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Nerd Lunch Episode 4: Guilty Displeasures

Posted in blogging, podcast with tags , , on September 27, 2011 by Paxton

Episode 4 of the Nerd Lunch podcast starring yours truly (and two other dudes) has “gone live” as those of us in “the biz” say.

Nerd Lunch Ep 4

This week we are joined by Nicole Wakelin from  She joins us for a discussion about “Guilty Displeasures”. The crux of the subject is that we pick 2 things that we feel we should like but don’t. Lots of surprisingly nerdy stuff is talked about and hated by the group.  Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones is discussed.  We also discover one of the group has no soul and hates Halloween.  Listen to find out who I’m talking about.

So download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.  We will eventually make it onto the Zune Marketplace.  I promise.

And don’t worry, our fans are not our “Guilty Displeasure”.

Awesometoberfest banner

No new article this week.  I’m still prepping for AWESOME-tober-fest which starts on Monday and lasts throughout October. Lots and lots of vampire content is going to suck the awesome out of the air and place it into your brain. I even redressed my blog header in preparation for Halloween.

So check back here on Monday for the beginning of AWESOME-tober-fest 2011.

Announcing the Nerd Lunch podcast

Posted in blogging, podcast with tags , , on September 9, 2011 by Paxton

Nerd Lunch Podcast

So, you’re reading this blog and you’re like, “How can I get more of this guy, Paxton?  He is just so awesome I don’t want to only read his words, I want to drink him in.  Every ounce.”

Well, creepy reader, you can’t get every ounce, just yet, but you can get more of me.  Aside from this blog, writing occasional articles for Strange Kids Club and randomly posting movie ads on Held Over, I joined up with CT and Jeeg from Nerd Lunch to start the Nerd Lunch podcast.  And Episode 1 has gone live on iTunes.

Nerd Lunch podcast

The three of us will talk about all topics nerdy like movies, comics, books, fast food, the internets and anything else that pops into our ADD addled brains.  Occasionally, we will be joined by other nerdy bloggers.  It will be a ton of fun.  So subscribe to us, download our first episode and listen on your mobile device or desktop computer of choice.   If you hit up Nerd Lunch here, you can listen to the velvety sounds of our geekiness right in your browser without having to download.

Episode 1 of the podcast has the three of us taking internet personality tests to determine who is MacGyver, who is Big Bird and who is the GREATEST CARE BARE SCHOLAR ALIVE!  Join us, won’t you?

This podcast will be a part of the Atomic Geeks podcast network.  And, if you haven’t listened to the Atomic Geeks podcast, seriously, check it out.  4.5 guys also talking about geeky pop culture.  The discussions they have get increasingly loud and geeky and eventually devolve into shouting and violence.  You can even play the Atomic Geeks drinking game; listen to their podcast and see how many times Christian Nielsen says the phrase, “…for crying out loud”.  Prepare to get HAMMERED.

Anyway, subscribe to the Nerd Lunch podcast on iTunes.  Or Feedburner.  Zune is coming soon.

The Cavalcade and Nerd Lunch assault the Tallahassee Auto Museum Part II

Posted in blogging, cars, nostalgia, pop culture, random with tags , , on July 20, 2011 by Paxton

A few weeks ago, I visited Carlin Trammel (of Nerd Lunch) in Tallahassee for an historic meeting of bloggy awesomeness.  Together we witnessed the random awesomeness that is the Tallahasse Auto Museum, inhaled Double Downs at a local KFC and talked about all things nerdy (Star Trek, Star Wars, super hero movies, blogging, etc).  Yes, a nerd connection was made.

Anyway, on Monday I discussed all the awesome cars Carlin and I peeped in the museum. On Tuesday, Carlin posted his recollections of our trip to the museum. I’m continuing the week long look at my sojourn over to the ‘hassee by revealing to you all the other randomly epic crap that was crammed into the “auto” museum that had nothing whatsoever to do with cars.  You will be amazed.

Let’s start with…

Fisher Price Grand Piano
Pianos. Yes, this place had a collection of about 10 pianos. This particular one looks like a Fisher Price toy made for a giant baby. I swear my 10 month old son has a piano very similar to this (only “normal” baby size).

awesome gold piano
Here Carlin is checking out the re-DONK-ulous gold piano that would be the perfect centerpiece to any room. And it is flanked by two tasteful life size gold lions. In my mind this is the piano that God is playing when you enter the Gates of Heaven.  And he’s playing the theme to the movie Chariots of Fire.  Or The Sting.

From pianos we move to…

Mego Wizard of Oz
Dolls.  This place also had an entire section of collectible dolls.  Amongst the Barbies and Skippers there were a few choice, geeky items.  Here is a nearly full set of Mego’s 1976 Wizard of Oz figures. They are only missing a few Munchkins figures and the Witches Castle and Munchkinland playsets.  I am in love with this set.  It was this set that put Mego on the map and allowed them to get the Marvel and DC licenses to create their World’s Greatest Super Heroes line.

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The Cavalcade and Nerd Lunch assault the Tallahassee Auto Museum Part I

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I have met so many awesome bloggers in the nearly 5 years since I started the Cavalcade.  Every one of them has influenced this site in some way.  In the last few years, I’ve even been able to team up with some of the bloggers I admire most in some fun team ups. Last July I hooked up with Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s to talk about Unofficial Movie Trilogies.  Last summer I was asked by Rondal Scott to contribute content for his blog Strange Kid’s Club.  And the awesome blog crossovers just keep coming.  Earlier this year, Carlin Trammel from Nerd Lunch asked if I wanted to meet up somewhere and do a blog crossover.  After several months of working out schedules it finally happened and the Holley household traveled to Tallahassee for a “meet-and-geek” between Nerd Lunch and the Cavalcade of Awesome.

The question was…what do we do?  We decided to check out an “auto museum” off I-10.  I put “auto-museum” in quotes because…well, you’ll see.  I had seen this particular “auto museum” in my travels to Destin, FL to visit my brother-in-law.  They heavily advertise the fact that they have a Batmobile from the movie Batman Forever.  So, this seemed like an appropriate place for two pop culture nerds to join forces.

As soon as I drove in the front gates to the museum, I knew this place was going to be special.  Just inside the gate, to the right, was a nearly life size model of the Batmobile…and a buffalo.  A GIANT, decidedly NOT life size buffalo.  And I discovered that if you take a picture from a certain angle, it actually looks like the buffalo is driving the Batmobile.

Buffalo driving the Batmobile

I know, right?  LEGENDARY.  So I know this place is going to rock even though the outside looks like some random office building.

Tallahassee Auto Museum

That ordinary exterior did well to mask the awesome-ness that was hidden within. Shall we go inside?  Yes.  We shall.

First of all, here are the intrepid explorers, me (left) and CT (right).  We were unprepared for what lay ahead.
Me and CT

And what are we standing in front of? Why gentlemen and gentleladies, that is the Elvismobile.

Elvismobile 1
Check it out in all of its pink glory. Now, understand, Elvis never actually drove this vehicle, the car is just a subtle and classy homage to the King of Rock n Roll. The entire body is lined with rope lights. There is a giant hooka pipe with a skull on top sitting in the middle of the driver’s console.  The door handles have been replaced with pistols.  There’s a trailer caddy hitched to the back with SIX generators used to power a video projector that can show movies on the side of a building.  Like I said.  Subtle and classy.

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Awesomeness Elsewhere – April Fool’s Day Edition

Posted in blogging, holiday with tags , on April 1, 2011 by Paxton

April Fool's Day

–The ad above is from Held Over!. It is for the 1986 movie April Fool’s Day starring Deborah Foreman, Griffin O’Neal and Thomas F Wilson.  To see it bigger and check out the trailer, click on the image.

–Over on Strange Kid’s Club I review the first issue of the comic event Infestation.  It somehow melds zombies, vampires, Star Trek and G.I. Joe.

–I also talked about the new DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week which include Teen Wolf and The Secret of NIMH.