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Kick ass alternative covers for books and movies

Posted in Back to the Future, books, Harry Potter, movies, ninjas, Penguin Classics, pop culture with tags , , on February 20, 2009 by Paxton

Pengiun CoversLast week I did a Weekly Geeks theme in which I discussed several alternate, foreign book covers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It was cool doing the research for that and while looking around I came across several other alternate book covers that were so cool I had to share them here.

The covers we’ll look at today are different than the Harry Potter covers, though.  The book covers I am going to show you today are entirely fan created by graphics artists.  They create them because they are a fan of design and there are several initiatives on their blogs and in Flickr where they create these designs just to stay sharp and keep up on their designing skills.  These book covers may not be real, but they rock.  They look entirely professional, like some publisher actually created these and are selling them somewhere.  Don’t go thinking they are available in some crazy limited edition in Uruguay, and I had to traipse my lazy, white ass through the Uruguayan jungles to find these little treasures.  I didn’t, I barely want to traipse my ass to the fridge for another Girl Scout Cookie.  I’m not going to Uruguay for a book.  However, if these books were real, I would be very tempted to try.

So let’s start off with cover redesigns from the series I talked about last week; Harry Potter (click the images for larger versions).

Harry Potter 1Harry Potter 2Harry Potter 3Harry Potter 4
Harry Potter 5Harry Potter 6Harry Potter 7

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