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9 days left to support Strange Kids Comix Magazine #3

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Issue #3 of the Strange Kids Club Comix Magazine has 9 days left on Kickstarter and less than $200 left to be fully funded.

There is a lot of content packed into this issue of the anthology by a lot of really awesome contributors.

Here again is the amazing cover by Jason Edmiston:

SKC Comix #3

Also packed into this issue are creators like Brent Engstrom, Jon David Guerra and John Rozum. There is also written content by such blogging luminaries as Brian Adams (Cool and Collected), Shawn Robare (Branded in the 80s) and myself (here).

You will not want to miss this.  Plus, each level of contribution has tons of extra swag you can grab.  But those contribution levels are slowly becoming sold out.  So get over there while you can.

Now head over to this issue’s Kickstarter page, show your support for this most awesome collection of art and content.  You will not be disappointed.


5 school supplies from back in the day that I couldn’t go to school without

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New assignment from The League.  The assignment says simply, “Back to School”.

Back to School

I had a ton of fun during the summers of my youth. I practically lived at the community pool and one week each summer my family would go to Myrtle Beach with my cousins. It was awesome. But, then comes the last few weeks in August. The city swimming leagues have finished up their seasons, the pools are closing and the stores have put up their “back to school” displays.  I loved this time.  As much as I enjoyed the summer, the idea of going to K-Mart or Green Valley Drug Store for “school supplies” elicited no end of excited fist pumps from my elementary school self.

So, thinking about back to school, I wanted to take a look at how a young me would “gear up” for the school year.  So, here are 5 things I couldn’t start my school year without back in the day.

Trapper Keeper front Trapper Keeper inside
1. Trapper Keeper – Thanks to Shawn for the pics.  I had several Trapper Keepers during my schoolyard  life.  I usually gravitated towards the solid color Keeper (blue, red, green, etc).  However, the “Designer Series” was always very eye-catching.  I loved the side pockets in the folders.  Amazing design decision.  And the clipboard in the back was awesome as well.  I loved the zipper pocket you could hook into the 3 ring binder and the plastic slider used to open said 3 ring was whisper silent.  This is probably the greatest achievement in school supplies since the erasable pen.  Speaking of…

Bic Erasable pens
2. Bic Erasable pens – I loved these things and couldn’t begin a school year without at least 1 new package.  It has been my Holy Grail for the longest time to find a Bic Erasable pen from the 80s. It was my pen of choice throughout elementary school and high school. They came in solid body colors (red, blue, yellow, green, etc), wrote in blue ink and didn’t clump.  Check out a commercial for them here.  Scripto also made an erasable pen but in my eyes it was inferior.  The ink globbed  up into a mess everytime you started to write.  Go Bic Erasable or go home, ladies.

college ruled paper
3. College-rule loose leaf paper – All of my friends were in love with college rule.  In our eyes, wide rule was for kindergarteners.    I think I liked it because when we’d have to write out vocabulary words or a report, it just looked neater and more professional on college rule as opposed to wide rule.  For instance, two book reports are identical in content but one is written on wide rule and one is written on college rule.  In my 9-10 year old head if the wide rule got a B, then the report on the college rule would get an A+.  And a Ferrari.  And maybe marry the hot chemistry teacher.

Mead 5 subject notebook
4. 5 subject notebook – They were like the Franklin day planners for elementary school kids.  FIVE subjects in one notebook?  It almost blew your mind to think about it.  And the manila dividers with pockets were just gravy, baby.  I lived and breathed these things.  No school year was complete without a few of these.

Sinister Scarecrow Shark Reef Skeleton Island
5. The Three Investigators books – Not a “school supply” per se, but these were essential reading for my friends and me in elementary school. During library time, we would literally fight and push each other down in the mad free for all that would ensue if we found a new book sitting on the shelf.  And if you were the first to read said book, you loudly spoiled the mystery ending as often as possible for everyone to hear in order to suck all the enjoyment out of anyone else reading it.  It was cutthroat and not for the faint of heart. But, to the victor go the spoils…

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Nerd Lunch Episode 51: Does it live up to the hype? Part 2

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

AND WE ARE BAAAAAAACK!!! After a few weeks off the Nerd Lunch crew is back kicking holes into your eardrums. This week we are doing a sequel to Episode 7: Does it live up to the hype?

Breaking Bad

In this episode we are joined by Brian from Cool and Collected and show runner for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  We each pick something that we haven’t seen or done that has been hyped to us by friends, family and pop culture in general and we watch it.  Or do it.  Or eat at it.  My choice was the TV show Breaking Bad.  Brian picked Star Trek, CT picked Quentin Tarantino movies and Jeeg picked Chik-Fil-A.  Listen up to the discussion to find out if we thought our picks “lived up to the hype”.  Spoiler alert, there are more “NO”s than you would expect.

Download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner.

Or, listen to the audio right here in your browser.

Review of Oz Book 7: The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913)

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Following the Yellow Brick Road

As of this book, I’m halfway through the official original run of Baum Oz books. I’m not including “extra” stories Baum wrote like The Woggle Bug Book or Little Wizard Stories of Oz.  I’m talking about the main “canon” Oz books.  There were 14 of them and today’s book is number 7, The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

Patchwork Girl of Oz Patchwork Girl of Oz - Junior Edition

This seventh book begins with two munchkins, Ojo and his Uncle Nunkie living in seclusion in the forests of Munchkinland. They are about to starve so they leave in search of help. They go to Nunkie’s old friend the Crooked Magician. While there, the two witness a demonstration of “The Powder of Life” which was previously used in The Marvelous Land of Oz to animate Jack Pumpkinhead, the Sawhorse and The Gump. However, Nunkie and the Crooked Magician’s wife are accidentally turned into marble statues when the Magician tries to use the Powder to animate a patchwork rag doll for his wife to use as a housekeeper. So Ojo volunteers to search the Land of Oz to find the five rare ingredients the Crooked Magician needs to reverse the marble spell on their loved ones. The five ingredients Ojo needs are 1) Six leafed clover found only around the Emerald City 2) Three hairs from the tail of The Woozy 3) Water from a Dark Well 4) Drop of oil from a live man’s body 5) Left wing of a yellow butterfly found only in Winkie Country. Along the way, Ojo meets many crazy characters and eventually makes it to the Emerald City and meets Ozma, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Nick Chopper (Tin Woodsman) and the whole gang who help Ojo to find the items and free his Uncle.

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