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Nerd Lunch Episode 50 EXTRAVAGANZA!!: Ask Us Anything

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

We are finally here. Episode #50.  We have reached the 1 yr anniversary of doing this podcast (well, close enough) and the end of what can be considered “Season 1” of the Nerd Lunch Podcast.  Yay!

Episode 50

It has been so much fun. We took this week to answer some questions that were submitted by our listeners. Probing questions. Stuff they wanted to know about the three of us that we haven’t already covered in one of our previous 49 episodes.  Most disappointing movie? We discuss.  Favorite Starfleet captain? Oh yes, we discuss. The first thing we think about when we think of Australia? Yep.  It’s all in there.  We lay ourselves bare for you, our listeners.  So download and enjoy.

After this momentous occasion, the three of us are going to take two weeks off to chillax and get our heads back in the game.  We’ll be back in two weeks with our next chaotic, out of control run to 100.  See you then.

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OR, listen to this episode online right here.

12 completely awesome movie posters featuring sharks

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This week begins Discovery Channel’s 25th anniversary celebration of Shark Week. Shark Week has become an institution unto itself. I love it and I try to watch as much of it as I can every year. So, to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary, I decided to take a look at movies featuring sharks. More specifically, movie posters featuring sharks.

There are lots of ridiculously bad ass posters out there for shark movies. Some of the movies may even be complete ass, but the posters are awesome. So, let’s take a look at 10 of the most awesome.

I normally don’t do these lists in any order, but I’m going to put these posters in chronological order for you.

Let’s “dive” in.

The Sharkfighters
The Sharkfighters (1956) – Man against Tiger Shark with just a knife and his wits.  What a great poster.  The title evokes images of men in actual fist fights with sharks.  Like street boxing matches.

She Gods of Shark Reef
She Gods of Shark Reef (1958) – Directed by the great Roger Corman.  Don’t get me wrong, because I love the sh*t out of this movie’s title, but I don’t think the title nor the blurb has anything to do with the actual story.  The movie makes no mention of “HIDEOUS STONE GODS”.

Jaws (1975) – Still one of the greatest.  I love this poster.

Sharks' Treasure 1 Sharks' Treasure 2
Sharks’ Treasure (1975) – This one has two great posters! I love how they make the “sharks” in the title possessive, as if the treasure belongs to ALL sharks.  And that first poster, the frogman is fighting that shark WITH A KNIFE.  Awesome.  The second poster actually put lips on the shark.  LIPS.  That’s weird.

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My dream cast for a Clue: The Movie reboot

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League Another great assignment for The League this week. Probably the best one we’ve had. I might have to say that this is the single greatest topic ever conceived in the history of blogging, the Internet, or probably in anything. EVER.  And I think the person who suggested said topic is probably as handsome as he his distinguished in his bad assness.  The topic?

Remake one of your favorite movies with a cast of current Hollywood stars.

The person who suggested it?  The Man-God known as…me.  Yes, this is my topic suggestion for the week.  I think it’s pretty awesome, hopefully the rest of the League does as well (how could they not?).  Anyway, on to this week’s topic. Hollywood loves remakes and reboots. Most recently Hollywood also loves movies based on board games. Why not combine the two?  I thought that this was the “perfect storm” of events I needed to beat Hollywood to the punch and cast a reboot of a popular 80s movie based on a board game.  And the movie I chose is one of my favorite comedies of all time, Clue: The Movie (which just hit Blu-Ray on Tues).

Clue the Movie

There has been talk for years of remaking this movie and currently Gore Verbinski is attached (director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies).  Who knows how that’s going to turn out, so let’s take a look at my own personal “dream cast” for a new Clue movie. Now just note, I view this reboot as a true, “hard” reboot.  It would stay true to the spirit and look of the original movie to a point, but it would not be “in continuity” with the original.  It would truly stand on its own.

Here we go.  You can click the card images of the new cast to see them bigger.

Wadsworth Clue card back Sheen
WadsworthMichael Sheen – Originally played by the great Tim Curry.  In my eyes there is no better casting for this role than Michael Sheen.  You’ve seen him in the Underworld movies as well as Tron: Legacy and Frost/Nixon.

Miss Scarlet Clue card back ScarJo
Miss ScarletScarlett Johansson – Originally played by Lesley Ann Warren. Warren was good and funny, but she was not my favorite of the original ensemble. I think ScarJo would be an upgrade. Plus, she has proven that she can do comedy pretty well. And, she’s rather attractive, as Miss Scarlet is supposed to be (not to say that Warren wasn’t attractive).

Col Mustard Clue card back Reilly
Col Mustard – This was the hardest role to cast.  I am a huge fan of Martin Mull. Just watch him in Mr Mom. He almost steals the movie. Anyway, I was going to put Ed Helms here, and he’d probably be great, but I don’t buy him as a former Army colonel.  So, I decided there are two ways to go here, I can go with a more conventional pick that I think fits really well or I can go with an “out of the box” pick.  I think I’m leaning towards my “conventional pick”, John C Reilly.  Reilly is really funny and I do buy him as a former colonel.  As for my unconventional pick, I also really like Bob De Niro.  The last decade or so De Niro has shown he has an affinity for comedies and  I totally think he’d work.  However, as part of this “comedy all star” ensemble I’m building, De Niro sticks out like a sore thumb.

Mrs Peacock Clue card back Wiig
Mrs PeacockKristen Wiig – Originally played by the great Eileen Brennan.  Wiig is perfect for this part because not only does she look a bit like Brennan (check out the images for comparison), she is funny and quirky and weird.  Exactly how Brennan played Mrs Peacock.

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Nerd Lunch Episode 49: Guilty Pleasures

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Nerd Lunch Podcast

Here we are, 1 episode before the big 5-0. This week we are joined again by Rondal from Strange Kid’s Club and we are doing a somewhat “sequel” to a subject from w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y back in Episode 4.  That subject was guilty displeasures.  However, this week, we are flipping the script and talking about guilty pleasures.

Guilty Pleasures
(Via Pretty Random Things)

Yes, guilty pleasures. Those things you do that you are ashamed you do. Watch a terrible TV show, enjoy a bad movie. Maybe you don’t feel guilty about it but everyone else you know gives you crap about it. That’s what we are discussing. And yes, reality television is mentioned more than once.  So strap on your listening devices and join us.

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I stand up to Stephen King’s The Stand: Uncut Edition

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Badass Book Report

I’m a big Stephen King fan. I’ve read a lot of his work. My favorites are probably his short story collections; Skeleton Crew, Night Shift, Four Past Midnight, etc.

Skeleton Crew eyes of the dragon Misery

As for his regular novels, I’ve read several, but my favorites would probably be Eyes of the Dragon and Misery.  However, I had never conquered what is considered King’s magnum opus. I had never read The Stand. I can’t tell you why I never read it.  There is probably a bit of intimidation in there, but nonetheless, it remained a hole in my King reading.  I think it was my reading of The Gunslinger that kept me from reading The Stand.  I hated The Gunslinger, but that’s a tale for another time.

The Standalong

Then Trish from Love, Laughter and Insanity decided to start up The Standalong.  It was a group read-a-long of King’s The Stand.  I thought, if I’m ever going to read this book, then it needs to be NOW.  So I signed up and started reading the book on June 3.  Here are my thoughts.

First the good, because I don’t want to just bitch.  The book was well written with well written characters.  There are many parts I found fascinating like the spread of Captain Trips, the devolution of society as it realizes everyone is dying.  The rebuilding of society in the Boulder Free Zone.  Flagg’s Las Vegas community.  Those all were interesting and I enjoyed reading about them.  However, the main fault of the book is that it’s too damn long.

The Stand comic

I read the uncut version.  I thought if I’m going to read this book, then I’ll read the original “author’s vision”.  The uncut edition paperback I have is 1138 pages long.  1138 pages.  I was reading it for the entire month of June.  I had to stop around page 700 to read two other books as an intermission because, like I said, this book is just too damn long.  It’s exhausting to read, especially considering the type of story.

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The Pirate Movie turns 30 years old today

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The Pirate Movie

The Pirate Movie starring Christopher Atkins and Kristy MacNichol was released on August 6, 1982, which is 30 years ago today. Many people consider this movie a cheesy knockoff of the play Pirates of Penzance.  However, while it’s incredibly cheesy,  it’s more accurate to say that it’s a spoof of the Penzance play.  It did not set the box office on fire, but HBO would play it continuously throughout the 80s causing it to have a cult following.

Here’s a newspaper ad of the movie from the day it was released on Aug 6.

Pirate Movie

Not only did this movie spoof pirate movies, it also spoofed musicals like Grease and even had some Star Wars jokes.  It seemed like the cast had a really good time making it and most of the songs were very well written.

Check out the awesomely 80s trailer:

I am a big fan of musicals and this was a great one.  The soundtrack is truly one for the ages.  I still listen to (and workout out to) songs on this album.  The songs on the album included some of the more famous Penzance songs like Modern Major-General and Pirate King, but also featured newly written songs specifically for the movie.

Pirate Movie soundtrack

Some of my favorite songs in the movie include:

Pumpin’ and Blowin’ by Kristy McNichol (very much a late ’70s-early 80s tune)

The Modern Major-General Song

I am a Pirate King

The very Grease-like final number Happy Endings:

Walking in the footsteps of Billy the Kid and other roadtrips I want to take

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Billy the Kid Week

Brian has given us a good assignment this week. He wants us to plan the ultimate pop culture roadtrip. I have already gone on several geeky roadtrips in my life thanks to having been a traveling IT consultant for about 8 years.  I’ll start chronicling more of those soon. I already talked about two Star Wars Roadtrips that I’ve taken (Star Wars Celebrations I and II).  But I think Brian’s idea is to plan a road trip that you want to take.

There are several I could do, but one is definitely at the top.  And I’ve discussed it before, both on the Nerd Lunch Podcast and here on the site.  I want to walk the Billy the Kid Trail in New Mexico.

Billy the Kid

I’ve been a huge fan of Billy the Kid since high school.  I’ve read a ton of books about him (and other gunslingers).  Plus, my wife is from New Mexico, so it’s totally doable.  There are several places in New Mexico pertaining to the famous outlaw.  The biggest would probably be the Lincoln State Monument in Lincoln, NM.

Lincoln Lincoln County Courthouse
(Via Jeff Arnold’s West)

The little town of Lincoln has been preserved almost exactly as it was back in Billy’s day. You can still visit the courthouse in which he was imprisoned and then famously shot his way out of, killing two deputies in the process.  There’s also the Wortley Hotel which was once owned by Pat Garrett, the man who shot Billy.  The hotel was also the final dining place of Bob Ollinger, who was one of the deputies Billy killed in his getaway.  Not only would this place be awesome for Billy the Kid buffs, but the town is almost exactly how it was in the Old West.  It would be great to see how things were back then as I’m fascinated with the time period.

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