between Nerd Lunch and the Cavalcade of Awesome.

The question was…what do we do?  We decided to check out an “auto museum” off I-10.  I put “auto-museum” in quotes because…well, you’ll see.  I had seen this particular “auto museum” in my travels to Destin, FL to visit my brother-in-law.  They heavily advertise the fact that they have a Batmobile from the movie Batman Forever.  So, this seemed like an appropriate place for two pop culture nerds to join forces.

As soon as I drove in the front gates to the museum, I knew this place was going to be special.  Just inside the gate, to the right, was a nearly life size model of the Batmobile…and a buffalo.  A GIANT, decidedly NOT life size buffalo.  And I discovered that if you take a picture from a certain angle, it actually looks like the buffalo is driving the Batmobile.

Buffalo driving the Batmobile

I know, right?  LEGENDARY.  So I know this place is going to rock even though the outside looks like some random office building.

Tallahassee Auto Museum

That ordinary exterior did well to mask the awesome-ness that was hidden within. Shall we go inside?  Yes.  We shall.

First of all, here are the intrepid explorers, me (left) and CT (right).  We were unprepared for what lay ahead.
Me and CT

And what are we standing in front of? Why gentlemen and gentleladies, that is the Elvismobile.

Elvismobile 1
Check it out in all of its pink glory. Now, understand, Elvis never actually drove this vehicle, the car is just a subtle and classy homage to the King of Rock n Roll. The entire body is lined with rope lights. There is a giant hooka pipe with a skull on top sitting in the middle of the driver’s console.  The door handles have been replaced with pistols.  There’s a trailer caddy hitched to the back with SIX generators used to power a video projector that can show movies on the side of a building.  Like I said.  Subtle and classy.

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