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18 Slot machines based on movies and TV shows

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I mentioned last week that I was going to Vegas with my wife to renew our vows with Elvis. While there, we spent some time in a few casinos. I’m not a big gambler but I love walking casino floors and checking out the other gamblers and the various themed slot machines.

Casinos are awesome. It’s like walking into an arcade back in the 80s. Lots of lights and noise. People hunched over lighted consoles hoping to get high scores. I love going to casinos. Like I said, I’m not a huge gambler, but I love looking at slot machines. They are the modern equivalent of upright arcade games. I’ve talked about my love for slot machines before and their taking the torch of the arcade machine.

Anyway, here are 18 slot machines I found that are based on movies or TV shows. You can click any of these images to see them bigger.

The Hangover slots
The Hangover – I’ll start with this one because it’s the most obvious.  Expect to see images of tigers and babies on the reels.  “Tootle-loo, mutha-f**kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Alien slots 1 Alien slots 2
Alien – As you can see, there are two versions of the Ridley Scott Alien slot machine. One slot machine has the picture of the egg from the theatrical one-sheet and the other has a picture of the alien xenomorph and includes a special Alien Hunt bonus.

Alien vs Predator slots
Alien vs Predator – You got an alien slot machine, you also get an Alien vs Predator. Unfortunately, there isn’t a standalone Predator machine.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail slots
Monty Python and the Holy Grail – One of my favorite movies of all time. This slot was great because it had a ton of quotes from the movie, as well as clips and a special bonus round where you fought the black knight. There were even “hot spots” on the screen you could touch to generate a random quote or sound from the movie.

Star Wars Droid Hunt Star Wars Droid Hunt screen
Star Wars Droid Hunt – This slot machine was pretty awesome. Lots of images and sounds from the original trilogy. Back in the late 90s, there was another Star Wars slot machine called Death Star Escape. It was cool because there was a bonus round that activated a model Death Star built into the housing that started spinning. Funny, I’ve never found a Star Wars slot machine based on the prequel movies.

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Slot Machines: The Next Generation Part II

Posted in casinos, pop culture, reviews, slot machines, technology, video games with tags , , , , , on September 8, 2006 by Paxton

Thank the almighty blessed Lord it is Friday.
Friday morning, 8:40am EST, and I’m already dying a slow death of boredom. And this has only been a 4 day week. Ugh. Calgon take me away.

Since I don’t have Calgon to take me away, I have to settle for a blog article. Continue on for part 2 of my slot machines reviews. If you missed part 1 just click here.

I’ve been to many different casinos in several different places over the years. Las Vegas, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Atlantic City. During my travels I’ve seen some pretty cool and pretty funny character based machines. I began taking pictures and collecting some of the best. In the second part of this slot machine article I’ll show you some more of my favorite slot machines.

Star Wars – This is one of the coolest slot machines out there. Very nice graphics, cool game play, and I love the bonus games where you try to blow up the Death Star. Even the chairs you sit on have Star Wars written on them. Very, very cool. It’s even fun to just sit and watch someone play.

Monster Mansion/The Munsters/Ghost Island – I love these Halloween/monster themed slots. There are usually several on the floor at all times. Monster Mansion is actually branded with the Universal Studios logo so it is using the fully licensed Universal Monsters. The gameplay is okay, but the visuals are really cool. The Munsters machine is obviously based on the tv show, which I loved. Unfortunately it is the old 3 reel type slot and not the graphics heavy video game like slot like Monster Mansion. Other scary themed slots include Ghost Island where you are trapped on an island, go figure, full of ghosts. You have to capture them all to win bonus games. Very neat.

Texas Tea – I’ve actually seen this slot in almost every casino I’ve been to. Apparently, for the last few years, this has been the most popular slot machine. More people play these slots than any other. Surprising to me that it’s so popular. It’s vaguely based on the tv show Dallas, showing big Cadillacs, oil wells, rich Texans, etc. Entertaining, yes, but still very middle of the road.

Dam Lumberjack Beavers – This is it. My piece de resistance. My coup de grace. If I were Orson Welles, this would be my Citizen Kane. Dam. Lumberjack. Beavers. Not much else needs to be said. It’s like Snakes on a Plane or Sharks in a Honda Civic. Simple, to the point. Awesome.

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Back to the Future Slots & Studio 60 TV Show

Posted in Back to the Future, slot machines, TV, TV shows with tags , , , , , on August 23, 2006 by Paxton

I’ve got two quick notes for everyone:

According to, Las Vegas has just started receiving the new Back to the Future Video Slots. Interesting that my last two articles involved the demise of Back to the Future The Ride and slot machines. It’s like two kids are walking down the street, one carrying the BTTF The Ride article and one carrying the slot machine article. Then, like the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials, the kids trip, fall into each other and BAM!, everything is all mixed up into something new, different…and DELICIOUS.

Also of note in the above article is that Christopher Lloyd reprised his role of Doc Emmette Brown for the live action segments which were also overseen by writer/director/producer Bob Gale. Click here to see pics of the prototype of the Back to the Future slot machine.

Quick Note #2:

I watched a preview of NBC’s new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s by Aaron Sorkin who created Sports Night and West Wing. It doesn’t premier until Sept 18, but Netflix is shipping out early preview DVDs as a promotion.

I watched it last night and the show, in a word, is incredible. I didn’t really get into West Wing like I wanted to, but I did love Sorkin’s Sports Night which showed the behind the scenes drama of a sports talk show similar to ESPN SportsCenter. It starred Desperate Housewives’ Felicity Huffman and was fun to watch. Studio 60 is very similar to Sports Night in that it’s behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford play a famous writing duo who are asked back to Studio 60 after being fired because the eccentric show’s creator melted down during a live broadcast. The writing is sharp and funny and the actors are brilliant. I can’t wait until this starts airing during the regular season. I will definitely start watching it.

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Slot Machines: The Next Generation Part I

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The grandfather of the modern slots, the Liberty Bell slot machine, was developed in California in 1887. Since then the basic premise has stayed the same; three reels, multiple prize symbols per reel, one lever to spin the reels. Originally payouts were given as complimentary items by the bars they were in but as electronic parts replaced the mechanical parts, slot machines started paying out hard cash. Even with that development, the basic idea and design of slot machines didn’t really waver, that is, until the mass-producing of microchips and the widespread use of computer software.

With the proliferation of the micro-processor, most modern slot machines became software based and play like a complicated computer video game. As a matter of fact, I see modern slot machines as the newer cousin to the upright arcade video game. My formative years were all up and down the ’80s. I loved video arcades. My friend Steve and I would search out video arcades in which to play our favorite games like Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Zaxxon, Tecmo Bowl, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, etc, etc. I am, a video game phreak…..a Super-Phreak, if you will. So it should come as no surprise that I am fascinated by the new virtual slots seen in every casino. Not only do they look and play like a video game, they have graphics, sounds and images from popular entertainment like TV and movies. The old 3 reel system has been replaced by virtual playing reels running between 30 and 50 paylines that a user can select. The software and intelligence to run these machines has become intensely complicated. Click here for a really good interview with Michael Shackleford, The Wizard of Odds. He is a slot machine designer and he de-mystifies some ideas you may have about the One-Armed Bandit.

I’ve been to many different casinos in several different places over the years. Las Vegas, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Atlantic City. During my travels I’ve seen some pretty cool and pretty funny character based machines. I began taking pictures and collecting some of the best. In this 2 part article I’ll show you some of my favorites.

Monty Python & Holy Grail – This is easily one of the best machines I’ve ever played. The graphics and gameplay were phenomenal. I actually didn’t care that I lost 20 bucks playing on it. There are tons of movie clips and quotes that are thrown about you. If you touch certain parts of the screen neat sound effects go off. Lots of fun and one of my favorites. Click the image for a larger pic.

Antique Appraisal – Very interesting slot machine based on the popular tv show Antique Roadshow. The money reels have pictures of appraisers and antique objects on them. So you could conceivably get a pasty-faced man with professor glasses in one reel and a beat up looking armoire in another. The bonus game is interesting too because you have to pick out the most valuable item from a group of antiques. Very wierd premise for a slot machine, but very interesting.

Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania – This machine rocks. The idea of a slot machine based on the continuing adventures of a lobster by the name of Lucky Larry is patently absurd, but I LOVE IT!!. This typifies many of the silly generic slot machines you will find in big groups on the casino floor, but it’s very cleverly done. Cute characters, lots of colors, subtle theme of one being lucky or having lots of money. This one really makes me laugh because the idea is so random.

Elvis – Being a huge Elvis fan, I had to put this. These are slightly disappointing because they are the old-school three reel slots and not the virtual video game slots. They have Elvis images all over them and some of the reels have guitars and cadillacs on them. I only played about 5 bucks on these because they are labeled Elvis, but the Monty Python slots above were calling my name.

That’s about it for today, I’ll post more pics of my favorite slot machines soon.

Click here for Part II of this article.

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