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Empire magazine celebrates issue 250 and Back to the Future’s birthday

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Time Travel

Back in April, British magazine, Empire, celebrated it’s 250th issue.  At the same time they also celebrated Back to the Future’s 25th Anniversary.  For that month’s issue they had a Back to the Future themed cover on newsstands.  Here is their 250th issue.

Empire 250

They also had an exclusive subscriber cover. It featured the more traditional Struzan artwork from the poster.

Empire 250 subscriber only

Inside was a nice interview with Bob Gale and Steven Spielberg about making the film. Not much new information was gained by the interview, they mainly treaded the same ground as all the other documentaries and interviews they’ve given over the years. They talked about the genesis of the idea for the movie (Gale wondering if he would have been friends with his dad in high school) and Spielberg talked a bit about the troubles in getting Michael J Fox into the Marty McFly role (Fox was the original choice but couldn’t get out of Family Ties obligations).  Even the pictures were mostly retreads from the souvenir magazine and the Official Book of the Complete Trilogy.

It was a nice nostalgic article, though, that also featured “Viewing Guides” for all three movies with trivia items to watch for.

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